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Episode 1049 (North Charleston, SC) - Recap

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We open on a recap of CM Punk’s return to Raw last week, where he earned a count-out victory over the World Heavyweight Champion, Alberto del Rio... and was subsequently taken out by The Beast, Brock Lesnar.

Also last week, Mark Henry faked his retirement speech and suckered John Cena in for the World’s Strongest Slam. Now it’s Henry challenging Cena for the WWE Title at Money in the Bank.

Live in Charleston, SC, Michael Cole welcomes us to ‘Raw’ and “Ride of the Valkyries” hits!
Daniel Bryan makes his way to the ring to a big pop, shouting “YES!” all of the way. It looks like we’re getting the Bryan v Orton rematch right off the bat!

Bryan grabs a microphone, alone in the ring. The crowd chants “YES!” and Bryan soaks up the adulation. Before his match, Bryan says, there are some people who have accused him of having a complex. He says people claim he’s a walking example of Little Man Syndrome. He says people have always thought of him as a weak link... and those people are morons. He has gone toe-to-toe with Randy Orton twice and a count-out victory is not good enough. Bryan won’t be satisfied until he pins Orton or makes him tap in the middle of the ring. Will he do that tonight? “YES! YES! YES! YES!”
“I Hear Voices” hits and Orton answers the call, heading to the ring looking angry and determined.

MATCH ONE: Daniel Bryan vs. Randy Orton

Orton snatches the microphone from Bryan. Orton says he came out here to tell Bryan: “shut up and fight!”
Bryan unloads with right hands and knees Orton to the outside. The official finally rings the bell and Orton and Bryan are throwing punches and kicks. Orton nails headbutts in the corner until Bryan turns the tables. Orton tosses Bryan through the ropes and hits a stiff clothesline on the floor. Orton throws Bryan over the announce table and the pair fight against the barricade. Bryan slams Orton into the announce table and the referee rings the bell--these men are out of control. All of the other officials come to ringside and try to pull the competitors apart.

WINNER: No Contest due to Double Disqualification

Vickie Guerrero and Brad Maddox are chatting in the back after the commercial when Bryan charges in and screams about the double-DQ. He wants another match with Randy Orton tonight, he needs to end this tonight. When Maddox tells him that isn’t going to happen, Bryan says that he wants to face Maddox instead. Vickie awards him his match with Orton.
After Bryan leaves, Mr. McMahon enters and says that some people think Bryan is an embarrassment. He leaves Vickie confused.

In ring, Team Rhodes Scholars are dressed for action. “Too Many Lies” hits and Sheamus heads to the ring for a tag team contest.
“Just Close Your Eyes” hits and Sheamus’ tag team partner Christian heads to the ring to a big pop.

MATCH TWO: Christian & Sheamus vs Team Rhodes Scholars

Christian and Rhodes start it off to a “Let’s Go Christian” chant from the crowd. Christian gets a couple of nearfalls and keeps the pressure on Cody until Sandow distracts and Rhodes sends Christian into the steel steps on the outside. Back in the ring and Rhodes is beating on Christian. He tags in Sandow and Christian’s right arm and shoulder continues to receive punishment. Cole reminds us of Christian’s shoulder injury that kept him out of action for ten months. Sandow hits a Russian Legsweep and the Elbow of Disdain for a nearfall. Rhodes is tagged back in and hits a Stalling Frontface Suplex for a nearfall. Rhodes goads Christian and goes for an Alabama Slam but Christian rolls through and both men take each other out. Sheamus and Sandow are tagged and Sheamus is a house of fire. Sheamus dumps Rhodes off the apron and hits ten clubbing blows to Sandow’s chest. Rhodes tags himself in and has a little mix-up with Sandow as he enters the ring. Rhodes runs right into a Brogue Kick for the three count!

WINNERS: Christian & Sheamus

Sheamus and Christian celebrate in the ring. We’re told that Sheamus will face Sandow in a Street Fight on ‘Smackdown’ to settle this feud.

Later tonight: Chris Jericho vs Alberto del Rio in a rematch, since their last match ended in disqualification thanks to Dolph Ziggler.

Back from commercial and CM Punk is backstage. He asks Vickie if Paul Heyman or Brock Lesnar have arrived. Vickie says that she has put Punk in a match tonight but Punk ignores her, typing on his phone. He shouts at Vickie and tells her to let him know if Heyman and/or Lesnar show up.

