Season 1

1 :01x01 - The Rise of Five

Davenport introduces Bree and Chase to their new headquarters in Centium City, and their new team members, Kaz, Oliver and Skylar; the heroes start learning to work together as a team, but Kaz disagrees with Chase's leadership style.

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2 :01x02 - Holding Out for a Hero

When Kaz outshines Oliver during superhero training, Oliver resolves to master his new power.

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3 :01x03 - Power Play

In an effort to win over Skylar, Oliver elicits Chase's help in recovering her powers.

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4 :01x04 - The Superhero Code

Kaz is eager to brag about his powers to his little brother Kyle, but he can't.

5 :01x05 - Need for Speed

Bree is offered a sneaker line; the guys compete to design the best mission suit.

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6 :01x06 - Follow the Leader

After Skylar fills in as mission leader, Chase sets out to prove that he is the only team member equipped for the role; Perry moves into mission command.

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7 :01x07 - The List

When Oliver takes Skylar to see her superhero friend, Crossbow, they unknowingly lead Roman right to her; Chase and Bree capture Riker after he tries to retrieve the complete list of superhero identities and locations from Mission Command.

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