War - Recap

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The episode begins with Mike and Jessica having an argument about a file. Mike does not want to hand over the file to her because he doesn’t want to upset Harvey. Six nights earlier, Harvey arrives at a party. He meets Mike and Mike hands over three papers to him. He then goes to get himself a drink. Louis gets into an argument with Nigel, an Englishman, at the bar. Edward tells Harvey that he wants to have a word with him. Harvey hands over the papers to Edward and says he knows that his clients have a habit of fixing prices. Harvey is completely against the merger with Edward’s firm and Edward tells him that he will defeat him in court. Harvey tells him that this wouldn’t get to court.

Instead, Edward will find himself on a steamer back to London wondering what happened and realizing that he picked a fight with the wrong guy. Later, Harvey tells Jessica that if he defeats Edward, the merger would not take place and that Edward will go back to London. He wants to know why Jessica did not tell him before she showed Edward their books. She tells Harvey that she did not want him to worry. She then says that if he loses the case, he stays on and earns his name to the door. Harvey is upset with Scottie because he feels that she back stabbed him; she knew about the merger and she did not tell him. Rachael tells Mike that she did not get into Harvard. She then asks him how he felt when he got into Harvard; Mike has no answer.

Louis sees Nigel kissing Donna’s hand and Louis freaks out. Nigel tells him that he was being given a tour of their office. He then tells Louis that his favorite spot was Donna’s cubicle. Louis confronts Donna and Donna tells him that Nigel only leaned to get a file. He is doing an efficiency evaluation for Edward’s firm. Louis tells her that he, too, has been asked to do one. So, it is a test. Donna challenges him to beat Nigel. Next, Edward arrives at Harvey’s office and tells him that he is freezing his client’s assets. He is warning Harvey of the same so that he could get some time to move his client’s money to fund his defense. He doesn’t think it would be sporting to not give Harvey a fair chance. Louis and Nigel have another verbal sparring in the bathroom.

Rachael has drafted a letter on Mike’s letter head to Harvard so that she can go over Sheila’s head. She feels that she was wronged. Mike tells her that he cannot sign the letter because it would be hearsay, but he eventually agrees to help her. Mike goes to confront Louis and Louis tells him the truth; that Rachael did not get in, because they thought that she wasn’t good enough. Mike feels that Louis should tell her the truth. Louis tells Mike that he cannot see the upset look on Rachael’s face. Edward tells Harvey that he would be leaving town the following day and let his No. 2 handle the case. It turns out that Edward freezing the accounts was bait to open up Harvey’s clients for counter litigation.

Edward arrives to meet Jessica and she tells him that she knows he is meeting with other firms. She says that she wants them to win this case or Harvey will lose respect for them and eventually leave the firm. Louis comes to meet Harvey and tells him that he supports him 100 percent. He tells Harvey that he is scared and does not want the merger to happen because he knows that, if it does, he will be less valuable to the company. Harvey tells him that his back is against the wall and Louis tells him that he can help. Later, Harvey arrives at Mike’s place with the strategy he needs to use to defeat Scottie. It is confidential information from the merger and he wants to use it for a reprieve.

Mike looks at it and tells him that this is inadmissible stuff. Harvey is not too sure about this but then this is the only thing they could do to get a breather. The next day, Harvey finds Scottie waiting in his office, while Jessica waits for Mike. Mike shows her the file. Jessica arrives in Harvey’s office and asks Scottie to leave. Jessica tells Harvey that she is upset because he cheated. Harvey tells her it is not a big deal. He tells Jessica that he will leave if he has to. Jessica says that she wants to prove that she can control Harvey.

Scottie arrives to meet Donna and asks her if she is in love with Harvey. Donna is sick and tired of people asking her, but she tells Scottie that she is not in love with Harvey. She also says that she used to like Scottie too, until she walked back in with the stupid merger. Scottie tells her that the only way she could get Harvey’s attention is by suing him. Donna realizes that Scottie is in love with Harvey. She then tells Scottie, if she wants Harvey’s attention, then she should make a sacrifice; she should walk away from the merger.

Scottie meets Mike and hands a file to him. She tells him that she is giving it to him because she knows that Harvey wouldn’t use it if he knew that the file came from her. Mike sees that they could win the case with the information in the file. Mike goes to Harvey with the file. Harvey likes what is there in the file but, when he learns that Scottie gave it, he says that he will not use it. He tells Mike that Scottie cannot be trusted. Nigel and Louis meet at the bar. They strike up a friendship and they decide to leave each other’s names out of the list to save their positions in the firm. Donna waits for Harvey in his office. She tells Harvey that Scottie is in love with him, but she couldn’t tell it to him because she knew that it would drive him away. Donna tells him that if he wants to stop this merger, then he needs to trust the file that Scottie gave Mike. Harvey tells her to give Mike the file. She already did, four hours ago.

We see the opening scene where Jessica tells Mike that he should not file the motion against her. If he does, then she would file a motion against him for practicing law without a license. Mike has nothing to say. The next day, Harvey yells at Mike for not listening to him. He is about to fire him and Jessica says no. She and Harvey ‘have it out” and it ends with Jessica finally telling Harvey that he will stay and will learn his place. Scottie tells Harvey that Edward fired her because he found that she gave him the file. Harvey tells her that it wasn’t him.

Louis tells Donna that he broke his word and put Nigel’s name on the list. Donna tells him that Nigel did not put his name on the list. Louis feels bad. He then decides to tell Rachael the truth before it is too late and he loses her as a friend. Harvey welcomes Edward with open arms. He defends Scottie and wants Edward to give her back her job. Edward agrees.

Rachael confronts Mike about not having the courage to tell her the truth. She then wonders why he went to Louis to have the letter signed. She feels that Mike is hiding something. Mike tells her that he lost everything and now he did not want to lose her. He tells her that he never went to Harvard; he is a fraud. She slaps him and tries to leave. He grabs her and they start kissing and end up having sex in the records room. The season ends.