Zane Vs. Zane - Recap

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The episode begins with Harvey and Mike throwing paper balls into the basket. Well, it is a hame and Jessica arrives and tells Harvey that the attorney they had been dealing with on an important gender discrimination case, Derek Portis died and has been replaced. Harvey tells Jessica that they need to tell the replacement that the settlement for the Fulsome Food case requires his signature. But Jessica tells him that it is not going to be easy. Next, over a birthday lunch Robert Zane, Rachael’s father and a top class attorney, tells Rachel he's taken the case against Pearson-Hardman. She remembers the case as the gender discrimination case.

He tells her that he knows that she keeps a low profile at work. Well, it also looks like she did not broadcast the fact that Robert is her father. There is clearly tension for Rachel over wanting to prove to her father she is smart enough to be a lawyer. Robert says that it has been five years and Rachael still hasn’t managed to become a lawyer. She is upset that her father chose to tell her that she is incapable on her birthday! She leaves. Louis waits for Katrina Bennett in her office. He tells her that he is going to be supervising her work. She doesn't like it, but she doesn’t have a choice. Rachel asks Mike to make her the paralegal for the case as the opposing counsel is her father.

Mike is shocked to learn that Robert is her father. Mike is also shocked that she never mentioned him before. Mike wonders if it is a good idea for them to work together. Well! Robert sits down with Harvey and Mike. He offers 2 million in place of the 10 million that Derek had for the client. Harvey doesn’t agree to this, which means Robert will be re-deposing Sloane Mosley. Mike goes all “SIR” with Robert and Harvey doesn’t like that as well. He did notice that Rachael Zane was made paralegal on this case! Katrina brings Donna cookies in order to get information about Louis. She advises her to be "ready to go the distance" while dealing with Louis.

Robert meets with Jessica. He suggests he firm needs a win, even if it means much less money for their client. Jessica tells Harvey that Robert told her he thinks the firm needs a win. Jessica is furious as Robert just hit her below the belt. This means she is going to have to cut him off from his knees. Katrina meets with Louis and apologizes for any possible misunderstanding. She "begs" for his help and asks him to sign on as first chair on one of her cases. Louis is glad to help! Rachael arrives to meet Harvey and Donna is “not” on her chair. Rachael knows that she is here because her last name is “Zane”. She is totally prepared to face her father during the deposition.

But Harvey wants to know if it will rattle her father to see her on the chair. She says that he would not even care. Harvey tells her that her relationship with her father is much worse than she thinks and that Robert cares for her more than she can imagine. Prior to the deposition Harvey asks Robert what his daughter will think of him after he deposes Sloane. He reminds Robert that all this is happening because he tore up their deal. During the deposition Robert rips into Mosley, calling her incapable of trying anything new in her life. Rachel looks uncomfortable. Mike cuts the deposition short. After the deposition Rachel yells at Mike for trying to protect her. He assures Rachel that she isn't what is most important.

He tells her that she is trying so hard to prove herself that she forgot that this deposition was about Sloane and not her. Katrina ends up tricking Louis into missing a court date with a particularly strict judge. He tells her that she needs to pay the fine and also write an apology note to the Judge. She says that she will not; she also asks him if he would like to go complaining to someone? He is furious. Mike is upset with Harvey with trying to make things personal for Robert. Harvey says Robert started the process when he challenged their firm. Jessica arrives and she looks pissed.

She tells Harvey that he did not go far enough with things this time as Sloane has agreed to settle for Robert’s low offer. Harvey meets Robert on the golf course and things go south. Robert is pissed at the fact that Harvey put Rachael on the deposition so that she could see him rip Sloane. He knows that Sloane caved after the deposition. Harvey tells him that no one wins if they go to war. So, the settlement is now off; if Harvey wants something, he needs to take it from the trial. Next, Louis shows up at Katrina's trial. He has replaced the paperwork she needs for her case with pictures of him photoshoped as various U.S. presidents. This gets her in deep trouble with the judge.

Rachel tells Mike about the problems she's having with her father. She has always been looking for her father’s approval. She blames him for behaving the way he did despite the fact that she was sitting there. Mike reminds her that she was the one who chose to be there. Donna asks Louis to let it go with Katrina. Louis tells her to tell Katrina that he is not in a forgiving mood. Mike comes to Harvey with information that the company uses a similar set of adjectives for keeping the women from being promoted. Harvey and Mike tell Robert there were 113 different employees in various departments who got the same treatment.

Harvey tells him that it would be too difficult for him to keep this off the court even for 200 million; and no Judge friend of his could help him out with this one. Louis tries to enter the courtroom and finds that his expensive nail scissors were hidden in jacket pocket. He is placed under arrest by an officer who is friendly with Katrina. Robert has a talk with his daughter. He tells her that she is failing and it is tearing him from the inside. She tells him that she took the L-SATs and she scored a 172. She did not tell him as she did not want him to joke about her scores with the 177 he scored. She tells him that she is no more his little girl and he needs to toughen up. Katrina finds Louis in a holding cell. She thinks that he has a problem with her because she is a woman.

He laughs at this thought. He tells her that he worships women. He is angry with her because she took the job from someone more deserving. They call a truce. Robert tells Jessica he wants to decertify the class action suit. He is going to break the whole thing up into at least 45 cases which will drain her of all her resources. He wants to merge firms. Harvey tells Jessica they can only take these types of attacks for so long. Jessica shows Robert she's willing to prosecute every single one of the individual cases, even if it means crippling her firm. She thinks by the end of the process she'll be the winner. Later, Robert tells Rachel he's dropping the case.

They seem to be getting along well and they decide to have lunch as the last one did not go well. After he leaves Mike walks into Rachel's office with a framed copy of her LSAT score. Robert tells Jessica his firm is passing the case along to Daniel Hardman. The episode ends.