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 Season 1(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
1 1x01 30/Jan/2008 Flesh and Blood
2 1x02 06/Feb/2008 Murder in Memphis
3 1x03 13/Feb/2008 Circle of Friends
4 1x04 20/Feb/2008 A Killing in Carrollton
5 1x05 27/Feb/2008 Killer Instinct
6 1x06 05/Mar/2008 What Lies Beneath
7 1x07 12/Mar/2008 Secrets to Tell
8 1x08 19/Mar/2008 Murder on Maple Street
9 1x09 26/Mar/2008 Bodies of Evidence
10 1x10 02/Apr/2008 Dangerous Minds
11 1x11 09/Apr/2008 The Deadly Case of Mr. Hyde
12 1x12 16/Apr/2008 Suspicion
13 1x13 23/Apr/2008 Cliffhanger
14 1x14 30/Apr/2008 Justice for Julie
15 1x15 07/May/2008 Shadows of Suspicion
16 1x16 14/May/2008 Vanished
17 1x17 21/May/2008 Blood Ties
18 1x18 28/May/2008 Brianna's Nightmare
19 1x19 04/Jun/2008 Facing the Music
20 1x20 11/Jun/2008 Trail of Suspicion
21 1x21 18/Jun/2008 Sleeping With the Enemy
22 1x22 25/Jun/2008 Vegas Homicide: Father of the Year
23 1x23 02/Jul/2008 Vegas Homicide: Four Shots Fired
24 1x24 09/Jul/2008 Dangerous Liaisons
25 1x25 16/Jul/2008 Anatomy of a Murder
26 1x26 23/Jul/2008 Young Lords of Chaos
27 1x27 30/Jul/2008 The Man Behind the Mask
28 1x28 06/Aug/2008 Suspicion- Playing with Fire
29 1x29 13/Aug/2008 The Plot Thickens
30 1x30 20/Aug/2008 On the Trail of the Bike Path Rapist
31 1x31 27/Aug/2008 Thief of Hearts
32 1x32 03/Sep/2008 Fatal Attraction
33 1x33 10/Sep/2008 In the Shadow of Justice
34 1x34 17/Sep/2008 Searching for Allen
35 1x35 24/Sep/2008 Trail of Evidence
36 1x36 08/Oct/2008 True Lies
37 1x37 15/Oct/2008 Body of Evidence
38 1x38 22/Oct/2008 The Fugitive
39 1x39 22/Oct/2008 Salem Hostages
40 1x40 29/Oct/2008 A Deadly Triangle
41 1x41 05/Nov/2008 Crossing the Line

 Season 2(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
42 2x01 13/May/2009 Disappearance in a Small Town
43 2x02 20/May/2009 Crimes of the Heart
44 2x03 27/May/2009 Till Death Do Us Part
45 2x04 03/Jun/2009 Sins of the Father
46 2x05 10/Jun/2009 The Man Who Knew Too Much
47 2x06 17/Jun/2009 Dressed to Kill
48 2x07 24/Jun/2009 Deadly Mission
49 2x08 01/Jul/2009 Dead Reckoning
50 2x09 08/Jul/2009 Coroner's Jury
51 2x10 22/Jul/2009 Casino Sin City
52 2x11 29/Jul/2009 Murder at Morse's Pond
53 2x12 05/Aug/2009 Blood Brothers
54 2x13 01/Sep/2009 Fatal Face Off; That's the Ticket
55 2x14 08/Sep/2009 Change of Heart
56 2x15 15/Sep/2009 Question of Faith
57 2x16 22/Sep/2009 Diagnosis Murder
58 2x17 29/Sep/2009 Innocence Lost
59 2x18 06/Oct/2009 The Party's Over
60 2x19 13/Oct/2009 The Grifters
61 2x20 20/Oct/2009 The Return of Jesse James Hollywood
62 2x21 27/Oct/2009 Mystery of the Boston Strangler

 Season 3(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
63 3x01 07/Apr/2010 Murder on the Mind
64 3x02 14/Apr/2010 Murder in the Family
65 3x03 21/Apr/2010 Justice for Sparkle
66 3x04 28/Apr/2010 Murder by the Sea
67 3x05 05/May/2010 Deadly Deception
68 3x06 12/May/2010 Deadly Sanctuary
69 3x07 18/May/2010 To Catch a Baby Broker
70 3x08 19/May/2010 Death of a Heartsong
71 3x09 26/May/2010 The Girl in the Little Blue Dress
72 3x10 01/Jun/2010 Where There's Smoke
73 3x11 08/Jun/2010 Along Came a Spider
74 3x12 15/Jun/2010 Fatal Visions
75 3x13 22/Jun/2010 The Year of Living Dangerously
76 3x14 29/Jun/2010 The Mystery of the Lost Weekend
77 3x15 06/Jul/2010 Love Lay Dying
78 3x16 13/Jul/2010 Trouble on the Hill
79 3x17 20/Jul/2010 In the Bedroom
80 3x18 27/Jul/2010 A Stranger in the House
81 3x19 03/Aug/2010 Through the Rain
82 3x20 10/Aug/2010 Prime Suspect
83 3x21 17/Aug/2010 Bad Chemistry
84 3x22 17/Aug/2010 Flying High at Cocktail Cove
85 3x23 24/Aug/2010 Down by the River
86 3x24 07/Sep/2010 Appointment for Murder

