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Behind the Red Door - Recap

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Philip and Elizabeth walk along the river with Claudia. They talk about the plan to get Larik and Claudia, worried about them, asks about their new handler.

Stan enters an abandoned building and asks Oleg where Nina is. Oleg wants the surveillance logs that pertain to him and offers Stan three days to get them. He warns that if he dies, everything he knows will come out and Nina will also die.

Elizabeth and Philip meet with Larik in a meeting room. They are disguised as CIA agents and accuse him of joining the KGB. He says they won't be able to do anything and starts to walk away. Elizabeth asks about the day he killed his KGB handlers, holding her gun at the ready. Larik says that he wanted to kill them but didn't. He was a few meetings away from finding out their home address and says someone else got to them first. Philip offers Larik an alternative to jail. Elizabeth says the KGB will come back and he's to maintain his arrangement and report back to them.

After the meeting, Philip and Elizabeth get back in a van with Claudia. He doesn't think Larik murdered them because he got close. Elizabeth thinks Larik knows something and they want to find out what it is. Claudia warns that he may try to take down their family but they aren't worried.

Back at home, Elizabeth explains that she's never seen Claudia scared before today. Philip sent a message out and says they have a meeting tomorrow.

Stan returns home and finds his front door is painted red. He remains silent at supper so Sandra asks what he thinks of the door. She thinks it's a happy color.

Philip asks Elizabeth what she thinks is going on in Nicaragua. She thinks they're trying to destroy it and Philip says he'll feel better when the Connors' murderer is dead. Elizabeth brings up what Martha said about Philip being a wild animal in bed. She asks if it's funny and Philip agrees.

Philip meets Kate at a bar and explains about the documents he found about Nicaragua while he was looking into Larik. He doesn't think Larik murdered the Connors but he still presents a threat. Once they find the threat that the Nicaragua mission poses, they want to eliminate Larik. Kate agrees to relay this information to the center.

Oleg goes to the records office and talks to the clerk. The records are all being transferred to computers but the clerk prints all the information they have on Oleg.

Elizabeth questions Philip further about the details of his sex life with Martha. She says that she would like to have sex with his alter ego, Clark. They are interrupted by a phone call about Paige quitting the volleyball team. Philip calls her downstairs and she says that she just lost interest. Elizabeth answers the phone when it rings again: it's a call from the agent that listened in on Martha. After she hangs up, Elizabeth tells Philip that whatever is going on with Paige will have to wait.

Philip and Elizabeth meet Kate in a park. Kate explains what the Nicaraguan mission was and says that the center has reviewed their request. She gives them a mission to kill Contra field commanders travelling to the US to train. They are also to expose the camps where Americans are training Nicaraguans. Larik is needed for this plan and Kate tells hem not to kill him. It isn't yet known where the camps are or when the commanders will be arriving.

Elizabeth picks up Lucia in her car and warns that things will get harder. She needs Lucia's help in getting into the congressional offices. Later that night, Lucia seduces her boyfriend, Carl, into letting her into the congressman's office. After opening the door, she leads him back to his office. This allows Elizabeth to slip into the congressman's office while Lucia has sex. Once they are done, the aide closes the door to the congressman's office while Elizabeth is inside. She unlocks the safe in the room and takes photos of a stack of documents.

Back at home, Elizabeth develops the photos with Philip. They discover that Larik is part of the senior training team but won't be told the location until the day he gets his orders to go. Philip suggests that they kill Larik and go in themselves but Elizabeth says that won't work. There's a better chance if Larik lets them in but to do that they need to tell him who they really are.

Stan arrives at a building and asks for Gadd. The woman who answers the door leaves to get him. Stan tells Gadd that his source at the Rezidentura has been compromised. Stan wants to help her and says there are things the Soviets may want in return. Gadd is up for a hearing and asks him not to say anything he shouldn't hear. Stan worries that Nina is in over her head but Gadd suggests that it's Stan who's in over his head.

At the Rezidentura, Oleg hands Arkady some files and asks about Stan. Oleg isn't sure if Stan will take the bait. Arkady looks through the files taken from the congressman's office by Elizabeth and asks what they are. Oleg says it's the future and also the reason he's here.

Lucia is excited about their mission and hopes to eventually take down the President. She thinks that she can get more information from Carl but Elizabeth disagrees. Elizabeth thinks that they should kill the aide before the crime is connected to her. Lucia's willing to take the risk. Elizabeth explains how she dealt with her the first time but Lucia doesn't need any advice.

When Philip returns home, Elizabeth asks him to keep his glasses on. She wants him to remain his Clark character while they have sex. He tries to explain it's the same but she insists on wanting Clark. He acts very forceful toward her and asks if that's what she wants. She cries afterward and asks for a minute. Philip goes to the bathroom and takes his disguise off. He stares into the mirror at himself while Elizabeth lays crying on the bed.

Carl tells Lucia that his parents are visiting next weekend and he wants her to meet them. Lucia isn't as excited about this as Carl. As he prepares his heroin, she asks him to get her some ice water. She takes the opportunity to sprinkle some powder from her purse into his drugs. Lucia watches as Carl injects himself with the poisoned drugs. She asks if he ever had anything he would die for and he says maybe his mother. Lucia tells him to think of her and then offers to dance with him. While they're dancing, Carl starts to seize up. She tells him that it's good and holds him as he dies.

Paige comes downstairs to greet Elizabeth when she comes home. She says she still likes volleyball but likes the youth group more. Elizabeth asks what they do at the church and Paige invites her to come sometime. Paige runs upstairs and Elizabeth joins Philip in doing the dishes. He explains that he's not mad at her and asks about Lucia, and she says the job is done.

Stan meets Nina in their safe house. Nina worries that she will be killed but Stan promises to get ahead of Oleg. Nina agrees to do anything and Stan says she needs to take a polygraph. She thinks it's Stan that doesn't trust her and says she's finished.

Philip finds Larik in an alley behind a club. He pulls his gun out and Larik says he knew he wasn't CIA.

Elizabeth gets in the car with Claudia and asks who they investigate next if Larik didn't murder the Connors. Claudia says she will be next because she got involved with someone while working with the Connors. One day she told him the truth and ever since she has worried that she compromised the safety of her agents. Claudia says she was wrong about Philip and she's lucky to have him. Claudia says goodbye and Elizabeth gets into her own car.