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White Hat's Back On - Recap

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The episode begins with Olivia and team still shocked about the fact that Billy Chambers is the mole. Huck recalls, how he hired Charlie to kill Billy, because Olivia had asked him (Huck) to not get involved. It is shown that Billy managed to buy off Charlie before he could kill him. He told Charlie that he knows a lot of dirty secrets, which would sell for a lot of money, which they could share. David is shown having a talk with Billy and promising him that he will use the Cytron card to their advantage. Olivia has gathered with the rest of the Defiance gang for a secret meeting. Olivia says there is someone else yet to arrive.

Doyle can’t understand, who she is talking about, when Fitz arrives and orders that they commence with the meeting. Fitz tells the gang that Billy is not their problem the Cytron card is, which is why they need to get it back. After the meeting, while the duo are by themselves, Fitz tells Olivia to work her magic and get the American public to like her before the next elections, so he can marry her and she can move in with him to the White House. Somewhere outside, Jake’s boss asks Jake to bring Olivia to him for a meeting. Jake is reluctant, so his boss tells him that if he doesn’t bring her some else will. At the white House, Cyrus is really mad on learning that Sally Langston, the VP, is planning to stand against Fitz in the forthcoming elections.

He confronts her. She in turn argues that Fitz is immoral, which is why she is offering the party an alternative. At Olivia’s office, she and the team brainstorm as to whose support Billy would take to out Defiance because he has no personal credibility left. Olivia suspects the Governor Rustin, who was also Fitz’s political rival, of being complicit in this whole thing. They place surveillance outside the Governor’s mansion and photograph Billy leaving the mansion. David, who is also there, goes out and warns Billy that Olivia and team are onto him. Somewhere outside, Jake’s boss meets Cyrus and orders him to release Olivia and Fitz’s sex tape. After he walks away, Cyrus gets a call from Olivia informing him that Rustin is Billy’s accomplice. Cyrus is really mad on learning this and tells Olivia that Fitz at this very moment is meeting Rustin.

At the White House, Fitz meet Rustin, who comes straight out and tells Fitz that he has come to talk about Defiance. Cyrus rushes to the President’s office to handle the situation. On the way he apparently has a heart attack and collapses on the ground. People gather around him and someone calls 911. At the Oval Office, Rustin tells Fitz that he will keep mum about Defiance, if Fitz puts him (Rustin) on his (Fitz) ticket. Fitz feigns ignorance, but Rustin doesn’t buy it and tells Fitz to fire Langston and bring him onboard. Before walking out, Rustin tells the President that he has till 9am tomorrow to make his decision. While he is being rushed to the hospital, Cyrus calls Fitz, who tells him about Rustin blackmailing him with Defiance.

Olivia, who has arrived at the office, feels that Rustin has a personal animosity against Fitz and will try to impeach Fitz after he is elected the VP. Olivia and team conclude that because Billy and Rustin are still negotiating, in all probability Billy still has the card. Elsewhere, Billy makes a convincing case in front of David, prompting him to hand over the Cytron card to him (Billy). At the hospital, Olivia has a talk with Fitz and Cyrus. She tells Fitz to offer Rustin the ticket and in return ask for the card. If he doesn’t have the card he will call Billy for it. They can then trace the call and catch hold of Billy. Next, Olivia meets Rustin at a restaurant and tells him that the President requires whatever proof he has on Defiance, before he is given the ticket.

Rustin tells her he will see what he can do. After Olivia leaves the restaurant, she alerts Huck, who begins tracking Rustin’s cell phone. At the hospital, Mellie comes to visit Cyrus, while Fitz is still there. She is still hoping that Fitz would see the error of his ways and save their marriage. Fitz realizes this and makes it amply clear to Mellie that nothing of the sort will ever happen. He says he will leave her and eventually marry Olivia. Fitz warns Mellie that if she creates any sort of problems for him, he will make sure that she is painted as a racist, who has problems with Olivia being black. Mellie is stunned by Fitz’s words and quietly leaves. Cyrus rightly concludes that it was Olivia, who prepared the speech for Fitz. Huck, while monitoring Rustin’s calls, learns that he has called Billy.

He manages to then trace Billy’s whereabouts. At home, Olivia hangs up the phone after a chat with Fitz. Soon after, she sees someone trying to get in through the front door. She begins to panic and is about to yell, when Jake comes from behind, covers her mouth and shoots his female colleague, who has broken in through the front door. The woman has been shot through the head and drops dead. Quinn and Huck are at Billy’s, who isn’t home. Billy enters and on seeing the duo, immediately makes a run for it. Huck goes after him. Jake brings Olivia to her office and tells her to stay there with her team, saying she will be safe there. Olivia asks why is it that someone tried to kill her. Jake says he doesn’t know the reason, but he knows this much that as long as she is in a relationship with the President, her life is in danger.

He then reveals that he works for a branch of the CIA called B613. Olivia is stunned on hearing this because Huck too used to work for the same branch. Jake says that she will never be save with him around, so he leaves, despite Olivia trying to stop him and even offering to help him get out. Cyrus sneaks out of the hospital and arrives at Olivia’s office to have a talk with her. After he fails in trying to talk Olivia out of parting ways with Fitz, he in frustration reveals to Olivia that Fitz killed Verna Thornton. Olivia is stunned on hearing this. Elsewhere, Huck, who has nabbed Billy, restrained and gagged him, is about to begin torturing him to get him to spill the beans about the Cytron card.

Huck is unable to bring himself to torture Billy, so Quinn steps in and does it for him. At the White House, Cyrus shows Fitz a video of Jake and Olivia having sex. Quinn gets Billy to reveal where he has stored the Cytron card. The card that they find is empty, so they again question Billy, who says that’s the card David gave him. Olivia and team realize that David played them. At the White House, Fitz is livid and shattered after watching the sex tape. Later, Cyrus tells the Defiance gang that David came to his office and handed him the Cyrton card. He also left Olivia a video of his conversation with Billy, where Billy is shown confessing to killing everyone from CIA Director Osborne to all the others. David was wearing a wire during his meetings with Billy. In return for all this, Fitz publicly declares that it was David, who found the mole.

Fitz then appoints David the new DA. At the White House, Olivia meets up with Fitz and tells him she can’t be with him because she has to be with her team. She says they need her and she is their “Gladiator”. The next day, Fitz makes amends with Mellie, while Cyrus destroys the Cytron card. Jake is put in a hole by Owen, his boss, just like Huck was years ago. Olivia steps out of her apartment building and is thronged by reporters, who ask her if she is sleeping with the President. She is rushed to a limo and inside she sees Owen sitting in front of her. She with a baffled expression addresses him as “dad”. The episode ends at this point.