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Martial Eagle - Recap

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Philip drives the septic truck up to the camp's front gate. The security guard has him open the back of the truck but doesn't spot Elizabeth hiding behind barrels. Philip drives through the camp past some soldiers being trained. He lets Elizabeth out of the truck and says she has five minutes. She's disguised as one of the soldiers. Philip takes photos of the Americans training the contras. A man walks up on him and begins to yell for help. Philip has no choice but to kill the man. Another man approaches because of the sound and Philip shoots him.

Inside, Elizabeth shoots a contra leader with her silencer. She meets Philip back at the truck and cleans up his face before they head out. The security guards open the gates and they drive away without any hassle. They return to the septic employee they left tied up in the woods but discover that he's already dead.

Stan sits down in a meeting room with three men to discuss the stealth planes. He asks if Anton was the key to stealth but they say he's not. The Soviets would have to kidnap a lot of people to have enough information. One of the men brings up a meeting where everyone who is a part of the technology was together. Stan asks about it and convinces them to talk about it. The three scientists tell him that there are two companies competing for the DOD contract.

The Jennings prepare to go to church for Youth Day. Henry tries to show Philip a card trick but he's not interested. At church, Paige listens intently but Philip is still in a sour mood. She's disappointed when she sees the look on his face. After the service, the Jennings meet the pastor and his wife. They suggest Paige comes on a missionary trip with them to see all the good that her generous donations have done. Elizabeth is surprised by the news and says they will talk it over.

Stan walks into the office with Martha and requests all the information he can get on the meeting the scientists had. She promises to do that after she helps Gadd pack. He's getting ready to testify but Stan isn't happy that he's being taken out.

At home, Elizabeth scolds Paige for donating all of her money to the missionary. Philip gets mad about her lying to them and rips pages out of her Bible in anger. He's upset that she respects Jesus but not her own parents. Paige runs away crying and Elizabeth follows Philip to their room. She tries to comfort Philip about what happened at the camp but he can't get over it as easy as she can. Elizabeth says it isn't easy for her either.

Philip receives an emergency signal from Fred and meets with him by the pier. The FBI wants to meet with Fred and he says it isn't routine. Fred assures Philip that he'll be fine because Emmett told him what to do in this situation. Philip tells him about the fake propeller plans that lead to the death of 160 Soviet soldiers. He tells Fred to think of them when he's being questioned.

Elizabeth wakes Paige up and asks her to do a bunch of chores. She says being a grown-up means doing a lot of things you don't want to. If she Paige to spend money however she wants, she's ready to be an adult and do the chores.

Gadd sits down with Arkady at a restaurant. He says that he's in a lot of trouble because the foreign embassy won't accept the story about Vlad's death. If he loses his job or goes to jail he promises to take Arkady down with him. Gadd says he will release Richard Patterson's testimony about his torture by KGB illegals to the press. He warns that Moscow will not be pleased and Arkady will be in trouble. Arkady considers this and says he hopes they can meet again under better circumstances.

Philip sits on a bench at the boardwalk when an older man walks up and asks if he's okay. He says that he is and leaves.

Stan talks to agents about how they may be vulnerable to the KGB. He needs to know all of their secrets to protect them. Fred is one of the agents questioned and Stan assures him he will eventually be approached. He promises he would never betray his country and Stan says no one ever imagines they will.

In Nicaragua, a soldier informs Larrick of what happened at the secret contra base.

Elizabeth attends an AA meeting and listens to a woman speak. After the meeting, she sits down with the women for lunch. Elizabeth discusses her husband and then asks about the woman's job. She does high-security work for a government company.

Martha brings Stan the surveillance reports that he requested. It contains a list of all the attendees as well as their guards. She says the murder of the couple and their daughter took place the same day so the extra police may have seen something useful to him. He asks her to also get all the case files related to their murders because he can't rule anything out.

Stan searches through all of the evidence pertaining to the murders of the Emmetts.

Philip sits waiting for Martha to get home. She knows he had a rough day because he's drinking. She understands the secrecy needed for his job but he says she doesn't know. Philip says the world is a terrible place and tells her about something he heard from Gadd's office. He plays the tape for her where Gadd insults Martha with other agents. It hurts, but Martha thinks that it's better to know the truth. Philip brings up the tough work he has in finding the leaks surrounding the stealth program. Martha offers to help in any way that she can. They start to make out but Philip says he's too upset and has drank too much. She says he doesn't have to go but he wants to leave.

Stan walks in on Sandra packing to go to her mother's. At first she says her mother is sick but then she reveals that she's leaving for a few days with a man she met. Stan asks if she's leaving him but she says she's not. However, She won't wait for him to get the courage to leave her.

Philip sneaks into the church that Paige attends. Pastor Tim asks how he can help him but he says that he won't be long. Philip warns the pastor to stay away from his daughter but Tim says that he can't. Tim thought that he knew about the money Paige donated but he realizes that's not why Philip is there. Philip says he would do anything for his daughter including beating Tim up. Tim says there is still forgiveness for Philip and says he truly believes that. Philip accepts this answer and leaves the church.