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Yousaf - Recap

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Philip accidentally wakes Elizabeth up when he comes home. She offers to make him some food and he says he wants to apologize to Paige. Elizabeth climbs onto Philip and they strip.

Larrick walks down a runway and tells another soldier he returned home because of a personal emergency. The soldier offers his help but Larrick says it's something he needs to handle alone.

A KGB agent receives a coded message, calls Elizabeth, and passes on the message. Things are tense at the house between Paige and her parents. Elizabeth thinks that she'll be fine and says that they need to go to work. They meet with Kate, who's glad they are safe after the contra mission. The photos Philip took will make their way into the U.S. soon. Kate has another mission for them: she needs them to turn Yousaf Rana, a man on a team of delegates from Pakistan who use U.S. funds to support Afghanistan warriors. They only have four days to try and work Yousaf but Elizabeth says they'll be fine.

Arkady meets with Gadd in front of his house. Gadd has been reinstated since the Soviets accepted that Vlad died in a car crash. They both tell of men they knew who have turned to the other side.

Elizabeth approaches Yousaf for her first contact. He eyes her up before he needs to leave with his delegate. She returns to the travel agent office and says that Yousaf won't be a problem. Philip suggests that they use Annalise but Elizabeth knows she can do it. He hasn't spoken to her in awhile but says it's better to use her.

Stan looks over all the evidence he has on Oleg. He welcomes Gadd back and explains how he thinks Oleg is connected to the death of the Connors. Gadd wonders why Emmett would take his briefcase and searches through it. He finds a hidden compartment and says that it came from an intelligence service.

Philip joins Annalise for a meal but she says that she's been trying to make her marriage work. He says Swedish intelligence needs her and tells her of the man he wants her to talk to. Annalise considers the offer and asks what they need her to do.

At home, Paige tells Philip that she has come to a decision about what she wants to do for the summer. She wants to go to a fellowship camp and says it's not all preachy. He promises to discuss it with Elizabeth.

As Oleg gets out of bed, Nina asks if he misses Russia. He does but that he's still serving his country the best way he can. If he doesn't get the stealth plans, it will throw off the power balance. Nina tells of when her life was simpler when she was younger. It's much more complicated now with her work. Oleg assures her she can do anything and she worries that's true.

Elizabeth isn't happy about Paige's request to go to summer camp. She would rather have Paige stay for the summer and do drugs than go to the religious camp. She changes the topic by asking about Annalise.

Philip meets with Annalise again and she tells him of her meeting with Yousaf. She says Yousaf doesn't really know much about why they're in America. It's his boss who knows everything and he won't be taking over for a few years. Yousaf told Annalise that he wants to see her again before he leaves.

Later, Philip meets with Kate and asks to shut the mission down. She offers to talk to the center but says Annalise isn't the best choice to work the mission. She warns that she will be in trouble if it's messed up but Philip says if anything goes wrong then they die.

Larrick visits the telephone company and asks about a phone number. She gives him the junction box and he heads out.

Stan and Gadd discuss the case. Gadd says that Arkady covered the murders up well and Stan thinks the killer is still loose.

Philip tells Elizabeth about the signal he received telling them to kill Yousaf's boss. The plan is for Yousaf to take his place. The only information they have is that the boss takes a swim every night before dinner. Elizabeth volunteers to kill him.

Philip gets into Annalise's car and she says that she has a date with Yousaf in his hotel room. He reminds her that she needs to get Yousaf to talk, even though his job is not to talk.

Stan meets with Nina and asks if she knows anything about the death of the Connors. He thinks the deaths were related to Oleg and plans to get him kicked out of the country. She senses something's wrong and he reveals that Sandra's having an affair. Nina tries to comfort him but he has to go back to work.

Elizabeth cleans Paige's room out and finds a paper where she practiced Elizabeth's signature. She confronts Paige about it when she gets home. Paige isn't allowed to go to the summer camp but she promises to find a way.

Larrick disguises himself as an employee for the electrical company. He sneaks into a family's home and goes to the basement. He finds a bundle of cables that go through the wall to the house next door.

Elizabeth and Philip go over their plan to kill Yousaf's boss. They discuss Paige and Elizabeth thinks that Philip is too easy on her. They head out for their mission.

Larrick sneaks into the house where the man who passes on messages works from. He sees Larrick and pushes a button. The machine near him explodes as Larrick shoots him.

Stan meets Jared to talk to him about his parents. He agrees in the hopes that it will help find the murderer. Stan asks if Jared knew of any of his parents secrets. He shows drawings of the two agents that were spotted and asks if he recognizes them.

Elizabeth locks the door to the pool when she enters. She jumps into the pool to swim laps near her target. Elizabeth sneaks up onto her target and sprays the poison into his mouth. He dies soon after and she leaves.

Annalise seduces Yousaf as Philip listens from the next room. He tells her that more trips to Washington will now be necessary. Annalise goes to the next room and asks Philip for a drink. She gets mad at him for having to have sex with Yousaf. He assures Annalise that he doesn't find it easy to make the woman he loves do this.

Larrick fixes the phone cables and manages to make a call to Kate. He pretends it's the wrong number when she answers.

Philip and Elizabeth meet up back at home. They've both finished their missions and stand together in silence.