In the ring, Kaitlyn is ready to face Aksana.

MATCH THREE: Kaitlyn w/ Layla El vs Aksana

Aksana begins on the offensive, angry about being thrown into garbage on ‘Smackdown.’ The announcers talk about how nice it is that Layla has been supportive of Kaitlyn.
Mid-match, Kaitlyn’s theme music plays inexplicably. Kaitlyn looks confused until AJ Lee takes to the stage dressed as Kaitlyn in insulting fashion. While Kaitlyn is distracted, Aksana tries to steal the match, but Kaitlyn hits a spear for a three count.

WINNER: Kaitlyn

AJ grabs a microphone and pretends to be Kaitlyn, talking about losing her dignity. Big E Langston’s music hits and Langston comes out with flowers, just like when he pretended to be Kaitlyn’s admirer. Langston and Lee play out the scene again and make fun of Kaitlyn’s deep voice and thick legs. Lee claims that Kaitlyn has an Adam’s apple.
Langston carries AJ to the back as Layla holds Kaitlyn back in the ring.

We get a new Wyatt promo. “The world needs men like me!”

We’re treated to a recap package of Mark Henry’s masterful acting performance last week, before he leveled John Cena with a World’s Strongest Slam.

“Break Down the Walls” hits and Y2J, Chris Jericho makes his entrance to a huge pop. Jericho grins as he heads to the ring, excited for his rematch with the World Champion.
Back from commercial and Justin Roberts introduces Ricardo Rodtiguez. Rodriguez makes fun of the Charleston accent before introducing The World Champ. Del Rio makes his way to the ring while Cole announces big news: Dolph Ziggler has been medically cleared to compete and at Money in the Bank, Ziggler gets his rematch for the World Heavyweight Championship!

MATCH FOUR: Chris Jericho vs The World Heavyweight Champion, Alberto del Rio, non-title match

As the match gets underway, the crowd chants for Y2J. Del Rio hits a shoulder block, then runs the ropes and Jericho catches him with a beautiful Dropkick. Jericho lays into del Rio’s chest with chops and follows with a Snapmare and a Vertical Suplex. Del Rio turns the tables in the corner and lays into Jericho’s ribs with kicks. Del Rio charges the corner and hits a big Enzuguiri. Jericho blocks a second attempt and hits a second-rope Missile Dropkick and then launches del Rio over the top rope to the outside. Jericho goes for his springboard Dropkick to the apron but the Champ ducks and Jericho heads to the outside and tweaks his knee. del Rio is on the offense as we head to a commercial break.
Back from the break and del Rio is taunting Jericho in the middle of the ring. Suddenly Jericho grabs a Small Package for a nearfall. Del Rio runs the ropes and Jericho catches him with a Kitchen Sink knee for another nearfall. Shoulderblocks from Jericho and Y2J heads to the top rope... and del Rio leaps off the middle rope for a Shining Wizard to the side of Jericho’s head! Jericho spills to the outside and drags himself into the ring just before the ref’s ten-count.

In the ring, del Rio hits a Snap Suplex for a nearfall, then locks in a Neck Crank with his knee in Jericho’s back. The crowd chants “Let’s Go Jericho!” Back to his feet, Jericho lays in chops and puts the Champ on the defensive. Del Rio hits a big kick followed with a leaping stomp and del Rio gets a nearfall. A snapmare to Jericho and del Rio locks in a Rear Naked Choke. Jericho tries to fight out and del Rio lays in with three stiff headbutts. Del Rio sends Jericho hard into the turnbuckles and beats him down in the corner. Del Rio sets Jericho up on the top rope facing the crowd. Del Rio sets up for a Back Superplex but Jericho fights him off and hits a beautiful Crossbody from the top rope for a nearfall! Both men are exhausted at this point. Jericho gets fired up and hits a Northern Lights Suplex with a bridge for a nearfall. What a match!

Del Rio fires back with kicks to the ribs and charges Jericho in the corner but misses and hits the ringpost. Jericho goes for a Codebreaker but del Rio reverses and tosses him over his shoulder, but Jericho rolls through into a Victory Roll and goes for the Walls of Jericho! Del Rio escapes that too and kicks Jericho’s head off for a nearfall!
Del Rio tries for the Cross Armbreaker but Jericho escapes and hits a running Bulldog. Jericho goes for a huge Lionsault and del Rio gets his knees up! Del Rio grabs a Cross Armbreaker and it’s locked in!