 Season 4(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
87 4x01 25/Jan/2011 Twisted Faith
88 4x02 13/Apr/2011 Valentine's Day Mystery
89 4x03 20/Apr/2011 Mean Girls
90 4x04 27/Apr/2011 Mystery in Rock Hill
91 4x05 04/May/2011 The Last Dance
92 4x06 11/May/2011 The Girl in the Blue Mustang
93 4x07 18/May/2011 A Long Dark Stretch of Road
94 4x08 25/May/2011 Murder in the Moonlight
95 4x09 01/Jun/2011 Bitter Pill
96 4x10 08/Jun/2011 Family Portrait
97 4x11 15/Jun/2011 The Mystery at Lost Dog Road
98 4x12 22/Jun/2011 Behind the Badge
99 4x13 20/Jul/2011 The Night Mary Jane Disappeared
100 4x14 27/Jul/2011 The Mystery on Reminisce Road
101 4x15 03/Aug/2011 To Catch a Con Man
102 4x16 17/Aug/2011 Mystery at Empire Lake
103 4x17 24/Aug/2011 Obsession
104 4x18 07/Sep/2011 Conduct Unbecoming
105 4x19 14/Sep/2011 The Night Before Halloween
106 4x20 21/Sep/2011 The Friday the 13th Murder
107 4x21 24/Sep/2011 The Mystery on Albion Road
108 4x22 27/Sep/2011 Haunting Images
109 4x23 28/Sep/2011 In Broad Daylight
110 4x24 04/Oct/2011 The Detective's Daughter
111 4x25 05/Oct/2011 Taken
112 4x26 12/Oct/2011 The Killing at Poplar River
113 4x27 14/Oct/2011 The Ballad of Mike and Dalia
114 4x28 26/Oct/2011 The Night Brianna Vanished
115 4x29 02/Nov/2011 As Darkness Fell
116 4x30 09/Nov/2011 The Beauty and the Beast
117 4x31 16/Nov/2011 Deadly Exposure
118 4x32 17/Nov/2011 Mystery in Effingham County

 Season 5(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
119 5x01 08/Jan/2012 Secrets in a Small Town
120 5x02 12/Jan/2012 Burning Suspicion
121 5x03 19/Jan/2012 Over the Edge
122 5x04 26/Jan/2012 Lost and Found
123 5x05 02/Feb/2012 Something About Susan
124 5x06 09/Feb/2012 The Mystery of the Murdered Major
125 5x07 23/Feb/2012 Something Wicked
126 5x08 30/Mar/2012 Silent Witness
127 5x09 09/Apr/2012 Someone Was Watching
128 5x10 16/Apr/2012 Someone's Daughter
129 5x11 23/Apr/2012 Day of Reckoning
130 5x12 07/May/2012 Ransom
131 5x13 14/May/2012 The Player
132 5x14 24/May/2012 The Day She Disappeared
133 5x15 03/Jun/2012 Who Killed the Radio Star
134 5x16 10/Jun/2012 In an Instant
135 5x17 18/Jul/2012 The Goldfinger Mystery
136 5x18 01/Aug/2012 Crossing the Line
137 5x19 08/Aug/2012 The Edge
138 5x20 15/Aug/2012 Mystery on the Catawba River
139 5x21 22/Aug/2012 Mystery at Heath Bar Farm
140 5x22 29/Aug/2012 Deadly Triangle
141 5x23 04/Sep/2012 The Secret
142 5x24 11/Sep/2012 Strangers on a Train
143 5x25 18/Sep/2012 Mystery on Blood Mountain
144 5x26 25/Sep/2012 Deadly Retreat

 Season 6(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
145 6x01 15/Jan/2013 Silent Witness
146 6x02 22/Jan/2013 Suspicion
147 6x03 29/Jan/2013 Buried Secrets
148 6x04 11/Feb/2013 Deadly Connection
149 6x05 24/Mar/2013 The Confession
150 6x06 31/Mar/2013 Deadly Conspiracy
151 6x07 07/Apr/2013 Day of Reckoning
152 6x08 14/Apr/2013 In an Instant
153 6x09 21/Apr/2013 Poison
154 6x10 28/Apr/2013 Written in Blood
155 6x11 05/May/2013 The Night Lynsie Disappeared
156 6x12 12/May/2013 Obsession: The Jodi Arias Story
157 6x13 07/Jul/2013 While They Were Sleeping
158 6x14 14/Jul/2013 The Devil and Bobbi Parker
179 6x14 15/Jun/2014 Toxic
159 6x15 21/Jul/2013 The Night Hannah Hill Disappeared
160 6x16 28/Jul/2013 The Plot Thickens
161 6x17 04/Aug/2013 Obsession
162 6x18 11/Aug/2013 Family Affair
163 6x19 18/Aug/2013 Secrets in the Mist
164 6x20 25/Aug/2013 The Inside Man
165 6x21 01/Sep/2013 Under a Killing Moon

