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Prev: 2x08 -- Earthquake City - Los Angeles (Mar/26/2014)

Strip The City uses stunning CGI animation to strip the world’s most extreme earthquake city – Los Angeles - naked of its steel, concrete, ocean and rock – layer by layer – to explore the secret technology and infrastructure that keeps it standing in a killer quake.

Los Angeles is standing on the brink of a catastrophic earthquake as this entertainment capital of the world sits on one of the world’s most infamous earthquake hotspots – the San Andreas Fault.

How does the city’s buildings and infrastructure survive the onslaught of a destructive earthquake? This film looks beneath the city’s skin to discover the engineering wonders and geological forces that make it possible. Stunning CGI animation peels back the glass off its skyscrapers and steel off its bridges to reveal their inner workings.

The city’s leading surveyors and geologists reveal the secrets that keep LA’s skyscrapers standing, protect its roads and aqueducts and prepare its residents for ‘the Big One’. The film explores the geology that shaped the city’s past and challenges its future, from the oil reserves that attracted the first settlers to the fault line where a massive earthquake is long overdue.


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