Jericho makes it to the ropes with his feet and flips himself over, locking in the Walls of Jericho! Del Rio may have to tap! Suddenly, Rodriguez charges the ring and hits Jericho with his bucket for a disqualification. Ziggler hits the ring and attacks del Rio! Jericho hits a Codebreaker on Rodriguez and Ziggler hits a Zigzag on del Rio!

WINNER: Chris Jericho, by disqualification

Ziggler and Jericho stare each other down in the ring. When Jericho tries to leave, Ziggler hits a Zigzag on Jericho! “I’m the man around here!” yells Ziggler as his music plays.

Backstage, Team Brickie are talking about cancelling the Bryan vs Orton rematch for later in the night. HHH enters and asks them if they really want to cancel it. HHH says that Vickie should be listening to the WWE Universe because they want to see that match. He also wants Vickie to give the WWE Universe the ability to pick the stipulation in the match as well. HHH says that if she just listens to him, everything is going to be okay.

After the commercial, Jerry Lawler is in the ring with Brad Maddox and Vickie Guerrero. They’re out to announce the launch of the WWE 2K14 video game. There’s going to be a contest for members of the WWE Universe to create a cover for the game.
Vickie announces that the fans will get to pick the stipulation in the Bryan/Orton match later on: a Street Fight, a Lumberjack Match, or a Falls-Count-Anywhere Match.

Vickie reveals the cover that she designed for WWE 2K14 with HHH, Mr McMahon and Stephanie McMahon on it. Brad reveals the cover he designed with himself on it. Lawler unveils the real cover for WWE 2K14 which features The Rock. The Brahma Bull’s music plays as the cover is unveiled. The game is available in October.

Backstage we see Ryback heading to the ring as we go to commercial.

Back from commercial and “Feed Me More” hits and an angry Ryback marches to the ring.
The Great Khali, Natalya and Hornswoggle enter next as Natalya looks nervous for her boyfriend.

MATCH FIVE: The Great Khali vs Ryback

The bell rings and the two huge men lock up. Khali muscles Ryback into the corner and chops and kicks at Ryback’s chest. Ryback fights back and runs into a boot. Cole puts over Khali as a former World Champion. Ryback runs the ropes and charges Khali and takes a stiff clothesline. In the corner, Khali pounds away at Ryback with elbows. Down on the mat, Khali is stomping away at Ryback and calls for the Punjabi Plunge. Ryback escapes and picks up the big man for a Shell Shocked! Ryback marches in two circles before taking Khali down for the three count.

WINNER: Ryback

The ref checks on Khali, who looks legitimately hurt after the way he came down on his shoulder.

Ryback screams “RYBACK RULES” on the stage.

After the commercial, “My Time is Now” hits and the WWE Champion, John Cena takes the stage to a huge pop! In the ring, The Champ takes a microphone to a mix of cheers and boos. Cena says that he holds the WWE Championship. Tens of thousands of men have chased that belt but in history, only forty-three men have ever held onto it. He says being WWE Champion puts you in an elite fraternity. Cena says that men have tried to buy it, they’ve tried to steal it, men have cracked under pressure trying to get it. And last week, we saw just how low a man will sink to chase it. Last week, Mark Henry disgraced his family and cheated the WWE Universe. Cena says Henry made a mockery of all of the men who have had to stand in that ring and say that they can never wrestle again. Cena says that if Henry wants the Title he’s gotta go through him.

“Allow me to introduce myself: I’m John Cena, WWE Champion.”

Cena says that if he wants the Title he’s going to have to earn it. At Money in the Bank all he’s earned is the right to let Cena knock his teeth down his throat. Cena says it’s Whoop-Ass season and in three weeks he finds out that “R Time = Now and The Champ is HERE!”

We get a hype package for the return of former WWE Champion, ECW Champion, Intercontinental Champion, European Champion, Hardcore Champion & Tag Team Champion, Rob Van Dam!

Justin Roberts announces a Triple Threat Tag Team Match to determine the #1 Contenders for the Tag Team Championship.
“Call my Momma” hits and Tons of Funk make their way to the ring with the highest bidder of the Sandy Hook relief auction who dances in the ring with Clay, Tensai and the Funkadactyls.
Back from the commercial and 3MB are rocking out in the ring. Next, the Usos perform a haka on the stage and they come out for this match.

