The Walking Dead

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fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck Easy Anonymous• fuck1
• fuck2
• fuck3
• fuckyou
What does the first zombie have in his mouth in The Pilot Hard Anonymous• A piece of cloth
• Human flesh
• He has no mouth
• a twig
In what year did the show premiere Medium msd85• 2009
• 2010
• 2011
• 2012
On what cable network does the show air Medium msd85• AMC
• FX
How many episodes were in the second season Medium msd85• 11
• 12
• 13
• 14
How many episodes were in the first season Medium msd85• 5
• 6
• 7
• 8
What large farm animal is devoured by zombies in the pilot Easy msd85• A Cow
• A Horse
• A Pig
• A Buffalo
What words are spraypainted on the locked double doors Rick walks up to shortly after he awakens from his coma Medium msd85• Don't Open, Dead Inside
• The End Is Nigh
• Warning, Zombies Ahead
• Abandon Hope
What were the names of the man and his son that Rick stayed with for a brief period after he awoke from his coma in the pilot Medium msd85• Michael & Daniel
• Malcolm & David
• Marcus & Doug
• Morgan & Duane
Which character now resents Dale for talking them into leaving the exploding CDC building in the season 1 finale Easy msd85• Glenn
• Rick
• Andrea
• Shane
Who really killed Otis at the end of the episode Save The Last One Medium msd85• Rick
• Shane
• Darryl
• The Zombies
What character gets shot at the end of the season 2 premiere Easy msd85• Rick Grimes
• Shane Walsh
• Andrea
• Carl Grimes
What do the characters in this show refer to the zombies as Easy msd85• Stiffs
• Rotters
• Walkers
• Meatbags
Which horror genre veteran played the supporting role of Merle Dixon Easy msd85• Robert Englund
• Lance Henriksen
• Steve Railsback
• Michael Rooker
Which cast member of his previous film "The Mist" did Frank Darabont originally ask to star as Rick Grimes before Andrew Lincoln got the role Hard msd85• Thomas Jane
• Andre Braugher
• William Sadler
• Toby Jones
Which group of actors from the main cast all previously worked with Executive Producer Frank Darabont on his 2007 film "The Mist" Hard msd85• Andrew Lincoln, Jon Bernthal & Laurie Holden
• Laurie Holden, Jeffrey DeMunn & Melissa McBride
• Norman Reedus, Melissa McBride & Sarah Wayne Callies
• Jeffrey DeMunn, Andrew Lincoln & Sarah Wayne Callies
What was the full name of the doomed CDC scientist the main group encounters near the end of the first season Medium msd85• Dr. Edward Jordan
• Dr. William Jenner
• Dr. Shawn Emmerich
• Dr. Edwin Jenner
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Action | Drama | Horror/Supernatural | Thriller
Status: Returning Series
Network: amc ( USA)
Airs: Sundays at 09:00 pm
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: October 31, 2010
Episode Order: 16
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