Season 3

New Year's Wish

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20 :03x01 - Troubled Hearts

Elizabeth manages to surprise Jack with a home of her own. Abigail finds out about Gowen's latest greedy scheme.

21 :03x02 - A Time to Speak

After the people of Hope Valley find out that Frank is a wanted man, they soon turn on him. Abigail is determined to prove that the mistakes of the past don't define what happens next.

22 :03x03 - Heart of a Hero

When Hope Valley finds out that redemption is possible, Abigail and Frank pursue a romance before the center of the town is tested by the threat of some outlaws.

23 :03x04 - A Gentle Heart

Jack and Faith's friendship starts to cause problems in his relationship with Elizabeth. Abigail attempts to help a struggling community.

24 :03x05 - Forever in My Heart

Jack gets ready to take a huge step toward creating a life with Elizabeth. Abigail welcomes Becky back home before coming to an emotional decision about their future as a family.

25 :03x06 - Heartbreak

Abigail needs to try and come to terms with the sudden arrival of the children's aunt whilst Elizabeth, Jack and the rest of Hope Valley witness a powerful act of love that proves everybody is exactly where they belong.

26 :03x07 - Hearts in Question

Jack's mother shows up in Hope Valley and soon proves to be a challenge for Elizabeth. Rosemary makes plans for the perfect wedding.

27 :03x08 - Prayers From the Heart

A resident of Hope Valley is left in danger following a landslide. A touching celebration of love Sshows how big people's hearts really are.