Normandy - Recap

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The episode begins with Mike and Harvey watching a video tape of Hanley Folsom from Folsom Foods. Harvey tells Mike that he wants to catch Hanley in a lie. Mike tells him that he tried hiring an investigator, but the authorization got kicked. Harvey walks into Jessica’s office and tells her that he wants to talk about resources. Jessica tells him that he hasn’t returned a lot of calls. Harvey tells her that he has put seven cases on fast track and the rest have to take a back seat for now. He tells her that he needs more lawyers and paralegals. But she says that she cannot do so because they are bleeding and cannot afford these.

Rachael is really not concentrating on her work and Mike puts her back on track. Harvey arrives and tells Mike that there is a change of plans; instead of focusing on all the seven cases, they put all their energy in one case. They decide on the Bakersfield case. It is run by Hanley’s brother-in-law and has the worst stats. Harvey arrives at the conference room and finds Scottie waiting for him. She tells him that she is ready to take ten of their cases. Well, she has already taken Bakersfield. Harvey informs Jessica about Scottie and Jessica is very impressed. Harvey thinks that the best way to deal with the situation is to join forces with Scottie’s infinitely deep pocketed firm.

Jessica is reluctant because joining forces would mean that they will have to share all the 45 cases and all the winnings. Harvey says that this is their best way to beat Hardman. Jessica agrees. Next, Mike is surprised when he finds out that Katrina is on Bakersfield. He tries telling her that he is the lead on this one. But he soon finds out that she is pretty up to date on the case. She suggests that they should skew the figures and Mike does not approve of it. Katrina tells him that Jessica hired her and if he has any issues, he should take it up with Jessica. Mike tells Harvey that he does not want to work with Jessica. Harvey tells him that he too doesn’t want to work with Scottie; but thanks to the circumstances, he has to.

Harvey meets Scottie and tells her that he is ready for the partnership. He tells her that he knows that this is what she wanted all the time. Scottie decides to start with Bakersfield. But Harvey thinks that they should start with Parkville; that is the toughest case to win and Hardman would not be expecting them there. But the actual plan is to target all the 45 cities so that they could confuse Hardman. Scottie knows that this is what Harvey wanted all the time. Jessica arrives and tells Mike and Katrina that she wants to know more about Hanley than his mistress knows about him. Mike then learns that Jessica didn’t actually assign Kat on this case; she asked to be on this case.

This leads to an argument where Kat is forced to explain the circumstances in which she was hired. On the private jet, Scottie makes a move on Harvey. She tells him that there are advantages of being on the same side; they don’t have to put aside work for pleasure. He tries to stop her on professional grounds; but then later he goes along with it. Rachael is rejected by Harvard. Donna learns about it but she decides not to tell Mike. Mike wants to talk about the case and Rachael fights back her tears. She tells him that they should take a look at Hanley’s personal correspondence. But that is outside the scope. Mike wants to get it inside the scope. Rachael agrees.

Harvey and Scottie arrive at Parkville and they are shocked to see that Hardman is already there. Hardman knew that they were supposed to fly to Bakersfield. But then he thought how would Harvey deal with the situation. This led him to check Scottie’s flight plans and he knew that they are flying to Parkville. Scottie tells him that they are planning to fly to all the 45 cities. Mike calls Harvey and tells him that he knows why they promoted Kathleen Mitchell. Kathleen is Parkville’s manager and she is now being deposed. Harvey points out to the fact that Kathleen had applied four times but had been denied promotion all the four times.

But then nine months before she got promoted, Kathleen had a hysterectomy. This means that she could not have children and that is why Hanley promoted her. He wants people who can completely dedicate themselves to work and that is not possible with children at home. Kathleen tells him that she did not tell anybody about this. But Harvey is certain that Hanley found out. Later, Scottie is pissed that Harvey did not fill her in on this. She then tells her that her last loss to Harvey was the reason she did not become a partner. If she wins this case, she will get her name on the door. Rachael is not focusing on her work and this is making Mike look bad in Jessica’s eyes.

Mike is pissed and asks Rachael to get the work done. Later, when Rachael is trying to finish her work for Mike, Kat arrives and tells her to stop doing what she is doing for Mike and get her work done. Kat is really rude. Rachel is getting some photocopies made, when Louis arrives with some work for her. He tells her that he knows about Harvard and is sure that she will get in. But Rachael bursts into tears and tells him that she did not get in. Louis realizes that Sheila has something to do with this and he tells Rachael that he will rectify this. When Harvey and Scottie return they find Jessica and Scottie's boss, Darby, waiting for them. Darby has shown up with a file on client's Daniel has wronged.

Rachael has found the access to Hanley’s personal correspondence that Mike has been looking for. She also tells him about her interaction with Kat. Harvey and Scottie know that their bosses are pissed with them because they were unable to turn Kathleen. Mike gives Harvey the detail on Hanley; but it turns out that Kat has already given it to him an hour ago. He is not happy with Mike. Mike yells at Kat for pursuing his idea and then taking credit for it. Louis meets Sheila and tells her that she is behaving unprofessionally. He tells her that he wants to right a wrong. Sheila finds this very noble and they have sex. Mike tells Rachael that they need to find the smoking gun they are looking for before Kat finds it.

Rachael tells her that Kat has already found it and she has given it to a woman to make copies. But this woman is a slow worker and so Mike decides to steal the copies from the copying machine before the papers are sent to Jessica. After the sex, Sheila tells Louis that she did like Rachael; but the fact is that she wasn’t good enough and that she needs to face the truth. Next, Mike brings the smoking gun to Harvey and Jessica. Hardman and Hanley arrive at the firm for the deposition and they are shocked to see Kathleen sitting in the conference room. They then show Hardman and Hanley the copy of the email from Hanley’s inbox that Hanley wrote. It proves that Hanley knew that Kathleen could not bear children and that is why he hired her.

They tell Hanley that they could show this email to Kathleen and she will be on their side. Hardman tells them that this doesn’t prove a pattern and he will see them on the next 44 cases. Next, Darby arrives to meet Jessica and she tells him that she is ready to consider his offer. She hands him the firm’s books so that he exactly knows what he is getting into. Harvey sees this through the door. He then meets Scottie and tells her that their bosses are talking about merger. She tells him that she wants their names on the same door. She tells Harvey that Darby didn’t let her tell him about the merger plans because Darby wasn’t sure about it. Harvey tells her that this merger isn’t happening.

He leaves. Next, Darby and Jessica arrive to meet Hardman. She tells him that her firm is merging with Darby’s and so she had to show him the books. This means that Darby now knows about the embezzlement and so Hardman can lose his clients. On her way out, Jessica asks Hardman to get his client to sign on the papers. Louis meets Rachael and he tells her that the reason for her not getting into Harvard is his failed relationship with Sheila; and Sheila took it out on her. He is ready to write a recommendation for her for any other law school. But she will not be going to Harvard. The episode ends.