Moment of Truth - Recap

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Continuing in Namibia, Matt & Ashley and Laura & Tyler double U-Turned lawyers Jelani & Jenny and Olympians Aly & Steve. The lawyers played their Express Pass and remained in the middle of the pack, but Aly & Steve never gained ground, and were eliminated. Amidst the golden granite peaks of Spitzkoppe in Namibia, teams arrived at the Pit Stop to find a campsite. They settled in, Jenny saying, “Don’t let the bedbugs bite, because I know there will be a lot of bugs.” Aly & Steve arrived after their non-elimination, and were greeted with cheers and high-fives by the rest of the teams. Everyone then gathered to watch a beautiful sunset. Aly said, “It’s so Africa.” As a herd of elephants crossed their view, she added, “It’s seriously perfect.” The next morning, engaged hairstylists Matt & Ashley ripped the clue first at 6:47 a.m.