Perfect Castaway - Recap

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The fish pickings are becoming slim, and Peter is earning less and less money because of it. He even has to fire Santos and Pasqual! Being the "man of the family" Peter feels he has to do all he can, and decides to go out far into the sea, for some good fish pickings. Joe, Quagmire, and Cleveland, decide to come with him. Once out there, the fishing is great as they thought. But the weather becomes brutle, and the four become stranded on a deserted island. At home Lois holds a funeral for Peter, and Brian vowes to hold the family together. On the island, the castaways aren't exactly adapting well, but it doesn't matter. A tourist boat drives by, sees them, and rescues them. Back to civilization, Peter is reunited with his family. Things have changed. Brian has married Lois! Peter wants the marriage ended, so he can go back to Lois, but Lois can't do that to Brian. Peter is sent packing. Soon, the lust takes over, and Lois and Peter begin "fooling around" with each other behind Brians back. Because of Stewie, Brian finds out and goes to bust them. Once he's there he overhears Lois telling Peter she can't do this to Brian. Brian is now left with 2 choices: End the marriage and give Lois back to Peter, or continue living the lie.