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Episode 1048 (Grand Rapids, MI) - Recap

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Michael Cole welcomes us to Grand Rapids, Michigan, and Justin Roberts introduces Alberto del Rio’s personal ring announcer, Ricardo Rodriguez! Rodriguez introduces the new World Heavyweight Champion to a chorus of boos from the Michigan crowd. Del Rio enters in a suit with his new Championship Title, celebrating on his way to the ring. Jerry Lawler chastises the Champion for the way he won the match against Dolph Ziggler at Payback last night; del Rio took advantage of Ziggler’s concussion and battered his head mercilessly.

In the ring, del Rio takes a microphone and says that we can all stop talking about Man of Steel--we have a Man of Gold in Alberto del Rio! He is their new Superman! Del Rio explains that there shouldn’t be any controversy about how he won the title last night--after all, when Ziggler took the title from him after Wrestlemania 29, Ziggler capitalized on del Rio’s injured leg. But del Rio is angry. He’s angry because last night the fans booed him and cheered Dolph Ziggler. He’s angry because for five months he gave the fans everything and they gave him nothing. He declares that America is all about pigs and cowards... and the heel turn is complete. The new Champion explains that for five months he fought for the WWE Universe and he got nothing; last night he fought for himself and he became a four-time World Champion. He is the best there is and this title proves it. del Rio is going to prove that he’s a big man though, so he’s going to give the WWE Universe one more shot to show him the respect that he deserves. He is showered with a chorus of boos until...

“Cult of Personality” hits and out comes CM Punk and Paul Heyman! Cole reminds us of Punk’s triumphant return in his hometown of Chicago last night, where he defeated Chris Jericho. Punk is dressed to fight and he and Heyman enter the ring as the crowd cheers for the Second City Saint. Punk greets del Rio and Ricardo. He reminds del Rio that the last time they were in a ring together and del Rio was a Champion, it was Survivor Series 2011 when Punk beat del Rio for the WWE Championship and held that title for 434 days. Punk says he isn’t out there because del Rio insulted the WWE Universe, he’s out there because del Rio called himself the best. There’s only one Best in the World and del Rio is looking at him. So Punk is issuing a challenge to del Rio for tonight--and Paul Heyman interrupts. Heyman tells del Rio that his clients don’t fight for free. Punk is upset and tells Heyman that he wants to fight.

Punk says that while del Rio was stealing that Championship from Ziggler last night, Punk was stealing the show with Chris Jericho. He says that he knows that Ziggler gets his rematch and tonight’s match will be non-title, but Punk wants it anyhow. Del Rio chimes in and says that Punk doesn’t want to face him. We’re interrupted by Vickie Guerrero and Brad Maddox--Team Brickie. Vickie says that they had an amazing pay per view last night with Payback and that she wants to ride that momentum with a huge main event tonight: CM Punk vs Alberto del Rio in a non-title contest!

Cole, Lawler and JBL tell us that we’ll also see Daniel Bryan vs Randy Orton tonight--they were tag team partners last night and tonight, opponents. We see Wade Barrett walking to the ring backstage. He’s invoked his rematch clause and he’ll be facing the new Intercontinental Champion, Curtis Axel next!
Back from commercial and Punk is backstage with Heyman. He says that he isn’t Heyman’s client, he’s his friend. And from now on, he doesn’t want Heyman to accompany him to the ring. He’ll always be his friend, he’ll always be a Paul Heyman Guy, but this is what he needs to do for himself.

In the ring now, Justin Roberts announces Wade Barrett, ready to fight.

MATCH ONE: Wade Barrett vs Curtis Axel for the Intercontinental Championship

Barrett is being introduced in the ring, but is interrupted by Vickie Guerrero. She says that Barrett’s Intercontinental Title rematch will have to wait, because Barrett has to face this man:

“If You Close Your Eyes” hits and Christian makes his return to the WWE! Captain Charisma missed nearly a year of action and he’s back to face Wade Barrett!

MATCH ONE, revised: Wade Barrett vs Christian

Barrett is furious and goes on the offensive early. Christian tosses Barrett to the floor and dives off the top rope with a Crossbody to the outside!! Back in the ring and Barrett attacks the shoulder that kept Christian out of action for so long. Now with the upperhand, Barrett forces Christian into the corner as the crowd chants “Let’s Go Christian!” Christian fires back with hands and a running forearm and the crowd is fired up. Christian sets up in the corner and comes off the second rope with a Tornado DDT for a near fall. Christian calls for the Killswitch but Barrett counters with a swift kick to the gut. Barrett charges Christian in the corner but Christian evades and hangs him up on the rope. Christian grabs a dazed Barrett from behind and sets up the Killswitch for the win!