 Season 7(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
166 7x01 05/Jan/2014 Deadly Desire
167 7x02 12/Jan/2014 Shattered
168 7x03 19/Jan/2014 Betrayal
169 7x04 26/Jan/2014 Mystery at Ascot Estates
170 7x05 16/Feb/2014 Behind Closed Doors
171 7x06 23/Feb/2014 Secrets in the Desert
172 7x07 02/Mar/2014 The Fugitive
173 7x08 09/Mar/2014 Mystery in Mustang
174 7x09 16/Mar/2014 The Wrong Man
175 7x10 23/Mar/2014 What Happened to the Beauty Queen?
176 7x11 30/Mar/2014 Suspicion
177 7x12 01/Jun/2014 Graduation Night
178 7x13 08/Jun/2014 Secrets and Lies
180 7x15 20/Jul/2014 Deadly Deceit
181 7x16 27/Jul/2014 Fatal Attraction
182 7x17 03/Aug/2014 Secrets in Pleasant Grove
183 7x18 10/Aug/2014 The Killing in Cobb County
184 7x19 17/Aug/2014 A Sister's Search
185 7x20 19/Aug/2014 At Close Range
186 7x21 24/Aug/2014 Under a Halloween Moon
187 7x22 07/Sep/2014 Return to Poplar River
188 7x23 08/Nov/2014 The Wrong Man

 Season 8(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
189 8x01 04/Jan/2015 Vanished
190 8x02 11/Jan/2015 12 Minutes on Elm Street
191 8x03 18/Jan/2015 The House on Sumac Drive
192 8x04 25/Jan/2015 In the Middle of the Night
193 8x05 25/Jan/2015 Circle of Friends
194 8x06 08/Feb/2015 Missing Marie
195 8x07 15/Feb/2015 Danger on Diamond Mountain
196 8x08 19/Feb/2015 Bad Blood
197 8x09 22/Feb/2015 Deadly Intent
198 8x10 01/Mar/2015 A Bronx Tale
199 8x11 08/Mar/2015 Deadly Denial
200 8x12 15/Mar/2015 200th Episode: Mystery in South Beach
201 8x13 05/Jul/2015 Fugitive Millionaire
202 8x14 12/Jul/2015 Comic Book Murder
203 8x15 19/Jul/2015 A Killing in Cottonwood
204 8x16 26/Jul/2015 Shattered Bonds
205 8x17 02/Aug/2015 Toxic Relations
206 8x18 09/Aug/2015 Death in the Driveway
207 8x19 16/Aug/2015 Mystery on the Early Shift
208 8x20 18/Aug/2015 Deception
209 8x21 23/Aug/2015 Secrets on the Snake River
210 8x22 30/Aug/2015 The Unusual Suspect
211 8x23 06/Sep/2015 The Mystery Man

 Season 9(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
212 9x01 03/Jan/2016 The Devil in Disguise
213 9x02 07/Jan/2016 Deadly Betrayal
214 9x03 10/Jan/2016 While He Was Sleeping
215 9x04 14/Jan/2016 Shining Star
216 9x05 17/Jan/2016 The Root of All Evil
217 9x06 21/Jan/2016 The Queen of County
218 9x07 24/Jan/2016 What Lies Beneath
219 9x08 28/Jan/2016 Lethal Weapon
220 9x09 31/Jan/2016 Fatal Attraction
221 9x10 14/Feb/2016 Secret Lives
222 9x11 21/Feb/2016 Miami Heat
223 9x12 28/Feb/2016 After Midnight
224 9x13 06/Mar/2016 Someone Was Out There
225 9x14 13/Mar/2016 Indiscretion
226 9x15 27/Mar/2016 True Lies
227 9x16 03/Apr/2016 A Teacher's Message
228 9x17 17/Apr/2016 The Wire, Part 1
229 9x18 17/Apr/2016 The Wire, Part 2
230 9x19 24/Apr/2016 Finding Savanna
231 9x20 01/May/2016 The Secret
232 9x21 15/May/2016 The Evil to Come
233 9x22 22/May/2016 Secrets on Shalimar
234 9x23 29/May/2016 Secrets at the Sunshine Motel

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Classification: Documentary
Genre: Crime | Current Events | Mystery
Status: Returning Series
Network: Investigation Discovery ( USA)
Airs: Sundays at 08:00 pm
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: January 30, 2008
Episode Order: 23
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