The Adventures Of Long John Silver

The Adventures Of Long John Silver

Syndicated series based on characters created by Robert Louis Stevenson that was filmed in Australia and aired in both the United States and Great Britain. Robert Newton, who had played the role earlier in two Disney films, starred as the title character, amiable pirate Long John Silver. 26 episodes were filmed.

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Final: 1x26 -- The Crisis

Jim Hawkins is stricken with the plague and his only hope is a Quaker doctor.
Robert NewtonRobert Newton
As Long John Silver
Kit TaylorKit Taylor
As Jim Hawkins
Connie GilchristConnie Gilchrist
As Purity Pinker
Jean WhitteJean Whitte
As Elizabeth Strong
John SherwoodJohn Sherwood
As Governor Strong
Billy Kay (2)Billy Kay (2)
As Ironhand
Eric ReimanEric Reiman
As Trip Fenner
Grant TaylorGrant Taylor
As Patch
Hans SternHans Stern
As Reverend Monaster
Harry HambletonHarry Hambleton
As Big Eric

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roy frank here. i have 13 episodes of the tv series long john silver. i use to watch it when i was a child and loved the two movies and tv show. i just recently portait a comedy version of the character in a 2 hour film that i made with my brother and late sister called parody pirates on satire island. robert newton was, is, and will always be my favorite version of long john silver for he brought out what captain silver should be like. other portait of the character are more like uncles, fathers, santas, and macabras than what he should be like, a scoundral and newton does just that. i dislike when people call newton a ham actor. he's a charactor actor as it's suppose to be called. so cheers to robert newton as long john silver with rum. good rum please. rfg Read more

Review posted on Saturday, February 20th 2010 at 7:30 am

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Producer: Joseph Kaufman
Production Designer: William Constable
Editor: Manuel Del Campo
Director of Photography: Ross Wood
Based On The Works Of: Robert Louis Stevenson

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Recurring Guests

Henry Gilbert as Don Alfonso Alcala (4 eps)
Neva Carr Glyn as Hanoria Willoughby (2 eps)
Lou Vernon as Angus McCallister (2 eps)
Alexander Archdale as guest star (2 eps)
George Simpson-little as guest star (2 eps)
Vladislaus Leonaitis as Sphinx (2 eps)
John Alden as guest star (2 eps)
Fenella McGuire as Anne (2 eps)

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