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Any Questions? - Recap

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The scene opens with Cyrus talking to the press about the President’s affair. They ask where the President is and Cyrus doesn’t have an answer. Cyrus goes up to the Secret Service waiting outside Fitz’s door. Cyrus demands to be allowed to enter, but the Secret Service needs a reason. Cyrus lies and says that Fitz is having a heart attack. Cyrus interrupts Fitz and Olivia having sex and tells him to get up. Elsewhere, David says that Fitz is a cheater and everyone knows that. Abby says that adultery is not a crime. David says that they will soon release the name of the woman having an affair. Later, Olivia tells Fitz that they can deal with this, but Fitz says that he can handle it alone. Fitz tells Olivia to stand down and not to worry about it. He kisses her and she obliges to stop pushing the issue.

Olivia gets into the office and asks where they are with Charlie. Quinn says that Cyrus knew about it. Harrison says that the mole knows about the election rigging. Olivia rushes to the safe to find the drive that rigged the election. David realizes that Abby lied to him and he says that it doesn’t matter because he is part of the team now. Mellie meets with a fixer and he says that he needs honesty. Mellie laughs and says that she is not a little girl and says that she can do anything. The fixer says that he knows the type of woman Mellie is and says that she lost everything when she mentioned her husband was having an affair. He asks why she didn’t name the woman. In his office, Fitz has a meeting with Cyrus and his aides. They try to come up with excuses and Fitz calls for the room to be empty. Cyrus tells Fitz that he has to make a statement and Fitz says that he won’t be seeking a second term. Cyrus talks to the press and they ask if the President is going to run again.

Cyrus talks to Fitz and says that he understands that he likes Olivia, but he won’t be giving up the office. Fitz says that he wants to be with Olivia openly. Jake meets with Rowan and he asks about his relationship with Olivia. Rowan says that he will deal with Fitz. Cyrus walks the hall with Sally and she says that it is strange that this has happened. Harrison says that Sally could have leaked the information. Abby says that it is absurd and Quinn says that Sally would be tossed out if Fitz is impeached. Harrison asks Olivia what she is going to do and Olivia says that she can take care of herself. Harrison says that he knows the truth and asks what her end game is. She says that they need to prove whether or not Sally is the mole. Cyrus talks to the press and James says that he is dodging the questions. Cyrus talks to James later and tells him that he screwed him. James says that this was his big break to interview Mellie. Cyrus laughs and says that a respectable journalist wouldn’t want this and that Mellie choose James so that she could hit him and Fitz at the same time. James is clearly hurt when Cyrus tells him that he is not good enough.

Abby, Quinn, Huck and Olivia talk about what they are going to do with Sally. Quinn says that they could get passwords. Huck says that they are going to use Cassie, Sally’s daughter, to get to the White House. David says that they need to exploit the mean girls and that will make Cassie want to exploit her. They email information about a girl’s nose job and it works. They hack into the White House files. Olivia meets with Cyrus and he tells her to talk to Fitz about giving up the second term. Cyrus brings in Olivia’s race into it and she says that it is not like a witch hunt. Cyrus says that it is not right that Fitz give up. Cyrus says that she is breaking his heart.

Rowan walks up to Cyrus and says hello. They talk and Rowan says that they know that Olivia is the woman sleeping with Fitz and says that they also know about Jake and Olivia. Rowan says that Cyrus is afraid and tells Cyrus to use the tape. He tells Cyrus not to contact Charlie anymore. Fitz calls Olivia and she tells him that she was with Cyrus. She says that there have been some lectures of her ruining the nation if this is going to be allowed to be brought to light. Jake calls Olivia and tells her that he is not a bad guy. The fixer asks Mellie questions about the affair and the people are waiting to see what they are going to think of her. He says that they need the name of the mistress. Mellie says Fitz is going to make a statement and says that he needs to get her a copy of the speech. Charlie goes into a shop and orders food. However, he finds out that there is tracking dust on the bag. He goes around touching several people. Jake sees that the signal is multiplied and gets out to find him on foot. However, he loses him.

Olivia gets into the office and they realize that Sally is not the mole. Olivia says that Albatros is out there and they will find him. David says that he will stay behind while the others get coffee. Charlie calls Cyrus, but Cyrus tells him not to call him anymore. Olivia and the team get back to find Charlie holding a gun to David. Charlie tells them that he wants to hire them. In the press conference, the questioning starts to take a toll on Cyrus. He goes to Fitz’s office and Fitz shows him the speech. Cyrus says that it is fine despite it still reading that he is not going to seek a second term. Fitz is shocked that Cyrus doesn’t have any notes. Fitz reminds Cyrus that he stole the election in the first place. The fixer gives the speech to Mellie and says that it was in the trash. She can’t believe that he is not budging. The fixer says that she won’t name the woman because she doesn’t want Fitz to hate her. He guesses that she still thinks that Fitz will come back to her. Mellie says that Fitz won’t throw it all away.

Back in the office, Olivia and the team demand the name of the mole from Charlie. However, Charlie wants the deal that Olivia got Huck. Quinn asks what the deal was and Olivia says that there was no deal. Huck says that he will get the name no matter what. Olivia tries to stop him, but his mind is made up. Olivia meets with Harrison and gives him the folders of last resort if things go bad. Cyrus goes up to Olivia and says that they need to talk. At the same moment, Jake is watching the video of him and Olivia having sex. He gives it to Rowan. He tells Jake not to worry what he is going to do with the information. Huck has Charlie tied to the chair and demands the name. Charlie writes the name down and tells Huck not to miss. He thanks Huck for the doughnut. Huck is about to kill him when Quinn comes downstairs and tells him that he doesn’t have to kill him. She tells Huck that he is better than what he is about to do. Olivia goes to see Fitz and tells him that the papers to run for re-election were on his desk unsigned. Olivia says that Fitz thinks that he couldn’t win and that is why he is not running. She tells him that she will blame herself everyday. She tells him to run for re-election and win. Fitz comes out and addresses the press.

At the office, Huck and Quinn come upstairs and have a name. Fitz looks down at his speech and then gives it up. He says that his marriage is none of their business and that he will be running another term. Harrison comes out of his office with a look of shock. He opens the safe and sees that the election rigging card is gone. Huck says that they let Charlie go. They think that Charlie has the election rigging card now. Harrison calls Olivia and tells her that the mole is Billy Chambers is the mole and that Charlie is out there with the election rigging drive. However, it is shows that Charlie is not meeting with Billy, but David. The episode ends.