He's Back - Recap

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The episode begins with Daniel deposing Sloane Mosley, the key witness in the Fulsome Foods case. After a few questions Daniel reveals that he's really there to serve Harvey and Mike as part of a $10 million wrongful termination suit on behalf of Monica. Daniel then points out to Jessica and Harvey that, because of confidentiality agreements, they won't be able to testify about knowing of Monica's relationship with him. On his way out of the building Daniel needles Harvey about his name not being on the door and he is visibly affected by the taunt.

He says the reason Jessica won't make him a name partner is that she doesn't trust him, so he will have to win her trust if he wants his name on the door. Harvey is upset with Jessica for signing the agreement and thinks they should settle. Harvey also brings up the fact she never told him about it. She on her part isn't interested in settling and seems pretty adamant about her stand. Rachel in the meantime shows Mike she's working on her application to Harvard. He is visibly surprised to see it. She makes it clear that she doesn't want to apply anywhere else because she wants to work at Pearson Hardman and getting into Harvard is the only way she can do it. Louis on the other hand asks Donna to try and convince Harvey to let him work on the Monica case. She doesn't want to do it and frankly tells him that.

Harvey tells Mike to focus on Fulsome Foods and let him handle Daniel. Jessica drops by Robert Zane's place and tells him to get rid of Daniel. He asks for the full story as to why she is suddenly asking this of him and she tells him about the confidentiality agreement she's signed, explaining her reason. It will cost her $15 million to break the agreement she explains and Robert on his part seems impressed with Daniel's work. Harvey in the meantime pays the judge who will be hearing their case a visit and presents an option for waiving the confidentiality agreement. The judge says it won't work and tells Harvey Daniel met with him two weeks earlier. Daniel arrives to depose Jessica.

Donna escorts him to the conference room and slaps him across the face a few times as retaliation for what she did to her with the planted memo. During the deposition Daniel attempts to bait her into breaking the confidentiality agreement. He tries to make the point Monica was fired because she was younger, prettier and of a child bearing age. Jessica walks out in disgust, on seeing what he is trying to do. Harvey again tries to argue with Jessica that they should settle, but to no avail. She on her part is adamant and doesn’t want to do it, despite the fact he thinks she'll end up looking like a fool. She basically is sticking to her guns and doesn’t care about the price she has to pay in return. Mike asks Rachel for a transcript of Jessica's deposition. He blames himself for what is happening and is worried if he doesn't fix it there won't be any more Pearson Hardman.

He is apparently desperate to resolve this issue. Mike later meets with Monica and apologizes for what he did. She says she's happy that Jessica is paying the price for what happened. Mike comes to Jessica with an idea they should get Monica to admit to the affair as it would help their case. Basically, he feels it would take gender off the table and help them with Fulsome Foods. She likes his idea and tells him to take the lead in deposing Monica, as she feels he will do a good job of it. But, during the deposition Monica says she was terminated because she was being harassed by Louis. Louis asked her out repeatedly and stared at her at work. On top of that Monica gets on the record the fact that Jessica had her hand in her letter of resignation to Louis.

In the bathroom Harvey asks Daniel what it would take to settle, as he is slowly realizing that things are getting out of hand. He tells Harvey that Monica wants to see a jury find Jessica guilty and nothing else will satisfy her. Daniel points out that ultimately the firm can't afford to try all 45 cases and he is going to "bleed you dry". Louis tells Harvey he wants to help, in any way that he can. He thinks if he can talk to Monica outside the confines of the case he can convince her to drop the suit. Harvey shows him a copy of what Monica said in the deposition, so he gets an idea of where she is coming from. Rachel tells Mike her father is the reason she wants to be a lawyer. She wants to be considered "amazing" just like he is. He in turn tells her what he did to get hired by Harvey.

Harvey tells Jessica she's "out of control" sayings she made a mistake having Mike take lead in Monica's deposition, when she clearly shouldn’t have. Jessica says Mike's idea was a good one, but the questions were being asked of the wrong person. During Daniel's deposition they get him to admit on the record he had an affair with Monica. Off the record he tells Mike that Jessica was behind everything that happened with the affair being exposed. Daniel then reminds them they were the ones who fired Monica 24 hours after finding out, which is all the jury will care about at the end of the day. Louis corners Daniel in the elevator. He tells Daniel about the nature of his feelings for Monica and promises that if he ever does anything to him again he is going to "rip your smug face off your fat neck". Mike in the meantime tells Monica she was right about Jessica all along.

He adds that she was fired because Jessica didn't trust her, not because she was a woman, as she is assuming. He then tells her about the women in the Fulsome cases and what her suit will do to them. He asks her to read the files and decide if the women deserve to be treated fairly. Mike in the end is able to convince Monica to agree to a very inexpensive settlement. Jessica tells Harvey she's bugged by the fact Daniel was able to trick her with the agreement. He thinks if they settle it will be a victory. Rachel tells Mike her essay is about the fact her time as a paralegal will help her tremendously in her legal career. They both realize she's going to get into Harvard and talk about her being gone. Donna tells Harvey about hitting Daniel. Jessica tells Harvey to take Daniel's name off the wall.

Jessica asks Robert about merging their firms. He thinks there is no need now because "Pearson Whatever" will soon be in shambles. They will be simultaneously trying seven different cases in seven different jurisdictions, as it turns out. It was Daniel's idea. The episode ends at this point.