MATCH SIX: The Usos vs 3MB vs Tons of Funk, #1 Contenders for the Tag Team Championship match

Jinder Mahal starts the match against Jey Uso. Jey beats down Jinder and tags his brother Jimmy in. Mahal tags in Sweet T from Tons of Funk and he beats down Jimmy. The match breaks down and Brodus Clay throws Drew McIntyre over the top ropes onto the other members of 3MB and then Clay dives off the apron, splashing through all three men. In the ring, Sweet T hits a Senton Splash on Jimmy for a nearfall but Jey hits a Superkick followed but a top rope splash for the win!


As the brothers celebrate in-ring, “Hounds of Justice” hits and The Shield walk through the crowd and trash talk the Usos from the stairs. JBL asks if the Usos know what they’ve just gotten themselves into.

Backstage we see Paul Heyman walking with a purpose as we go to commercial.

Back from commercial and Heyman marches to the ring, sans music. We see a recap of Lesnar taking out Punk at the close of last week’s ‘Raw.’

Heyman takes a microphone and introduces himself to the WWE Universe. He says for the past seven days he has been asked about Lesnar attacking CM Punk. He has ignored Punk’s texts and emails and phone calls. Heyman says he awaits Punk’s presence in the ring so Punk can get his answers. “Cult of Personality” hits and out comes the Second-City Saint. Punk is dressed for action in his tights and hoodie and he looks at his friend Heyman suspiciously.

Punk is confused why Heyman wants to air their business in public. Punk says he wants to explain their backstory, why he is a “Paul Heyman Guy.” Punk says that when he was signed from the independent scene, John Laurinaitis sent him to Louisville, KY, so Punk could go through the developmental system. At the time, Heyman was in charge of that system. Punk says that Heyman was set up to fail; CM Punk wasn’t supposed to succeed. Certain people told Heyman to cut Punk loose, repeatedly. Heyman refused to fire CM Punk and he gave him his chance in the WWE. Heyman had Punk’s back and when ECW was resurrected, Heyman’s first draft pick was Punk.

Punk says he has two things to say to Heyman: he wants him to tell Brock Lesnar that Punk is coming for him. He doesn’t care that he’s bigger or stronger--he’s not better. Punk says he is the best wrestler on the planet. Punk says he will do whatever he has to to bring the Beast Incarnate down.

And now they can address what happened last week. Punk says that Heyman never did him wrong. So did Lesnar attack Punk on his own, or did Lesnar attack Punk on Heyman’s orders?
“For the first time in your life I want you to tell the truth. This is me--I can take it. Make me the exception to the rule and don’t lie to me. Look me in the eye and come clean.”
Heyman looks skyward as the crowd chants “tell the truth!”

Heyman says he never wanted it to be this way. Heyman says he knows that Punk could see through a lie and that Punk is his best friend. “On my children, I did not know that Brock Lesnar would be here last week.”
Heyman says that Lesnar fulfilled his contractual obligations at Extreme Rules. Heyman says that the truth is, the moment that CM Punk said that Lesnar needed Heyman, Punk picked a fight with Brock Lesnar. Heyman says he knew that the personal rivalry ran deep between Punk and Lesnar--that’s why Heyman never pushed Punk and Lesnar as a tag team, despite the money they would have made. He kept them apart on purpose because he knew this would happen.

Heyman says that he is a liar and a cheat but he isn’t stupid. He knows that he will walk that aisle with Punk one day, that’s his dream. Heyman says he loves Punk. He isn’t going to screw up his dreams by siccing Lesnar on him--Heyman says he will NEVER represent anyone against Punk and that includes Brock Lesnar.

Heyman says that for years, everyone told Heyman to get rid of Punk and Punk’s fate was in his hands. Now, everyone is telling Punk to get rid of Heyman and Heyman’s fate is in Punk’s hands.

“It’s your move, Punk.”

After a long pause, Punk listens to the crowd chant “G2S!” Punk takes the mic and apologizes for doubting Heyman. He then embraces Heyman in the middle of the ring. “Cult of Personality” hits as the two men hug it out.

JBL says that it terrifies him that Brock Lesnar might have gone rogue.

“Million Dollar Moves” hits and The Primetime Players head to the ring. Darren Young is in action against CM Punk with Young’s tag partner Titus O’Neil in his corner.

