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Seven Fifty-Two - Recap

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The episode begins 5 years in the past with Olivia waiting on a subway platform, waiting for the train to arrive. Huck, who apparently was hobo then, is sitting on the platform. He has long shaggy hair and beard. He correctly predicts in how many seconds the train will arrive and Olivia in return gives him some money. She asks him if he sits here every day and he replies in the affirmative. Back in the present, Olivia is lying on the hospital bed and is being examined by a doctor. The doc tells her that everything looks good, so she can go home in the morning. The doc leaves and Fitz, who is there to see her, sits by her bedside.

He tries expressing his feelings, saying he loves her, but she angrily retorts that she doesn’t believe him anymore. After he comes out of her room, Jake lies to Fitz that she was attacked by someone outside her apartment. He orders Jake to find out who it was. At Olivia’s office, Huck is sitting on the floor and trembling. He suddenly starts repeating the number “752”. Abby, Harrison and Quinn try to make sense of what Huck is trying to say. Back to 14 years in the past, Huck, who was a marine, is shown returning to his girlfriend. She is overjoyed to see him and tells him, how much she missed him.

At home in bed, Huck tells her that he has been called back for a job interview, which is tomorrow. He recalls the tests he was made to take, while on duty, which he concludes has something to do with this interview. He feels he might be given a desk job in Washington. His girlfriend is happy to hear that, saying how glad she is that they don’t have to stay apart anymore. At the interview, he is told that based on the results of his test, it has been revealed he has skills, which are really rare. He as a result is selected for the job. Huck figures out he is being employed by the CIA and says he isn’t interested. He is told by the interviewer that he will have to take this job, if he doesn’t want to go back to Kosovo on a tour.

Eventually, Huck accepts the offer and is welcomed to “B6-13”. Back in the present, at the hospital, while Harrison is being told by the secret service guys outside Olivia’s room that he can’t go in, he sees the man with the baseball cap and gives him chase. Charlie, the guy in the baseball cap, who works for Cyrus, escapes by taking the elevator. At Olivia’s office, Huck is still sitting in one corner and muttering the numbers “752” and saying nothing else. Back in the past, Charlie enters an empty conference room, where no one except Huck is sitting. He tells Huck that their job is to torture and kill enemies of the state. Huck’s first assignment is to kill Don Kovach, a defense contractor, who has been selling missiles to the Chinese.

Huck’s job is to get out of Kovach the name of his Chinese contacts before killing him. Charlie gives Huck pointers on how to go about the task. Huck seems really affected by the whole experience, yet he mechanically carries out his mission. Huck then slowly begins to like his job and admits as much to Charlie. Back in the present, Harrison has talk with Olivia over the phone. He asks her if she knows anything about “752”. She says she doesn’t, but urges him to keep talking to Huck, so they can find out something. At Olivia’s office, Quinn is trying her best to get Huck out of this loop he is stuck in, but to no avail.

Back in the past, Huck’s girlfriend gives him the news that she is pregnant. He is overjoyed and proposes her for marriage. She happily accepts. He seems to be really enjoying his job as well and seems to take pleasure in torturing people. He as a memento keeps the wristwatch of his every victim. He hides the box with all the watches in it underneath a piano at his house. Despite a busy work schedule, Huck finds time to be there by his wife’s side, during the delivery. She gives birth to a baby boy and Huck is overjoyed. After the birth of his son, killing people begins to bother Huck. Back in the present, Cyrus arrives at the hospital and is introduced to Jake by Fitz.

At Olivia’s office, its Abby’s turn to get Huck to snap out of it, but she doesn’t fare any better than Quinn did. Back in the past, Charlie finds out Huck has a family. He isn’t pleased on learning this and orders Huck to get rid of his wife and child, saying he can’t have a family, considering the line of work he is in. Next, Huck’s wife is shocked to see him frantically packing their stuff. He tells her they have to go away somewhere for a couple of years and urges her to trust him. He says he needs to go to bank, adding that after he returns they will leave. The moment Huck steps out, he is captured and put in hole somewhere. Charlie it turns out is one of the captors. Huck begs to be let out, but his pleas are ignored.

Back in the present, Harrison tries to get Huck to snap out of it, but it doesn’t work. Flashback to Huck imprisoned in the hole, where every few days he is asked by his bosses if he has a wife and child. Each time he replies in the affirmative, which according to his bosses is the wrong answer. It has been 2 months already and his bosses plan to continue this, until he breaks. Back in the present, Mellie isn’t too happy to learn that Fitz hasn’t left Olivia’s side since the time she was admitted. At the hospital, after arguing about all that has happened in the past, Olivia admits to Fitz that she too still loves him. While they are kissing each other, she suddenly stops and tells him that she can’t keep doing this anymore.

After returning home, Mellie tells Fitz she is moving out, until Fitz can make up his mind about, who he wants to be with. Before leaving, she warns Fitz to not make the mistake of choosing Olivia because she will then give a press conference, telling the world about his philandering ways. She reminds him that this will kill his chances of getting reelected. Cyrus calls Charlie and says he wants proof that Jake and Olivia are sleeping together, so he can use that to his advantage. Jake meets his contact at a park and says he wants out. The man in turn reminds him who they are, adding there is no way out.

Back in past, Huck is eventually broken and released, when he admits that he doesn’t have a wife and son. After release, Huck is handed his next assignment, but can’t bring himself to kill his victim. Charlie, who is there, says he should kill Huck for failing the assignment, but instead of shooting him, he allows Huck to escape. Next, Charlie is shown telling his boss, who incidentally is the man Jake was talking to in the park, that Huck has been terminated. Back in the present, Olivia returns and gets Huck out of the loop. He tells her he probably used to have a family, but he doesn’t remember if they were real or if he imagined them. He breaks down, saying they were probably was real.

Back in the past, Huck’s wife and son get out of the train. Huck’s son takes some money from his mother and gives it to Huck, who is now a hobo. His wife, who is looking the other way, doesn’t even realize the hobo is him. After they walk away, Huck looks at the clock on the platform and sees that its 7.52 am. The episode ends at this point.