WINNER: Christian

Cole reminds us that Christian is a two-time World Champion and was impressive in his return match tonight against Wade Barrett. JBL explains that Barrett should be upset; he had gameplanned for Curtis Axel, not for a man who has been out of action. Christian celebrates with his peeps and is glad to be back.

Cole introduces a poll on the WWE app to decide if Bryan vs Orton will be No DQ, No Countout, or Two out of Three Falls.

We get another vignette for the Wyatt Family, to the tune of Bray Wyatt’s creepy oration. “We’re coming. Run.”

Back in the ring and Damian Sandow and Cody Rhodes are in the ring, ready for a two-on-one handicap match against Sheamus!

MATCH TWO: Damian Sandow & Cody Rhodes vs Sheamus, 2-1 Tornado Handicap Match

The tornado rules of the handicap match means that Sandow & Rhodes don’t have to tag in and out; both men are legal in the ring at all times. Both Sandow and Rhodes begin beating Sheamus down and hit a double suplex on the Celtic Warrior. Sandow stomps away and drops elbows on Sheamus as Rhodes delivers kicks and knees to Sheamus’ face. Sandow hits the Elbow of Disdain and the Rhodes Scholars are slapping Sheamus’ face... and the big man is getting angry!

Sheamus hits a Back Bodydrop and sends Rhodes to the outside. In ring, Sheamus starts to work over Sandow, hitting a high knee and a Rolling Senton. Rhodes tries to reenter the ring and Sheamus catches him and pounds his sternum on the ropes. Sandow distracts Sheamus and Rhodes attempts a Crossbody--but Sheamus catches him mid-air and hits White Noise on Rhodes. Both members of the Rhodes Scholars are down and Sheamus calls for a Brogue Kick. As Sheamus readies to kick Rhodes, Sandow rolls Sheamus up with a Schoolboy for the three count!

WINNERS: Team Rhodes Scholars

As Sandow heads up the ramp to celebrate, Sheamus hits a Brogue Kick on Rhodes and stares Sandow down up the ramp. Looks like this feud is far from over.

We see a video announcing that none other than Rob Van Dam is returning to the WWE at Money in the Bank!!

In the back, Team Brickie is talking to the COO, HHH. Vickie praises herself for setting up Punk vs del Rio in the main event tonight. HHH congratulates them on bringing back Christian and Rob Van Dam, even though it was really his idea. Now, HHH explains that Vickie needs to take control and make an example out of The Shield; they have been running roughshod all over the WWE and Vickie needs to stand up to them. She says that she will.
We see a flashback to Payback when Daniel Bryan and Randy Orton--Team RK-No--lost to The Shield in a WWE Tag Team Championship match. We see that Orton abandoned Bryan to get taken out by The Shield.

In the locker room, Bryan is preparing for his match and Kane asks if they can talk. Bryan says that Kane must be happy that Bryan looked like the weak link. Kane says that they both lost last night and that Team Hell No should give it another shot. Bryan says no: he needs to prove himself and he needs to do it as a singles competitor, he needs to win the WWE Championship. Kane says he wants to do the same. Kane asks if Team Hell No is done... neither of them knows.

“I Hear Voices” hits and The Viper, Randy Orton enters the arena, ready to face Daniel Bryan. We see Orton being interviewed by Josh Matthews earlier and he says that Bryan was the weak link last night and Bryan is the reason that Team RK-No didn’t win the Tag Team Championship.

“Ride of the Valkeries” hits and Daniel Bryan heads to the ring to a chorus of “YES!” chants.

Jerry Lawler is in ring to announce the stipulation that the WWE Universe decided for this match: it’s going to be a No Disqualification match!

MATCH THREE: Daniel Bryan vs Randy Orton, No Disqualification Match

Orton smiles at the announcement and the match is underway. JBL believes that this stipulation favors Orton, a veteran of I Quit matches and other brutal contests. Bryan goes to work on Orton’s arm, keeping the Apex Predator off guard. Now, Bryan has moved to Orton’s leg, working over the thigh. Bryan maneuvers Orton a potential Surfboard Stretch, but when Orton fights out, Bryan stomps his legs and Orton limps to the corner. In the corner, Bryan kicks away at Orton’s leg until Orton forces Bryan into the alternate corner and stomps his chest over ten times.
Orton stays on the attack and hits a Slingshot Suplex and Bryan is on the mat. The crowd is chanting for “Daniel Bryan,” even against the popularity of Orton. Orton goes for a clothesline and Bryan ducks, sneaking his way into a Half-Crab on Orton! Orton makes it to the rope but has to break the hold by force, since the match is No DQ. Bryan is kicking away at Orton’s chest and Orton rakes Bryan’s eyes and chases Bryan to the outside.