MATCH SEVEN: Darren Young w/ Titus O’Neil vs CM Punk

The bell rings and the announcers wonder how Punk can have a match immediately after all of that emotion. Punk takes Young down with a Snapmare and holds him until Young fights Punk into the corner. Punk gets angry and delivers strikes against the ropes before hitting a Vertical Suplex with a float-over into a nearfall. Punk works over the left leg of Young on the mat, hitting a Dragon Whip Drop. Young limps to his feet and brings the fight back to Punk, throwing him from corner to corner. Young takes Punk down with a clothesline for a nearfall. Young grabs a Rear Choke and rakes Punk’s face. Young has a side-headlock and Punk fights his way out. Punk off the ropes and Young catches Punk with an Underhook Overhead Throw. Young drops a knee over Punk’s face and Punk tries to fight back and get the crowd into this. Punk throws Young into the corner and misses a Stinger Splash. Young gets another nearfall and starts trash-talking Punk on the mat. Young hammers away at a floored Punk as a quiet “Darren!” chant starts in the crowd. Young has another choke until Punk explodes with a Back Suplex. Punk looks angry and he charges Young in the corner with a High Running Knee. Punk gets a nearfall and Young is woozy. Punk heads to the top rope but Young cuts him off and hot-shots him on the ropes. Punk fights Young off and leaps for a top-rope Springboard Clothesline! Punk lifts Young up for a Go 2 Sleep but Young wiggles out and hits Punk with his Kneedrop finisher! But Punk kicks out at two!!
Punk kicks Young’s head off and locks in the Anaconda Vise and Young taps out!


Immediately after the win, Titus O’Neil charges the ring and attacks CM Punk. The Primetime Players beat down Punk in the middle of the ring. Punk is being double-teamed until... “Perfect Son,” Curtis Axel’s music hits! Axel charges the ring and evens up the score, helping CM Punk take out the Primetime Players! Axel and Punk stand tall in the ring and Punk eyes Axel suspiciously. Heyman comes out and tells Axel that he did good. Heyman tells Punk that they’ll talk about it later.

Backstage, Stephanie tells Vickie that she should have already announced the participants for the WWE Championship Contract Ladder Match at Money in the Bank. Stephanie says that she’ll head to the ring and make the announcement.

Back from commercial and the Bella Twins are handing out swag for WWE Total Divas and the new WWE Magazine. There’s a poster of the Bella Twins inside the newest issue. Total Divas debuts July 28 on E.

Stephanie McMahon takes to the stage and talks about the chance that Money in the Bank represents. She’s here to announce this year’s WWE Championship Contract Ladder Match participants:
CM Punk
Daniel Bryan
Randy Orton
and Rob Van Dam!

Punk is the only man to win Money in the Bank twice. Kane, Rob Van Dam and Daniel Bryan are each former Money in the Bank winners.

In the back, Ryback gets in the faces of Vickie and Brad Maddox. Ryback says that he wants to replace Mark Henry in the WWE Championship match at Money in the Bank. Chris Jericho enters and complains about not being named in the Money in the Bank Ladder match, since he invented the concept. Ryback gets in Jericho’s face and tells him that he could eat him alive. Jericho says “I’d like to see you try, Mr. Back.”
Vickie screams at both men and reminds them that she is their boss. At Money in the Bank it’s Ryback vs Chris Jericho!
“See you at Money in the Bank, Junior” says Ryback to Jericho. Jericho smiles.

We see Mark Henry, wearing a suit, walking to the ring backstage as we head to commercial.

Back from commercial and Punk is arguing with Heyman backstage. Punk says that he doesn’t need Heyman’s help. Heyman says “If two men jumped me in the street, would it be business if you helped me?” Punk says that he doesn’t need Curtis Axel to help him fight anyone. Heyman explains that next week on ‘Raw’ it’s the Primetime Players vs The Intercontinental Champion Curtis Axel & CM Punk. Punk says that next week he’s going to beat the Primetime Players on his own and then he’s going to take out Lesnar and then he’s going to win the Money in the Bank Ladder Match and then he’s going to be WWE Champion again.

