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  Det. Jane Rizzoli, played by Angie Harmon

I'm just a girl from Boston who hunts monsters for a living. Yeah, I know I'm not supposed to call ’em that, but that's what some of them are. Monsters. If you saw what they’ve done, the lives they’ve ruined, you’d want to take them down, too. I’ve wanted to be a cop since a police officer came to my school for career day. I saw how the other kids looked up to him, and I knew that was the job for me. I wanted the gun, the badge. Most of all, I wanted the respect.

Felt like I didn’t get a lot of that when I was growing up. My mom's a housewife and my dad's a plumber–we’re blue collar all the way. I had an okay childhood, but I have to admit we were a noisy household. Lots of yelling. After my training at Boston PD academy, I worked my way up from beat patrolman to detective (vice and narcotics) and finally ended up where I am now: the homicide unit. It’s a boy’s club. I get it. Still, it gets old, having to prove myself again and again. I hate whiners, so you'll never hear me complain. Whining doesn't get you anywhere, not with the guys in my unit. Not with guys anywhere, for that matter.

My philosophy for success? Make every perp hunt personal. Get angry, never give up, and for god’s sake, wear flats to a scene. You’ll never catch anyone if you’re wearing high heels.
  Dr. Maura Isles, played by Sasha Alexander

I want to believe that there is a scientific explanation for everything that happens. It isn’t fate that sends a bicyclist flying over the handlebars to her death; it’s because her front tire hit a frost heave and kinetic energy took over. Fate has nothing to do with it. Death is not a mystical process; it is organic. I find that comforting. I knew, from an early age, that I was something of an odd duck. I was the child who hid out in her room for hours, reading, the child who dissected her dead pet mouse. I was the scholar, the accomplished pianist, the honor student. My parents understood that I was different, and although they were not people who'd crow loudly about anything, I always knew they were proud of me.

My devotion to logic and science drew me to the study of medicine. But soon after I began medical school, I realized that I wasn't meant to work with living patients. I wasn’t good at holding their hands, at ferreting out the unspoken emotional clues in their voices when they told me of their aches and pains. I can analyze x-rays and blood chemistries, I can slice open muscles and organs, but I possess no scalpel with which to dissect human emotions. So I became a forensic pathologist.

Boston is my home now. These cold New England winters suit me, as does my job as medical examiner. But I have little in common with the Boston PD detectives with whom I work. I think some of them may even be afraid of me, because I see their wary glances and hear their whispers as I walk past. And I know what they call me behind my back: “The Queen of the Dead.”
  Angela Rizzoli, played by Lorraine Bracco

Angela Rizzoli is Jane’s brash, overbearing Italian mother. She is fiercely protective of her children, saying she hasn’t slept since Jane decided to become a cop. Angela wishes Jane could be a little more feminine and is constantly trying to set her up on dates.
  Det. Vince Korsak, played by Bruce McGill

Detective Vince Korsak is Jane’s former partner and unofficial mentor. The two continue to have a close bond after years of working together, but Korsak is clearly bothered that he is no longer partnered with Jane. He seems to care for her like a daughter and is nearly as protective of her as Angela is. He doesn’t get along very well with Jane’s new partner, Frost
  Franke Rizzoli Jr., played by Jordan Bridges

Frankie Rizzoli Jr. is Jane’s brother and the youngest of the Rizzoli kids. He looks up to Jane, but he doesn’t like feeling caught in her shadow, especially as he tries to make his own way on the police force. Like all the men in Jane’s life, her little brother is more protective of his sister than she would like
  Det. Barry Frost, played by Lee Thompson Young

Detective Barry Frost is Jane’s new partner. A whiz when it comes to computers and technology, he is terrified of dead bodies and becomes ill at the sight of blood. He stands by Jane like a loyal, tough partner, but he doesn’t get along with her former partner, Korsak.
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Crime | Drama
Status: Final Season
Network: TNT DRAMA ( USA)
Airs: Mondays at 09:00 pm
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: July 12, 2010
Episode Order: 13
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