Outside the ring, Orton’s leg is hurting but he keeps sending Bryan to the floor. Now, a “Randy” chant has started in the crowd. Back in the ring, Orton gets a near fall and locks in a Rear Naked Choke on the mat. Bryan fights his way to his feet and hits some elbows to the gut but Orton hits a stiff headbutt and mounts the second rope to deliver punches to Bryan’s bearded face. Bryan is dazed in the corner and Orton throws him to the opposing turnbuckle--but Bryan backflips out of harms way! Bryan hits a running dropkick in the corner, then another running dropkick with Orton on the ground! Orton charges Bryan and gets low-bridged and lands on the outside. Bryan charges for a Suicide Plancha--but Orton moves and sends Bryan headfirst into the barricade around the crowd!

Bryan is hurt and Orton pulls a kendo stick from below the ring. Orton lays into Bryan’s back with a kendo stick. He rolls Bryan over and hits him in the ribs with the kendo stick as referee Mike Chioda counts in the ring. Orton gets Bryan back in ring for a nearfall, but Bryan kicks out. Bryan is still reeling from that missed Plancha.

Back from commercial and Orton is setting up The Goat for a Superplex... but Bryan is punching his way out. A headbutt sends Orton to the mat and Bryan follows with a top rope Missile dropkick! Both men are down.
Bryan is back up now, kicking away at Orton, but Orton grabs Bryan and tosses him with an Exploder Suplex! Bryan seems hurt and the doctor is checking on Bryan due to the head injury. Bryan fights out of the Hanging DDT and goes for the No Lock! Orton fights out and slingshots Bryan over the top rope to the outside. The doctor is checking on Bryan. The doctor wants to stop the match and Bryan insists that he wants to continue and charges Orton in the ring. Orton throws him back outside and hits a back suplex on top of the barricade. Now, the doctor has no choice, and stops the match. Bryan cannot continue.

WINNER: Randy Orton

Bryan is dazed in the corner and he doesn’t know where he is. The doctor looks concerned and a team of refs is at ringside. Orton approaches and helps Bryan to his feet to a pop from the crowd. Orton hugs Bryan and leads him back up the ramp. Difficult to tell if this was kayfabe or shoot.

“Light it Up” hits and the new Divas Champion skips to the ring, followed by Big E Langston! We see footage of Kaitlyn sobbing after losing her championship last night, with Layla El consoling her.

In the ring, Lee has a mic and says “this is what it feels like to have it all.” She says Ziggler will come back soon to share the spotlight with the greatest Divas Champion of all time. Lee says she’s always been a Champion and now she has proof. She crushed Kaitlyn and she is the hero of the story.
Lee dares all the women in the back to challenge her. Unexpectedly, Stephanie McMahon’s music hits and out comes the Queen of the WWE!

Stephanie gets in the ring with a microphone and AJ says “Hi bosslady!” Stephanie congratulates Lee on being an underdog and her victory last night. But what Stephanie doesn’t like is that AJ perpetuates this stereotype of women as vicious and conniving. Stephanie says it’s time that AJ starts acting like a champion. AJ says that she should think and act more like Stephanie and she should marry a superstar, huh?

AJ says she was cunning in the way she destroyed Kaitlyn--it was her masterpiece. Stephanie asks if she forgets who she’s talking to. If AJ wants to be Divas Champion, she needs to start acting like one. AJ says she IS the Divas Champion and she is Stephanie... only younger.

Kaitlyn’s music hits and six divas take to the stage. Stephanie warns them never to interrupt her again and Stephanie heads to the back.
Kaitlyn congratulates AJ as the crowd chants “you tapped out!” at Kaitlyn. Kaitlyn admits that she got played, she got broken... and now it’s her turn. Kaitlyn charges the ring and takes down AJ, pounding away with fists. Big E Langston pulls AJ to safety and carries her over his shoulder to the back, passed the line of divas on stage. AJ screams “you’ll never have this!” while holding up her Title.

Up next, we have a United States Championship rematch: Kane vs Ambrose for the title!

