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Dateline NBC

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 Season 18(Add Episode)
Episode #  Airdate Title Rating
1658 18x01 05/Dec/2008 FR1811 The Mystery of Meredith's Murder N/A
1659 18x02 12/Dec/2008 FR1812 When Caylee Vanished N/A
1660 18x03 19/Dec/2008 FR1813 The Evictors/Rick Warren/Missing No More/Along Came a Spider N/A
1661 18x04 02/Jan/2009 FR1815 Killer Instinct N/A
1662 18x05 09/Jan/2009 FR1816 Deadly Deception (aka Accused Radio Host) N/A
1663 18x06 16/Jan/2009 FR1817 Miracle on the Hudson: What Went Right N/A
1664 18x07 18/Jan/2009 SU1817 This Moment, This Time/10 Inspiring Everyday Heroes 6
1665 18x08 23/Jan/2009 FR1818 Deadly Dealing N/A
1666 18x09 25/Jan/2009 SU1818 10 Most Incredible Close Calls/Beyond the Sea (Update) N/A
1667 18x10 30/Jan/2009 FR1819 Fighting For Sean N/A
1668 18x11 06/Feb/2009 FR1820 Justice For Sparkle N/A
1669 18x12 08/Feb/2009 SU1820 The Run of His Life/Where's the Money/Life in the Corner Office N/A
1670 18x13 10/Feb/2009 TU1821 The Octuplets' Mother: Her Story N/A
1671 18x14 13/Feb/2009 FR1821 Deadly Affair N/A
1672 18x15 15/Feb/2009 SU1821 10 Wild Rides/Escape From Brushy Mountain N/A
1673 18x16 20/Feb/2009 FR1822 Deadly Sanctuary 1
1674 18x17 22/Feb/2009 SU1822 Black Box Mystery: The Crash of the Concorde/Reality Bites (Update) N/A
1675 18x18 27/Feb/2009 FR1823 Mystery on a Moonlit Road N/A
1676 18x19 06/Mar/2009 FR1824 With Friends Like These N/A
1677 18x20 13/Mar/2009 FR1825 Deadly Dreams N/A
1678 18x21 15/Mar/2009 SU1825 Fighting For Sean Update/George Clooney on Dafur/Michael Phelps Interview N/A
1679 18x22 20/Mar/2009 FR1826 Flying High at Cocktail Cove N/A
1680 18x23 22/Mar/2009 SU1826 Inside The Financial Fiasco: Mortgage Madness N/A
1681 18x24 27/Mar/2009 FR1827 Inside the Financial Fiasco: Debt Trap N/A
1682 18x25 29/Mar/2009 SU1827 10 Most Incredible Close Calls (2) N/A
1683 18x26 03/Apr/2009 FR1828 Death of a Heartsong N/A
1684 18x27 05/Apr/2009 SU1828 Inside the Financial Fiasco: Promises, Promises N/A
1685 18x28 10/Apr/2009 FR1829 Unsolved Case Squad N/A
1686 18x29 12/Apr/2009 SU1829 Dystonia/Model School Scam/The Mysterious Music Man N/A
1687 18x30 17/Apr/2009 FR1830 Disappearance at the Dairy Queen N/A
1688 18x31 24/Apr/2009 FR1831 A Long, Dark Stretch of Road N/A
1689 18x32 26/Apr/2009 SU1831 A Step Too Far/You Might Be Rich (1) N/A
1690 18x33 01/May/2009 FR1832 The Surfer & The Bird Rock Bandits N/A
1691 18x34 03/May/2009 SU1832 You Might Be Rich! (2)/How Lucky Can You Get? N/A
1692 18x35 08/May/2009 FR1833 Your Cheating Heart/Deadly Suspicion N/A
1693 18x36 10/May/2009 SU1833 Kevin Johnson, Mayor/Macy the Racer/Tesla Motors/Agape World Inc./Maria Lauterbach update/Ikaria island N/A
1694 18x37 15/May/2009 FR1834 The Party's Over N/A
1695 18x38 17/May/2009 SU1834 Afghan Education/Cody McCasland, Hero/Slumdog Stars/Farrah's Story update/The Last Dance N/A
1696 18x39 22/May/2009 FR1835 The Stripper & The Steelworker N/A
1697 18x40 24/May/2009 SU1835 The Spy Who Loved Me/The Mystery of the Missing Millionaire N/A
1698 18x41 25/May/2009 MO1836 Justice for Julia/A Father's Mission N/A
1699 18x42 29/May/2009 FR1836 Fatal Visions N/A
