Model Misbehavior - Recap

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Peter and Lois take the family up to visit Lois' parents "the Pewterschmidts". While there Lois looks through her old room and finds her old modeling pictures. This brings back old memories and she remembers it was her father who stopped her from becoming the model she wanted to be. Peter finds out there is a boat racing competition Mr. Pewterschmidt is in. In another attempt to impress Lois' father, he tries to join Mr. Pewterschmidts team. He is of course rejected by Mr. Pewterschmidt. In order to show him; the whole family races in the race with a bath tub and wins. Lois realizes her anger at her father for not letting her model and tells him she will become one no matter what. Back at Quahog Lois gets a small modeling job from Mort Goldman at Goldmans pharmacy. This career soon kicks off, and Lois adapts very well. But when her model attitude goes to far Peter fears he has lost the old Lois. Things become worse when Lois recieves dieting pills. Peter gathers Mr. Pewterschmidt for help. But is not sure if he can get her back. Meanwhile, Brian finds out he has worms. He doesn't want the family to know but Stewie soon finds out. Brian must find a way to pay the vet bill and coincidentally Stewie has just gone into the "Money Scam" bizz to make money and has made his room the headquarters. He lends Brian the money and now Brian must work off the money. Things soon heat up between the two.