“The Hounds of Justice” echos through the arena and Dean Ambrose makes his way through the crowd with his United States Championship. Last night, Ambrose defeated Kane via count-out with the Title on the line. Tonight, Vickie has given Kane another shot.

“Inferno” hits and Kane makes his way to the ring, looking focused.

MATCH FOUR: Kane vs Dean Ambrose for the United States Championship

In the ring, Kane sets off his corner pyro and the referee shows the US Title to both men. Cole updates us, saying that Bryan is suffering from possible nerve damage after jamming his neck into the barricade.
The match is underway and Kane drops Ambrose with a big boot and Irish whips him into a huge scoop slam. Kane is hammering away on Ambrose, hitting clotheslines in the corner, then another in the opposing corner. Kane heads to the top rope and hits his diving lariat! Kane is in control... but Reigns and Rollins hit the ring and attack Kane! Roman Reigns hits a huge spear on Kane. The Shield hits a triple Powerbomb on Kane and the Big Red Monster is laid out.

Cole reminds us that HHH ordered Vickie to make an example of The Shield tonight if they did exactly this. The Shield exits to the back as Ambrose laughs at Kane.

In the back, we see Mark Henry in a beautiful pink suit talking to the Prime Time Players. There have been rumors that Henry is going to retire tonight.

Back from commercial and The Shield are in the back bragging that they run the place. Vickie gets in The Shield’s faces and tells them that she ordered Rollins and Reigns not to get involved. Ambrose mocks Vickie and asks what she’s going to do? Vickie is about to tell them when Mr. McMahon interrupts and congratulates The Shield on their ruthless aggression. He claps them on the back and The Shield leave. Cole wonders how Vickie is going to explain that to the COO, HHH.

Back from commercial and Zeb Colter takes to the stage with a microphone, saying that America is at war against foreign people, invading like rats in the streets. Colter says that when you’re at war, you make strange alliances... and that is why Jack Swagger and Zeb Colter have allied themselves with someone who isn’t from this country, but embodies everything America is about. Antonio Cesaro’s music hits and Cesaro says “We the People!”

Cesaro and Colter head to the ring where William Regal is waiting, ready for a fight.

MATCH FIVE: Antonio Cesaro vs William Regal

Cesaro is overpowering Regal from the get-go, as Colter watches and twirls his moustache on the outside. Cesaro is stomping Regal on the mat while Cole and Lawler chastise Colter and Cesaro for being hypocrites. Regal tries to mount a comeback but Cesaro powers out of a Double-Underhook and slams Regal HARD to the mat. Cesaro locks in a sleeper hold and swings Regal around by his neck. Regal is passing out from the hold and Cesaro lifts a limp Regal up for the Neutralizer. He hits it for a three count and a dominating victory.

WINNER: Antonio Cesaro, w/ Zeb Colter

Colter heads into the ring and hands Cesaro a “Don’t Tread on Me” flag. Cesaro drapes the flag over the fallen William Regal. Cesaro and Colter recite the Pledge of Allegiance.

In the back, the WWE Champion, John Cena is heading to the ring with a grin on his face.

Back from commercial and “My Time is Now” hits. The Champ is Here! John Cena heads to the ring to a pop from the crowd, still the WWE Champion after a brutal Three Stages of Hell match against Ryback last night. Cena didn’t put Ryback in the ambulance at the end of the Ambulance Match--he put him through the roof of it! Ryback was not medically cleared to compete tonight on Raw.

Cena grabs a mic and is met with cheers and boos, the usual blend. Cena grins and soaks it all in. Cena says that he loves this--just look around and listen. Cena says that he admires the honesty of the WWE Universe. A “Cena Sucks” chant begins and he says he admires their honesty... but there’s also a group out there that knows that he goes to war for them and he’s here tonight to speak to that group. He admits he had a horrible 2012 and he had to ask them to hang in there. After several disappointments, he asked them to stay with him and they did. And now, walking through CM Punk, The Rock and Ryback, he proudly says “The Champ is Here!” To those who hung in there for him, he says thank you. Cena says he feels as good as he’s ever felt and he’ll take on any challenge that anyone puts in front of him. He’s focused on Money in the Bank and makes a note to whomever wins the Money in the Bank contract: there will be no opportune time to attack him. Cena declares he will always be ready. He promises that the next person to hold the WWE Title will earn it because “our time is now!”

