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New Car - Recap

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Martha tells Philip that she's no longer comfortable helping his office spy on those she works with. He doesn't want to choose between protecting the country and her but she says it shouldn't have to be a choice.

Philip visits a car dealership with Henry to look at a Camaro. The salesman tries to convince Philip that he should buy the car because of how it makes him feel.

Vasili Nikolaevich greets Anton and says he was also brought back from America. He says Russia isn't easy but it all works out in the end. Vasili says the Jewish people have endured far worse before. He shows the tool that Philip used to hack the ARPANET. It contains all communications from Anton's colleagues in America that he wasn't allowed to see when he was there. Vasili offers to let him have a look.

Philip and Henry return home in the Camaro. Elizabeth is surprised by his purchase.

Arkady reads Oleg's report and asks him to translate it into something he can understand. Oleg explains that Anton knows how to hide planes but not as well as the Americans do. They can completely disguise planes and silence submarines.

Philip and Elizabeth listen to a tape of some men from Martha's office making fun of her. He has mixed the tape so that it sounds more insulting and hopes it will convince her to continue to help spy on them. Elizabeth says it will work but she's distracted by the car. He asks if she ever likes the American lives they had and she finally admits that it's easier here. She doesn't think it's better though.

Larrick enters his home and is soon shot in the back with a dart. Lucia says it isn't deadly but he fights back against her. Before he passes out, he shoots her with the dart gun as well.

Sandra reminds Stan of her graduation tomorrow and says she'll be home late. He promises to take care of dinner but that's not what she wanted to hear. He looks back to his papers about Oleg.

Larrick wakes up and sees that Lucia is still knocked out.

Elizabeth receives a phone call and writes something down onto a piece of paper.

Philip visits Martha and says he came over because he has to head out to Atlanta. She asks what he wanted to tell her and he offers to start picking up groceries for her.

Stan meets Oleg at an arcade. If the Russians find out about Nina, Stan will hold Oleg responsible. He will know if Nina is heard and threatens to hurt Oleg. Oleg doesn't want to hurt anyone and says they are in this together. Stan hands him the files and says they aren't in anything together.

Elizabeth arrives at Larrick's house and he shows her to Lucia. Larrick wants his freedom for her life. Elizabeth needs a few things first but he wants out forever. Larrick offers to report from Nicaragua but then he's done.

Stan meets with Nina at the safe house. He says it buys them time together but she worries that things will keep getting worse. Stan promises to find a way for them to get out. She worries he will go to prison if someone at the BI finds out what happened. Nina thanks him for doing this for her.

Larrick promises to give Elizabeth the signal to enter the camp and threatens to kill every Soviet ambassador if she goes back on her word. When he frees Lucia, she fights back until he has her in a headlock. Larrick tells Elizabeth to choose one of them because he will help her into the camp but Lucia won't stop trying to kill him. Elizabeth allows Larrick to kill Lucia in front of her. He will get the signals needed before he leaves for Nicaragua and asks Elizabeth to get the body out of his house.

Stan meets with Gadd and says he will take Oleg down. They aren't sure what they can do so Stan suggests they kill Oleg. Gadd doesn't think that's reasonable and suggests he put in a request for code word clearance on the subject.

The Jennings' neighbors return home and find Henry sleeping on their couch after having played their video games.

Arkady congratulates Nina and Oleg on starting to turn a high level counter-intelligence agent. He expects even greater things to come. Arkady pulls Nina aside and suggests that she be careful. Oleg's family can either help her or hurt her greatly. After they are done talking, Oleg invites Nina out dancing. She doesn't think they should be seen together but he says there are only foreign diplomats going. He can't uninvite them now but she says he can do whatever he wants.

Philip arrives home to find Elizabeth speaking with the neighbors, the Tanners. He thanks them for not calling the police and promises that they'll talk to Henry. After the Tanners leave, Elizabeth reveals that Larrick killed Lucia. Philip goes upstairs and tells Henry they'll talk later. He tells Elizabeth he wants to get Larrick but she explains that she was there. The plan had already been worked out but Lucia almost messed it up.

At the FBI office, Martha tells Stan that unclassified reports are just floating around on the mail trolley. She hands him his file from the Department of Justice. Back at his desk he reads that his request was denied.

Philip parks his car and walks over to meet with Kate. She tells him about two companies making planes invisible to radar. He asks what's bothering her and she explains a submarine that went down and killed 160 men. The submarine was based on plans that Philip stole. Kate says it's believed that the Americans planted fake plans all over the country. She says this is the perfect time to expose contra forces being trained on American soil. They can expose America and also make sure the field commanders die. Philip returns to his car and drives home. On the way he passes Stan, who says his work isn't going as good as Philip's seems to be.

When Philip gets home, Elizabeth tells him that Larrick sent the signals. They can't kill him because he's already on his way to Nicaragua. He tells her about the fake propeller plans they stole. They watch a news report on Ronald Reagan and Elizabeth says he doesn't care who he kills.

Stan meets with the Deputy Attorney General and says he needs clearance to look into the captured scientist. The DAG says he already knows about it and there's nothing they can do to give him clearance. Stan says he can stop Oleg and the Soviets but only needs a chance.

Philip and Elizabeth decide that the best way onto the contra is to disguise themselves as septic employees. They kidnap the man who works as the septic cleaner, Lewis Rendell. Philip takes off his gag and asks him questions about the truck he drives. They question Lewis about his backup in case he doesn't show up. The backup has never been to the camp. As they leave, Elizabeth starts to pull a gun. Philip convinces her to let the man live because he won't be able to report them until after their mission is finished.

Arkady and Oleg discuss the 160 men who died because of their propeller plans. Oleg says the propeller shouldn't have been used on the ship it was and the admiral pushed it too far. He doesn't think they tested it for long enough and reveals his father told him this. Arkady still thinks they sent bad plans and doesn't want it to happen again. He worries about the stealth planes Ole wants to go after. Oleg assures him they are good and names the resources they have successfully taken from the USA. Arkady asks why Oleg is in the KGB. He explains he understands technical things and wanted a foreign posting.

Elizabeth and Philip enter Henry's room to talk about him breaking into the neighbor's house. He explains that he didn't think anyone would be hurt by it and feels terrible now. He promises not to do it again and says he's not a criminal. Henry cries as he repeats that he's a good person.