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Molly, You in Danger, Girl - Recap

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The episode begins with Fitz telling the nation that Osborne was the mole working within the government. While Fitz is busy giving his speech, Jake arrives at Olivia’s and removes all the hidden cameras in her house. Quinn and Huck arrive a while later and as is the protocol every third Wednesday, they begin sweeping Olivia’s house for wires and cameras. After they are done and have left, Jake returns and installs the cameras once again. While he is at it, he gets a call from Olivia and comments how hard it is to get a hold of her because she is never home. While she is talking to him, Huck comes to her office and informs her that the sweep is done and it’s all clear.

Olivia tells David, now that Osborne is dead he has nothing to worry about, so he can go back home and resume leading a normal life. At the White House, Cyrus is prepping Fitz and Mellie for an upcoming interview. They assure him that they will do a good job of faking how happily married they are because they have had 20 long years of practice. Before leaving, Mellie comments, how not everybody’s marriage can be as perfect as his and James’. Cyrus says nothing, but recalls how he has been kicked out of his house by James and is presently living in a hotel. James is finding it difficult to trust him since he found out about the election rigging and has told Cyrus that he needs more time to come to terms with things.

Susan Osborne, CIA Director Osborne’s wife, arrives at Olivia’s office and says someone killed her husband and as proof she shows the suicide note her husband left her. She says in it Director Osborne has addressed her as Susan, something he never once called her in the 30 years of their marriage, instead he always called her “Suzy or Honey”. Olivia seems convinced by Susan’s argument and accepts the case. She asks her team to go over all the details of the case with a fine toothcomb. Olivia has a talk with Rick, Osborne’s bodyguard, who says Osborne was a thorough patriot, but he did have a gambling problem. He liked to bet on ponies and the dry cleaner was his bookie. They decide to talk to Molly, Wendy’s friend, who had first revealed to them that Osborne was the mole.

At the White house, Fitz and Cyrus have a heart-to-heart about relationship issues. Olivia and team find out that Molly has disappeared and also that there was $100,000 deposited in her bank recently. They conclude that Molly was a plant hired by someone to convince them that Osborne killed Wendy. This means Osborne wasn’t the mole and the real one is still out there. Abby realizes that this also means David’s still in danger. She rushes to David’s, tells him everything and asks him to pack his bags once again. In the night while at home, Olivia gives Cyrus a call and tells him that Osborne wasn’t the mole, but he doesn’t believe her and hangs up. Jake hears the whole conversation and looks a bit hassled. He again meets the mysterious man he had earlier met right after Osborne’s death and tells him that Olivia knows the truth.

The man concludes that Olivia won’t give up till she finds the real mole and asks Jake to take care of it. The next day in her office, Olivia tells Susan that she is right about the whole thing and assures her that they will clear her husband’s name. Olivia tells her team that they need to get some proof if they are to convince the White House, so the first thing they need to do is find Molly. Huck and Quinn find a clue about, who sent Molly the money and decide to check it out. During the television interview, Mellie and Fitz put up a really convincing act of a couple totally in love. Huck and Quinn’s search leads them to a storage unit facility. Huck tells Quinn to stay in the car and goes in to check out a particular storage unit.

While he is looking around inside the unit, someone hits him on the head from behind and he falls to the ground unconscious. Olivia arrives at Jake’s for dinner and when she is not looking, he takes out her cell phone from her purse and switches it off. After waiting in the car for a while, Quinn goes in to look for Huck. At Jake’s, he and Olivia are kissing passionately and stripping off all their clothes, while Quinn is frantically looking for Huck at the storage facility. Quinn eventually talks to the manager of the facility and convinces him to let her see the security cam footage. Cyrus again tries to patch things up with James and this time round he makes some headway, but James still can’t seem to forgive him for Defiance.

Harrison and team catch hold of Molly, who tells them that she didn’t do the whole thing for money, but because she feared for her life. She seems terrified of the person who made her do it and is worried that this person might kill her if he finds out she is talking to them, so she refuses to say anything more. At the storage facility, Quinn sees in the footage Huck walking towards a unit, but after that he suddenly disappears. At home, Fitz tells Mellie that he is tired of pretending that they have a happy marriage, but she argues that marriage is all about pretending and married couples do it all the time. Fitz is shocked to hear her say this and realizes that that there is no point in trying to talk to her about his feelings.

At Jake’s, Olivia and he are busy having sex, while at the storage facility, Quinn finds Huck badly beaten up, gagged and inside a wooden crate, in one of the storage units. After Jake dozes off, Olivia goes to his kitchen to get a drink of water and casually puts the TV on. She is horrified on seeing a live footage of her apartment on the screen. Jake arrives and tries to explain things to her, but Olivia is too horrified to listen and tells him to back off. She tries to make a run for it, but he pushes her to the ground and says he is only trying to protect her. He tells her to look at the screen and she sees an armed intruder, wearing a mask, lurking around in her apartment, but before she can react she faints. Jake sees her bleeding from the back of her head and realizes she injured herself when she fell.

Fitz calls Cyrus and confesses to him that he killed Verna Thornton and asks Cyrus if Olivia would forgive him. Cyrus tells Fitz he did what he had to do, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have the right to be happy. At Olivia’s office, Harrison gets a call about Molly. They arrive at the morgue, where the coroner shows them Molly’s body and says she was mowed down by a vehicle. They conclude this was the mole’s doing. Back at Olivia’s office, Quinn shows the team the security footage from the storage facility. In it a man wearing a baseball cap is shown entering and getting out of the unit minutes before Huck’s disappearance. Charlie gives Cyrus a call in the middle of the night and says there has been a new development and turns out he is wearing the same baseball cap.

Olivia is in the hospital and after regaining her consciousness, Jake, who is by her bedside, tells her she had a severe concussion. He tells her that if anybody asks she should say that there was an intruder in her apartment, who attacked her and it was he who saved her. While he is telling her this, Fitz arrives to see her and thanks Jake for informing him about the incident. Fitz sits on her bed and tenderly hugs her. Jake is shocked to see this. The episode ends at this point.