“Somebody Gonna Get Dey Ass Kicked” hits and Mark Henry walks to the ramp, interrupting Cena. Henry leaves his ring boots at the top of the stage and heads into the ring to meet Cena. JBL says Henry has had a great career.
Henry tells Cena to put his guard down--he isn’t here to fight. The crowd chants “Thank You Mark!” Cena heads out of the ring and Henry asks him to stay. There’s something he wants to tell John, he wants to tell the locker room and the WWE Universe. A “Henry!” chant breaks out and the big man is crying.
Henry says that he respects everyone who loves this business and he knows how difficult it is. Henry says that Cena is poised to be the greatest WWE Champion of all time. If Henry has any regrets, it’s that he never won the WWE Championship. He won the World Heavyweight Championship, the ECW Championship, but never the WWE Championship.

Henry announces that he is formally retiring from the active roster of the WWE. The crowd chants “One More Match!” at the big guy and he thanks them. Cena hands Henry the WWE Championship and Henry holds it up high. Cena applauds Henry. Henry says he is a proud man. He’s proud of his career and what he’s accomplished. The crowd shows him some love. He says his family is going to see more of him than they want to. He says he’s coming home and he waves goodbye to the crowd. Cena holds Henry’s hand high... and Henry lifts Cena up for the World’s Strongest Slam!!!

After all the tears, all of the emotion, Henry has laid Cena out!

Henry stands over a flattened Cena: “You think it’s that easy!? I got a lot left in the tank!” The crowd chants “Henry!” as the big man walks calmly up the ramp, leaving Cena on his back in the ring.

“That’s what I do!” Henry screams, looking down on a fallen Champion. Cole and Lawler are disgusted that Henry would go to these lengths for this, using his family as a way to sucker Cena in.

Back from commercial and Renee Young is asking Henry for comments. Henry says he had everyone fooled, everyone were his puppets. The WWE Title is the only thing he hasn’t held in his career and he is challenging Cena right now.

Back in the ring and 3MB is rocking out in the ring with Heath Slater set for singles competition.

“Break Down the Walls” hits and Y2J heads to the ring to a huge pop.

MATCH SIX: Chris Jericho vs Heath Slater, w/ Drew McIntyre & Jinder Mahal

Cole says that Jericho is a real lead singer for a rock band and Heath is a pretend one. Jericho unloads with chops and forearms on Slater. He runs the ropes and Slater catches him with a spinning heel kick and has Jericho in the corner. Jericho fights out and hits two shoulder blocks and a double axe-handle off the top rope. JBL reminds Cole that Slater is a three-time Tag Team Champion. Jinder Mahal floors Jericho from the apron as the ref was distracted and Slater gets a nearfall. Slater keeps up the pressure and tries a knee from the second rope and misses! Jericho hits a Lionsault, followed by a Codebreaker for the clean win!

WINNER: Chris Jericho

Mahal and McIntyre attack after the bell; Jericho takes out Mahal with a boot and McIntyre eats a Codebreaker of his own! Jericho stands tall over 3MB.

Backstage, Heyman is talking to Curtis Axel and Matt Striker approaches and asks about Punk no longer wanting Heyman in his corner. Heyman asks Striker why he isn’t asking about the new Intercontinental Champion, the man who was born to be better than perfect? Heyman and Axel walk away.

Back from commercial and we see a very strange Sheamus vignette. The Miz is at ringside and he’s unhappy he didn’t reclaim the Intercontinental Championship last night at Payback. Sin Cara is in the ring, ready for action.

“Perfect Son” hits and Curtis Axel, the Intercontinental Champion, enters with Paul Heyman.

MATCH SEVEN: Sin Cara vs the Intercontinental Champion, Curtis Axel (non-title)

We’re back to the old Sin Cara lighting, for some reason. Does anyone like this?
Axel manhandles Cara into the corner, then lifts him for a huge backbreaker. Miz talks about Axel stealing the Intercontinental Championship last night, as Miz was about to make Barrett tap out. Axel is tossing Cara around like a ragdoll with several throws. JBL reminds that Axel and Mr. Perfect are the first father-son duo to ever hold the Intercontinental Championship.
Cara tries to fight back with leg kicks but Axel tosses him into the turnbuckle. Cara goes for a senton bomb and Axel gets the knees up! Axel hits a huge DDT for the three-count and the win.

WINNER: The Intercontinental Champion, Curtis Axel

The Miz says that his title reign could come to an end with one Figure-Four Leglock. Axel taunts Miz with the title belt as his music plays.