“Somebody Gonna get dey Ass Kicked” hits and Mark Henry smiles his way to the ring.
Mark Henry takes the mic and brags about fooling each and every last member of the WWE Universe. He saw the Mark Henry signs, he heard them chanting “Henry!” But he also saw them cry. Henry claims he has been nominated for an Academy Award. He’s had Quentin Tarantino and Steven Spielberg and Tyler Perry reach out to him as an actor. But that’s not what he wants. The crowd chants for “Cena!”
Henry says that some people are upset with him because he used his friends and family. He’s not going to apologize. He says that his entire life people have been telling him how to live. He says that at Money in the Bank, a low-down no-good Mark Henry is gonna show up and take the WWE Championship.

After the break, Daniel Bryan vs Randy Orton’s fourth match-up in eight days. What will the stipulation be?

Back from the commercial it’s announced that on ‘Friday Night Smackdown’ it’ll be Fiesta del Rio to celebrate the new World Heavyweight Champion!

Lawler announces the winning stipulation and it’s a Street Fight!

“Ride of the Valkyries” hits and Daniel Bryan comes out for his second fight of the night.
“I Hear Voices” follows and Orton heads out with intent.

MATCH EIGHT: Daniel Bryan vs Randy Orton in a Street Fight

The bell rings and both men begin hammering away on each other, just like the beginning of the night. Orton bounces Bryan’s head off the turnbuckle and sends Bryan to the outside. Both men former World Champions, slamming each other into the steel steps on the outside. Orton sends Bryan back in the ring and Bryan responds with a Baseball Slide knocking Orton to the outside. Bryan runs the ropes, charging for a Suicide Plancha--and Orton hits him with a steel chair as he ducks through the ropes! Completely legal in a Street Fight!

Back from the break and Orton is punishing Bryan on the apron. During the commercial both men brawled up the ramp and Orton hit a Back Bodydrop on the steel ramp. Now, Orton brings a table into the ring and Bryan fights his way back into this with strikes. Orton responds by Suplexing Bryan onto the top rope and setting up the table in the corner of the ring. Orton stalks Bryan and tries to send Bryan into the table but Bryan fights out with fists and kicks. Bryan catches Orton with a running Dropkick and Orton is off-kilter. Bryan hits another running Dropkick in the corner and follows up with eight stiff kicks to Orton. Bryan backs up to charge for a corner kick but Orton throws the steel chair into Bryan’s face as he charges!

Orton picks up Bryan by the hair and chokes him over the middle rope. Orton climbs on the apron and tries to Vertical Suplex Bryan through a table on the outside! Bryan fights out and hits three dropkicks, trying to knock Orton through the table. Bryan slides under Orton’s legs to the outside and hits a Powerbomb through the table!

Bryan pushes Orton into the ring for only a nearfall! Bryan heads outside for a kendo stick. Back in the ring he takes turns kicking and striking Orton with the kendo stick. Bryan goes for a running kick but Orton catches Bryan and hits an Exploder Suplex through the table in the corner! Both men are down!
Orton goes for a cover for a nearfall. Both men are beaten and exhausted. Bryan and Orton throw fists from their knees. Now on their feet, they trade blows. Neither man will give an inch. Finally, Bryan gets the upper hand with fists until suddenly Orton explodes with a leaping Dropkick. Orton is up and lifts Bryan and sits him on the turnbuckle on the top rope. Orton heads up for a Superplex and Bryan fights out. Bryan sends Orton hard to the mat and comes off the top rope for a Missile Dropkick--but Orton catches him and hits a Powerbomb in mid-air! Bryan still kicks out! Orton hammers away with strikes until Bryan grabs Orton’s arm and locks in the No Lock! The Viper is reaching for the kendo stick and manages with one hand to hammer Bryan’s face with the kendo stick! Orton continues to strike Bryan with the kendo stick over and over. Orton gets the crowd into it and sets up for the Hanging DDT and he hits it! Orton spins, set up for the RKO as the crowd goes wild! Orton goes for the RKO but Bryan turns it into a Backslide for a nearfall! Bryan hammers away with the kendo stick and locks in the No Lock again! Orton uses the kendo stick to break the hold but Bryan grabs it and uses the kendo stick as a crossface hold! Orton screams in pain and finally taps out to the No Lock in the center of the ring!

Bryan celebrates on the top rope, having proved all of the doubters wrong! Bryan celebrates with the crowd and turns around to find Orton behind him. The crowd chants “You Tapped Out!” at Orton. Orton shakes Bryan’s hand and heads out of the ring. Bryan chants “YES!” with the crowd as Orton walks up the ramp, looking perturbed.