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Arkady wants Nina to take the polygraph test for Stan. She doesn't think she will pass it but Oleg offers to help her learn how to trick the machine, and worries that she'll be killed if she doesn't pass.

Kate meets with Philip and gives him the instructions to bug ARPANET. He is supposed to attach a bug to transfer it to their system. Kate apologizes that he needs to work with Larik because of how dangerous he is, and wishes him good luck before getting out of his car.

Henry is spying on the neighbors from his room when Elizabeth calls for him.

Nina meets with Stan in an alley and agrees to take the test. He suggests taking it tonight and she agrees.

Philip enters an apartment building and knocks on one of the doors. When he gets no answer, he picks the lock and enters the apartment. Inside, Philip finds Charles Duluth passed out on his bed and wakes him up.

Lucia and Elizabeth sit together in a restaurant and talk about their fathers. Lucia's father was murdered for standing up for his beliefs. Philip arrives and asks Lucia why she saw Larik. She wanted to see what he had to say about her country so she went to one of his speeches. He stated that Nicaragua was the spearhead for the Soviets in the West. However, Lucia is sure that Larik never saw her. Elizabeth explains Lucia's part in their contra mission. She will deactivate the electric fence to allow Philip and Elizabeth to enter the compound.

Oleg sets up a polygraph to give Nina some practice. He asks her if she trusts him but she doesn't. Oleg says that's good.

Elizabeth arrives to work where painters are working on the interior. She tells Philip that Larik wants to meet to talk about the mission. She will take the meeting in a public place because she thinks Philip would be a better sharpshooter if it comes down to that.

Philip goes with Charles to meet a computer scientist, Professor Rosenbloom. The scientist explains the work that he does and how it relates to ARPANET. He tells them about the machine that generates the information and translates messages. Philip asks who can be connected this way and where they are headed. Rosenbloom says scientists and the military are connected and it's the way of the future.

Oleg further questions Nina and gives her some advice in order to get around the polygraph. He suggests that she believe what she say in order to trick the machine. Oleg tells Nina to squeeze her anus before answering and that works to trick the machine.

Charles and Philip leave the meeting with Rosenbloom and plan on getting to the keypad. Philip needs Charles sober for this but he insists that he's dry.

Philip watches Larik meet with Elizabeth through a sniper rifle scope. Larik tells Elizabeth that he won't be at the contra meeting because he's headed for Nicaragua. He'll be gone at least six months and tells her where a contra base will be set up. Elizabeth says that they still need his help with their mission. Larik asks if she's alone because he finds it hard to feel safe nowadays. He's surprised she came alone and leaves their meeting.

Oleg finishes with Nina's polygraph test and tells her to close her eyes. He asks her to envision the interrogation room and imagine him standing in an empty part of the room.

Elizabeth tells Lucia that Larik won't be there when they go to the base. She's upset because she had been planning on killing him. Elizabeth says that he's a huge asset but Lucia fells like she owes the people that Larik killed.

Elizabeth returns home and tells Philip about Lucia's plan to kill Larik. He thinks her plan would have got them killed. Elizabeth doesn't think that Lucia will easily change her mind on Larik.

Henry heads out and goes to the neighbor's house. He finds their key under the welcome mat and lets himself inside. Henry takes the chance to play the video games he wasn't allowed to have.

Nina meets Stan at their safe house. A man is there with Stan to administer the polygraph test. Stan offers her a drink but she just wants to get it over with. The man asks her simple questions before getting into the hard-hitting ones. She looks into the empty area of the room where she imagines Oleg to be standing. Nina stumbles on one questions and asks for some water. She answers questions about betraying the Soviet Union and claims she knows who murdered Vlad and why. The test taker says there's ambiguity with one answer, just like Oleg warned. The man says they are done and discusses the results with Stan in private. Stan returns to her and says she passed the test.

Charles convinces a security guard to let him in by saying that he forgot his glasses in Rosenbloom's office. He heads in and looks through Rosenbloom's desk. Charles finds the entry code and writes it down on his hand. He heads toward the lab but finds it full of people. Philip walks up, disguised as a janitor, and tells him to relax. He tells Charles to stay put and walks down the hall.

Nina tells Stan that she can handle Oleg. Stan can give Oleg the reports he wants in order to keep Nina safe. She tells him they are together forever now.

Philip goes into the basement and flips some switches that set off alarms. He returns to Charles but the code has rubbed off his hand. Charles recites the numbers and thinks that he's sure. Philip enters the lab as Charles leaves the building. Inside the lab, Philip opens the Interface Message Processor and attaches the bug to it. He tries to hide when someone enters the lab but the man walks over to the machine and sees the bug. He turns around to see Philip right behind him. Philip leaves the lab before anyone else returns.

At a bar, Charles tells Philip how much he enjoyed their mission. They finished the job but Philip reveals that he had to kill someone. He doesn't know if it's worth it because he doesn't understand the technology he hacked. Philip isn't happy that Charles is drinking but he says it is just cranberry juice. He insists that Philip taste it but he doesn't want to. Charles says he is useful to the cause and tells Philip to call him anytime. He leaves and Philip asks the bartender for the same thing Charles had. The bartender prepares a cranberry juice and adds vodka in.

Nina undresses in front of Oleg and tells him she saw him in the room. She claims Stan means nothing to her but Oleg accuses her of being a good liar. Oleg asks how it's possible she's here since her only protection is her wits and beauty.