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A Woman Scorned - Recap

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The episode begins with Jake paying Olivia a visit at home. He says he is here to protect her, reminding her that someone tried to break into her home. Olivia is still mad at him and doesn’t want him around. He says he is here on the orders of the President, so she calls up Fitz and asks him to call off his man. Fitz refuses to do so and weaves into the conversation the fact that Mellie has moved out. Olivia says she doesn’t care and reiterates that she wants Jake called off. Fitz turns down her demand, which really irritates her.

At Cyrus’ office, James gives him the news that he has been offered a job by a network and they are asking him to be on air talent. James is really excited and tells Cyrus that he has even found a really great Nanny to take care of their son. Cyrus, who is really busy, tells James he is cool with it. At Olivia’s office, her team is trying to figure, who the guy in the baseball cap is, from the video footage they acquired from the storage unit facility. They can’t see the guy’s face because he has kept his head down in order to avoid being photographed. Huck enters and offers to help. He just by looking at the ear of the guy recognizes that it’s Charlie. At the White House, Cyrus tries to convince Fitz to appease Mellie because she could cause trouble. Fitz feels Mellie is only bluffing and says that he wants to call her bluff.

On seeing that Fitz isn’t willing to budge, Cyrus goes and has a talk with Mellie. He asks her to quit being a child and return home. Mellie refuses to back down and instead tells him that she has scheduled a television interview for tomorrow night, so she can tell the world that the President whores around. She gives Cyrus an ultimatum, saying Fitz has 36 hours till the interview, to come crawling back to her and apologize. Cyrus is too stunned for words, so he quietly leaves. While on his way back to the White House, Cyrus calls Olivia and asks her, what the status of her relationship with Fitz is. She says she is done with Fitz and won’t from now on be meddling in his life or his marriage.

At her office, Olivia is told about Charlie by her team. Their conclusion is that because Charlie works for Cyrus, maybe Cyrus is the mole. While watching a video of Olivia having sex with Jake, Charlie calls Cyrus, saying they have all the proof that they need. Cyrus asks him to hold on to it, saying he doesn’t want to use it unless he really has to. At Olivia’s office, she urges her team to absolutely ensure the fact that Cyrus is the mole before they accuse him. She simply can’t believe that Cyrus, one of her oldest friends, could be the mole. Olivia and team dig up all they can about Charlie.

Huck recalls that Charlie likes breakfast pastries, so they decide to begin looking for him at the best bakery in town. At the bakery, they learn that Charlie comes there every Thursday. Back at the office, Olivia and team decide to hack Cyrus’ phone to find Charlie’s contact because Thursday is still 3 days away and they quickly need to find him. At the White House, in order to get Mellie to back down, Fitz asks Cyrus to explain to Mellie that if she tries to take him down, she too will go down with him. After Cyrus leaves, Fitz calls Olivia and asks to see her. After some initial resistance, Olivia reluctantly complies.

After she arrives at his office, Fitz tells her that he wants her back in his life. She says she is done being his mistress, but Fitz is persistent. Olivia puts an end to the conversation, saying if he wants her, he has to earn her and storms out. At the guest house, Cyrus tries to again reason with Mellie, using Fitz’s logic, but it doesn’t work. Mellie is adamant about her demand and isn’t willing to settle for anything less. After indulging in some deep contemplation in his office by himself, Cyrus suddenly figures out something. At her office, Huck informs Olivia that Charlie killed Amanda Tanner, the woman Fitz was sleeping with.

His conclusion is that Cyrus made Charlie do it. He is telling her this because he doesn’t want her to get killed. At the guest house, Cyrus arrives and stuns Mellie by asking whether she would change her mind if he got rid of Olivia. Next, Cyrus gets Lauren, the President’s assistant, to call Jake, who is outside Olivia’s house standing guard. Lauren lies to Jake that the President immediately needs to see him. Jake finds it odd. After Lauren is done with the call, Cyrus asks her to lie to Jake when he arrives that the President had to leave for an important meeting. Olivia’s team is still trying to track Charlie. They learn that every Thursday Charlie attends a book club at a library, after visiting the bakery.

They also learn that Charlie is seeing a woman named Hammy, from the book club. Outside Olivia’s apartment, Cyrus arrives and sees Jake there. He is surprised to see Jake and orders him to step aside. Jake refuses, saying he takes orders only from the President. Cyrus tries to threaten him, saying he will tell Fitz about Olivia and him sleeping together. Jake counters, saying if Cyrus does that, he too will tell the President how he got his assistant to lie. Cyrus is forced to quietly leave on hearing this. After Cyrus leaves, Olivia calls Jake inside for a talk. Jake tells her that he too feels Cyrus is the mole. Olivia realizes that’s the most obvious possibility, but can’t wrap her head around it.

Jake then asks her about Fitz and her relationship, but she refuses to divulge anything and walks off to her bedroom. At home, Cyrus is relieved to learn, that James is so excited about his new job, he has forgiven him for the whole election rigging issue. James shows how happy he is by making love to Cyrus. At Olivia’s office, she and her team have a talk with Hammy on the pretense that they are planning to give Charlie a job and want a character reference. They learn from Hammy that later in the day she would be meeting Charlie for a date. At the White House, Cyrus reminds Fitz that there are only two more hours left for Mellie’s deadline to end. He urges Fitz to save his presidency by pacifying Mellie. After arguing a bit, Fitz decides to comply.

Next, Fitz arrives at Olivia’s and after asking Jake to leave, he has a talk with her. He asks her what she wants of him, but she ignores his question and reminds him that in 22 minutes Mellie’s clock will run out. He tells her that he doesn’t care if he gets reelected or doesn’t. He instead asks her, if she wants him or not. He tells her how much he loves her and that he is willing to give up everything for her. He feels she never believed his claims, so to prove to her how serious he is he decides to wait it out in her house, till its past Mellie’s deadline. He asks a stunned Olivia to sit with him and watch him choose her. Olivia quietly sits down and waits for the clock to tick past the deadline.

After the deadline’s up, Olivia, who is really moved by Fitz’s gesture, kisses him and they end up making love. After Charlie stands Manny up, the team again has a talk with her. During the course of the conversation, they learn that Manny was the stenographer at the Defiance hearing. They figure out that this is why he was seeing her. Turns out, Manny’s laptop with the all the Defiance files were stole. The team concludes Charlie wanted to know about the rigging, so he must have stolen it. They figure that this means Cyrus can’t be the mole because he was the one who orchestrated Defiance. They conclude Charlie is working for Albatross, the actual mole.

At a park, Jake meets his boss and tells him that Cyrus is on to him and probably has someone really skilled on his tail. His boss asks Jake to find out who it is, but not kill this person because he might be useful. At Jake’s, he watches the security footage of his own apartment and sees that Charlie had entered his apartment, when he wasn’t home. At Cyrus’ office, he is livid on learning that it’s James, who is interviewing Mellie on TV.

While rushing to the guest house, Cyrus fires orders on the phone that James be anyhow stopped from continuing the interview. He is told that it’s not possible because the interview is well underway. He arrives just as Mellie reveals to James and to the nation that her husband has been unfaithful. At Olivia’s, she and Fitz oblivious to everything, are busy having sex. The episode ends at this point.