Boycode - The next big boyband launch in the UK

The four Belgium boys have taken Europe and Asia by storm and now Boycode are launching in the UK and will release their huge pop single 'After Juliet', available to download on iTunes from 1st May 2016.

The boys were hand selected out of hundreds of candidates, and are lining up to be the next international Boyband. The chosen four include Lennert, Matt, Greg and Timmy, known as Boycode.

'After Juliet' is Boycode's debut single from their new EP, due to launch later this year. The video for 'After Juliet' was filmed on the iconic sunny Venice Beach in Los Angeles.

Greg from Boycode says: 'The single 'After Juliet' is about that special girl that everyone has in their heart, your first crush where you fall deeply in love and can't see life 'After' her. Everyone has a Juliet'.

Lennert from Boycode says: 'Our new EP is all about our experiences and feelings over the last 3 years. The songs are all so different, but most of them are love songs, very pure, telling a story of our personal experiences about the ups and downs in life. We have put every piece of our heart in it.'

Boycode 's new EP has been inspired by Dan Muckala (Backstreet Boys), Kipp Williams (Nick Carter & Avril Lavigne) and One Republic's Ryan Tedder.

Timmy from Boycode says: 'We recorded 6 songs in America, working with Dan Muckala and Kipp was inspirational. It is an amazing feeling when such a big producer's gives you the nod and seal of approval!'

Boycode have a huge fan base and hit records in Belgium, Holland and Germany and sell out tours in China, Ireland, Germany, Holland and Belgium.  They are four determined, young boys who know what they want, and are ready to go full speed ahead.

Matt, from Boycode says: 'We have done so many amazing things with Boycode in such a small amount of time. We have travelled the world, worked with multi-platinum producers and performed in front of tens of thousands of fans.'

A few tracks from Boycode 's new EP will include Burn On - a huge power ballad, all about positive thinking and fighting on. Brave The Storm is about the stresses in life but your loved ones make things better. Young With You is about getting older every day but the power of love will always make you feel forever young.

Dani Stephenson, CEO of Straight Forward Music says: 'We are extremely excited to be working with Boycode. The young, charismatic, cheeky chappy lads are very talented, I'm sure teenage girls will be screaming for more after the release of their pop single 'After Juliet'. The world is in for a treat so get ready for the next International Boyband... Watch this space.'

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Written by: Ben Drummond
Mar 5th, 2016, 8:47 am

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