Blood in the Water - Recap

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The episode begins with Mike actually trying to get his shit together; he vacuums his stash of weed! Harvey arrives at the firm sharp at 8 in the morning. Had Harvey arrived early, it would mean the night went bad; had he been late, it would mean, his date went great; but since he is on time, Donna infers that he did not go on his weekend getaway! Harvey is not in a good mood and would like to get to business. Well, in that case Trent Evan has arrived to meet him. He tells her to call Mike. But Mike hasn’t arrived yet. Harvey is angry and tells her that he must be informed the moment Mike sets foot in the office.

Harvey meets Trent and Trent looks super tensed about his website going public. But it is not just that; Harvey thinks that this meeting is about something else all together. Trent admits that he is worried about the changes that are going around in the firm. He says that he needs to consider his options. Jess arrive to meet Luis to give him a heads up about the fact that his client is about to leave the firm. Louis goes to Harold and loses his cool at him. He tells Harold that he never loses his clients. He wants Harold to send all the paper work to Rachael. Mike arrives at the office and Harvey tells him that he is half an hour late. Mike acts casual about it; but Harvey is in no mood to let go.

He tells Mike that the clients are leaving and it is not fine. He says that he should have fired him; but he did not as he was cutting Mike some slack as his grandmother died. But now he wouldn’t; if Mike doesn’t get his act together, he would fire him the next day. Later, Donna asks Harvey about his agitated behavior and he tells her that Zoe is leaving NY to take care of his niece. Donna tells him that ‘kicking the dog’ will not help. Next, Mike is at a bar and there he meets Jimmy; an ex-colleague. Mike tells Jimmy that he was yelled at by Harvey; this is a shocker even for Jimmy. He then tells him that he is happy as he has a job in another firm and an office too! Now Mike is jealous!! Jimmy tells Mike that if he wants to jump, he is ready to put in a word. Mike does not want to leave Harvey as Harvey has done a lot for him.

Jimmy then tells Mike that a lot of associates are planning to bail out on Pearson-Hardman. But the rival firm is also coming after one of their clients as well. Mike goes to Harvey and tells him about the same. Harvey at once realizes that this is Allison Holt’s doing. Allison was supposed to kick Harvey out; but she got kicked out by Jess. But the fact is that Hardman was the one who brought her in. Jess and Harvey go to meet Allison. Harvey knows that she met Hardman six days ago. She is not even going to ask him how he knows it. Harvey tells her that they are not letting Trent go. Allison tells them that everyone knows about the Civil war at Pearson-Hardman. Their firm is falling apart. Jess and Harvey tell Allison that they are going to sue her for using privileged information for poaching clients. Louis arrives and fires Harold.

Mike tries to talk to Louis and Louis tells him that there is no place for incompetency in this firm. Harold tells them that it was not his fault that the client left. Louis says that the client fired them, and so now he is firing him. Louis leaves. Later, Mike walks into Louis’ office and tells him that Harold has agreed to pull up his socks and that he wouldn’t make a mistake again; he thinks that Louis should hire him back. Louis then states the “mistakes” Harold has committed and yes, it is worrisome. But Louis then says that he can hire Harold back if Mike agrees to personally guarantee that Harold’s work would be impeccable and without any mistakes; but this Mike has to do along with all the work he has to do with Harvey!

Mike walks out of the office and tells Harold that there was nothing that he could do. Harold is happy that Mike at least tried to talk to Louis. Harold then tells him that two other guys who are under Louis are joining the rival form; he overheard them talking. Harold leaves. Mike goes to Harvey and tells them about the other two people leaving; well all the guys who left were Louis’ first class employees. This means that Louis is feeding Allison with information. Harvey is pissed and goes to confront Louis. He destroys Louis’ desktop and tells him that they are done. From now on, it would be as if Louis doesn’t exist. Louis tells him that he did not sell any information to Allison and that the firm was his life. Harvey is still not convinced and he cites all the previous incidents where Louis had paired up with Hardman.

Harvey leaves. Louis meets Allison. He tells her that there is no room for him in Pearson-Hardman and so he wants to leave. He says that he wants to join her firm. Allison tells him that he could, but he wouldn’t get the position he wants. He needs to earn that; but however he will be truly appreciated in their firm. Mike arrive and informs Harvey about the “too good to be true” deal Allison had offered Trent. Harvey and Mike go to Trent and Harvey asks him famous question to Trent; “what is in it for her”? Trent has always trusted Harvey’s decisions and so Harvey asks him to trust him one more time and let him read the blue print. Louis goes to Jess and tells her to sign on the non-compete. He tells her that he is the one who went to Allison for the new job.

But he also says that he will not be taking any clients as he would never want to hurt Pearson-Hardman. Jess tells him that she is letting him go; but she doesn’t want him to go and on this one, she doesn’t agree with Harvey. Harvey drops Mike at the office where Mike finds Tess’ husband waiting for him. The guy beats Mike up and leaves. Mike then goes to the office where he sees Louis leaving with a box of personal items from his office. Louis looks at Mike and tends to his wound with a first-aid kit. Mike then asks Louis if Jess fired him; but h tells him that he is leaving on his own. He tells Mike that Harvey and he were friendly enemies and now Harvey despises him. He is not able to live with that fact and so he is leaving. Mike tells him that he could help him with Trent’s contract as a sign of an apology. Louis agrees.

The next day, Hess arrives to meet Harvey and hands him Louis’ resignation. She makes it very clear that she is not happy about Louis leaving. Mike arrives and they are shocked to see that Mike got beaten up. Harvey is pissed and tells Mike that he would not spare the guy. Well, when Mike tells him the fact, Harvey feels that Mike got off easy! Mike then tells Harvey that the contract that Allison gave Trent was perfect; but there are problems in the financials. Harvey realizes that Louis spotted it out. Mike tells Harvey that Louis was trying to apologize. All that Allison wanted was Trent; she wanted nothing to do with the company as they would see it after buying it. Trent has a non-compete signed with his company.

Next, Harvey meets Allison. Allison knows that Harvey managed to keep Trent. She offers him to join forces with her. Harvey declines the offer. She then tells him that it is sad that at the company Harvey keeps talking about, does not have his name on the door. Harvey meets Jess and tells her that he wants his name on the door. She tells him that she will not hurry with this decision. Mike meets Jimmy who owes him a favor. Mike wants Jimmy to offer Harold a job in his company. Jimmy reluctantly agrees. Next, Harvey walks in to Louis’ office where he sees Louis packing up his things. Harvey takes Louis’ resignation letter and tears it and walks off. Louis breathes a sigh of relief. The episode ends.