1700 18x43 31/May/2009 SU1836 On tour with Taylor Swift N/A
1701 18x44 05/Jun/2009 FR1837 Mystery in the Deep Blue Sea N/A
1702 18x45 07/Jun/2009 SU1837 Inside Iran/The Year of Living Dangerously/Fighting For Sean(3) N/A
1703 18x46 08/Jun/2009 MO1838 The Trouble on the Hill N/A
1704 18x47 14/Jun/2009 SU1838 The Many Faces of Clark Rockefeller N/A
1705 18x48 15/Jun/2009 MO1839 Vegas Undercover N/A
1706 18x49 19/Jun/2009 FR1839 The Secrets in the Box/The Last Voyage (update) N/A
1707 18x50 21/Jun/2009 SU1839 Top 5 of 10 Most Incredible Close Calls N/A
1708 18x51 22/Jun/2009 MO1840 Where there's smoke... N/A
1709 18x52 25/Jun/2009 TH1840 American Legend: Michael Jackson / Farrah Fawcett: The Life & Death Of An Angel N/A
1710 18x53 26/Jun/2009 FR1840 Michael Jackson: The King Of Pop N/A
1711 18x54 28/Jun/2009 SU1840 Homeless/Regressive Disease/Slumdog Stars/Michael Jackson Questions N/A
1712 18x55 29/Jun/2009 MO1841 Living With Michael Jackson (2003) N/A
1713 18x56 03/Jul/2009 FR1841 Michael Jackson: Remember The Time N/A
1714 18x57 05/Jul/2009 SU1841 10 Inspiring Everyday Heroes N/A
1715 18x58 06/Jul/2009 MO1842 Michael Jackson: Gone Too Soon N/A
1716 18x59 07/Jul/2009 TU1842 A Farewell To Michael Jackson N/A
1717 18x60 10/Jul/2009 FR1842 Crossing The Line N/A
1718 18x61 13/Jul/2009 MO1843 The Mystery in Manson Tunnel N/A
1719 18x62 17/Jul/2009 FR1843 The Family Business N/A
1720 18x63 19/Jul/2009 SU1843 The Girl in the Little Blue Dress N/A
1721 18x64 24/Jul/2009 FR1844 Kidnapped Heiress: The Patty Hearst Story/The Mystery of the Lost Weekend N/A
1722 18x65 26/Jul/2009 SU1844 The Detective's Daughter N/A
1723 18x66 27/Jul/2009 MO1845 Star-Crossed: The Tucson Developer Murder N/A
1724 18x67 31/Jul/2009 FR1845 Michael Jackson: Inside The Final Hours / Dangerous Liaisons N/A
1725 18x68 02/Aug/2009 SU1845 How Lucky Can you Get? N/A
1726 18x69 03/Aug/2009 MO1846 A Stranger in the House N/A
1727 18x70 07/Aug/2009 FR1846 Terror at the Mall / Rosemary & the Motorcycle Man N/A
1728 18x71 09/Aug/2009 SU1846 Back To Woodstock N/A
1729 18x72 10/Aug/2009 MO1847 No Safe Place N/A
1730 18x73 14/Aug/2009 FR1847 Deadly Dealing / Down by the River N/A
1731 18x74 17/Aug/2009 MO1848 The Mystery at Chalk Creek N/A
1732 18x75 21/Aug/2009 FR1848 Obsession / Murder in the Family N/A
1733 18x76 24/Aug/2009 MO1849 In the Bedroom N/A
1734 18x77 28/Aug/2009 FR1849 Disappearance Before Dawn / Flying High at Cocktail Cove (updates) N/A
1735 18x78 30/Aug/2009 SU1849 A Dose of Controversy N/A
1736 18x79 31/Aug/2009 MO1850 The Mysterious Death of a Titan N/A
1737 18x80 04/Sep/2009 FR1850 The Man Behind the Mask N/A
1738 18x81 06/Sep/2009 SU1850 Mukhtar Mai / American Character / Debt Trap (update) N/A
1739 18x82 07/Sep/2009 MO1851 Second Chances N/A
1740 18x83 11/Sep/2009 FR1851 Cause for Alarm N/A
1741 18x84 18/Sep/2009 FR1852 Behind Closed Doors: Bad Chemistry / The Mystery in the Master Bedroom 7

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Classification: News
Genre: Drama
Status: Returning Series
Network: NBC ( USA)
Airs: Fridays at 08:00 pm
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: March 24, 1992
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