We’re back and it’s announced that Daniel Bryan is scheduled to compete against Dean Ambrose Friday Night on Smackdown--that is, if he’s cleared to compete after tonight.

In the back Mr. McMahon is with Team Brickie. Vickie says that at Money in the Bank, Cena will defend his WWE Title against Mark Henry. Stephanie and HHH enter and get in Vickie’s face, saying that they told Vickie to make an example of The Shield. HHH tells her that she needs to begin listening to him. After HHH leaves, Mr. McMahon says that she needs to listen to him. Stephanie says that she should listen to her instead. Vickie looks upset.

Punk is walking to the ring and Heyman approaches him. Heyman says that he gets where Punk is coming from. He loves him and he thanks him for letting him be a part of his career. He reminds Punk that he is the best in the world and Punk gives Heyman a hug.

“Viva del Rio” hits and the World Heavyweight Champion enters with Ricardo Rodriguez!
Del Rio heads to the ring in his new t-shirt and Rodriguez introduces the Champion in the ring. The crowd boos the Champion.
“Cult of Personality” hits and CM Punk heads out to the ring for Clobberin’ Time.

MATCH EIGHT: CM Punk vs The World Heavyweight Champion, Alberto del Rio (non-title)

Cole reminds us that Punk told Heyman he didn’t want him in his corner. He is his friend, not his client.

In the ring, the crowd cheers for Punk and del Rio holds the Title high.

We’re underway and both men look fired up. Punk unleashes a fury of strikes off the bat and del Rio rolls to the outside for a breather. Rodriguez helps del Rio back to the ring. Punk begins kicking del Rio’s legs out again and del Rio heads outside once more. The ref is counting del Rio out until Punk heads outside the ring to go after the Champ. Punk rolls del Rio back in the ring but del Rio attacks as he rolls in and floors him with a stiff kick to the head for a nearfall. Del Rio hits a Snap Suplex for another nearfall. Punk fights out of the corner with strikes and begins kneeing del Rio against the ropes. Punk looks angry and walks into a kick from del Rio. The crowd is chanting “CM PUNK!”
The ref is checking on Punk when del Rio rushes in with a kick to the ribs and stretches Punk’s left arm over the ropes. Punk fights back with his right hand and goes for the G2S! Del Rio rolls out of harm’s way and heads back to the floor. Punk goes for a running suicide plancha that finds its mark! Punk has del Rio flat on the floor as the ref counts both men. Punk sends del Rio back in the ring and Rodriguez distracts the Second City Saint, allowing del Rio to hang Punk’s left arm up on the top rope. Del Rio is weakening the arm for the Cross Armbreaker as we head to commercial.

Back from the break and del Rio is working over Punk’s left arm in the middle of the ring. Punk charges del Rio and del Rio hits a Tiltawhirl Backbreaker for a near fall. Del Rio heads to the top rope and Punk hits him on the way down! Punk is fighting back into the match as the crowd chants his name. A one-armed Punk catches the Champ with a heel kick to the face. Del Rio ducks a kick to the head and hits a falling armbreaker on Punk. In the ropes now, del Rio hits several forearms to the spine and follows it up with a hanging Backstabber. Another near fall for del Rio, who is getting frustrated. Punk ducks a kick and rolls up del Rio for a quick two-count--del Rio powers out and hits a huge kick to Punk’s head for another near fall. Del Rio calls for the cross Armbreaker but Punk slips out and hits a running knee! He follows with a huge Go 2 Sleep and del Rio luckily falls outside the ring. Del Rio is laid out on the floor as the official counts him out. Rodriguez helps the Champion up and both men leave ringside, allowing the ref to count del Rio out. When they reach the stage, Dolph Ziggler attacks del Rio in street clothes, unloading on the Champion!! Ziggler lays into the Champ until del Rio flees to the back!

WINNER: CM Punk via count-out.

Suddenly, “Here Comes the Pain” hits the arena! The beast, Brock Lesnar is here!! Lesnar takes the stage and heads down the ramp towards CM Punk, still nursing that arm in the middle of the ring. Lesnar stares down Punk and Punk stares right back. Lesnar circles the entire ring as his music plays. Finally, Lesnar leaps to the apron and approaches Punk, still circling.

The Beast calls for a mic. Punk stares Lesnar down and Lesnar smiles. Lesnar raises the mic as though to say something... then grabs Punk and hits a huge F5! Punk is laid out motionless and Lesnar laughs. From the rampway, Lesnar surveys his handiwork before a stunned Grand Rapids crowd as Raw goes off the air.