Peter's Got Woods - Recap

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Because of Peter's pure laziness Brian goes to one of Megs PTA meetings. Once there, he meets the most amazing women of his life, who is a teacher at Megs school, and black. In a desperate attempt to impress her on a date, Brian suggests Megs highschool, "James Woods High" be changed to honor Martin Luther King Jr. While spending all of this time with her, Peter feels like him and Brian are growing apart. The Martin Luther King Jr. Idea spreads fast, and Peter isn't happy about it. When it is in the voting process at the next meeting, Peter shows up with the real James Woods. His plan backfires, James is happy with renaming the school in honor of Martin Luther. But it refires when the school, so impressed by Woods modesty, decides to keep the school named after Woods. This makes Brian angry at Peter for destroying his idea, and making him realize the truth, that he was only doing it to impress her. But that doesn't change anything, Brian is still mad, and James Woods fills the spot as Peters new best friend, making Brian jealous. Eventually, Peter and Brian make up, but theres still 1 problem: How do they get rid of James Woods?