Back in Business - Recap

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In the wild of Namibia, teams made grass huts alongside local Bushmen. A daring scramble up a rock led to a narrow win for Matt & Ashley, but Aly & Steve never recovered from a flat tire. They came in last, but were spared by non-elimination. In Monaco, SoCal couple Laura & Tyler had their second Date Night, sipping wine on a veranda with stunning views of the Mediterranean. Tyler said, “We’re getting along better than most of the other teams. We both have a mutual respect for one another, and we genuinely are having a great time.” Medics Hayley & Blair ripped the clue first at 12:35 a.m. It told them to fly down the length of the African continent to Windhoek, Namibia. When they landed, they’d sign up for another flight on one of six bush planes. Running for a taxi, Hayley & Blair said they had confidence from the last leg, and had worked out their communication issues. Hayley added, “That’s just a preview of what’s to come.”