And the Really Petty Cash - Recap

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Caroline runs over to Max, plates clenched in her hand, smiling. She tells Max that it’s a customer’s 50th birthday and the woman’s husband wants them to sing “happy birthday” to her. Han tells them to “fake smile.” So they do. Max and Caroline walk over to the booth and begin singing. Max singing normally and Caroline singing like she is auditioning for Broadway. Max stops her, and yells “NO!” She then turns to the couple and tells the woman that “it’s bad enough your husband is taking you to a DINER on your birthday” you shouldn’t have to also listen to “fake Mariah.” Caroline sings the end of the line from the birthday song and walks away. Han had been thinking about what Max was saying. The “birthday song” was, outdated. He wrote his own song to replace it. Caroline looks over it and tells him it’s lovely. Han flips out thinking he’s not good enough. He walks away, Johnny walks in and asks Caroline if Max was there. Caroline runs to Max telling her he must have dumped Cashandra. Max shows some cleavage and walks out to Johnny. He wants to keep the “special relationship” that they had. He wanted his friend back. He asks if they could be cool again? Max agrees to be cool and to go back to “busting balls” like normal. Max is so excited she may even bust his balls with her feet!

At the apartment Caroline is trying to send out “get to know us, email blasts.” Max compliments the card that Caroline is working on. Caroline knows that Max is depressed. She tells Max to go lie in bed. She repeats “take to the bed.” Max does not feel feelings. “That was for rich people.” She just turns her feelings off and then they go away. Caroline asks once again before she leaves if Max is “ok,” Max lies and says she is. Caroline leaves and Johnny comes into the back door. He brought her coffee knowing she wouldn’t leave for work for about an hour. He wanted to say “thanks for understanding the situation.” Max replies telling him that he is not her type and he doesn’t have to get all touchy. She accuses him of not being able to seize a situation. He corrects her and shows her that he does know how to take life by the horns. He grabs Max, spins her around and kisses her.

Han is telling Earl about his birthday song. “This is where you come in with your sweet ass saxophone.” Han says. Earl tells Han to put some “heart into it.” Han gets mad and defends his mother. He then walks away. Caroline comes up to Max and tells her that the E-mails that she had sent out were starting to work. They had just gotten an order for 100 cupcakes. Max doubts herself, “there is no way I can make 100 cupcakes overnight.” Caroline follows her into the Diner kitchen offering her as much help as she can. It was a very big opportunity that they wouldn’t want to miss. Max stops Caroline and tells her that she kissed Johnny after she had left. “I was only gone 20 minutes. What did you do shine a bat signal out of your vagina?” Caroline continues to tell Max that Johnny would be there at the Art show they were supposed to cater, and his girlfriend would likely be there also. They agree to just drop the cupcakes off and leave. That way it would not be awkward between Johnny, Max and Johnny’s girlfriend. The girls walk the cupcakes to the event. They walk into the gallery and begin putting their cupcakes out when Caroline notices a portrait on the wall. It’s the painting of Max and Johnny kissing. They scramble to get out of there faster when they are told that they are getting paid to serve. So they cannot leave. Caroline spy’s on Cashandra and finds out she knows nothing about Johnny and Max kissing. Max begins to think she is a home wrecker. She tells Johnny that they could never kiss again. She walks over to Caroline and tells her what she told Johnny. She then drinks her drink and walks away.

Max now runs up to Caroline and tells her “it’s time to leave.” She had kissed Johnny again. The problem is they cannot leave until all the cupcakes are gone or they wouldn’t get paid. The girls a little drunk now; begin to panic. They start stuffing cupcakes everywhere. Eating as much as they can and putting the rest into their blouses and pants. They wake up the next morning in Caroline’s bed. Covered in frosting. She asks about the money they were supposed to receive the night before. Max wanted to go and get a cup of coffee. Caroline lets her know that they don’t have any money. She had spent it. She then pulls out the painting of Max and Johnny kissing. She tells her she has to do something to break out of her bad relationship pattern. She had to destroy the painting. Max doesn’t want to so she sits down on the couch and puts her legs up on the table. Caroline takes the picture and slams it down on Max’s foot breaking it in the center in the hopes that she can use this as a metaphor for changing her life. Max tells Caroline she really liked Johnny. Max was obviously depressed and heartbroken. She had already missed work so she may as well go and lay down. She goes to sleep in her room. As she is sleeping Caroline sneaks into her room and unplugs her alarm clock. She reminds Chester to “Shhhhhh” and she leaves for work. The girls have 623.25 saved.