Sue Cleaver talks about the impact Phelan's presence is having on Eileen's life

Sue Cleaver talks about the impact Phelan's presence is having on Eileen's life and what the future holds for the character she plays. Coronation Street can be seen on Monday, Wednesday and Friday evenings on ITV.

Why does Eileen decide to break up with Michael?

He backs her into a corner, she doesn’t have any choice. He just keeps on and on about Phelan and Eileen just has enough. She can’t be doing with the silly, jealous man any more.

Is she surprised when Phelan says he has feelings for her?

Yes she is. It’s completely out of the blue and she isn’t expecting it at all. She wasn’t looking for anything like that. She likes him and views him as a friend and it takes her by surprise.

Does she trust Phelan?

Absolutely, yes. He’s given her no reason not to. Everything he’s told her about his past seems completely legit and he’s been nothing but a gentleman to her so she believes everything he says to her. Why wouldn’t she?

Why does she decide to go on a date with him quickly?

She knows him, he’s a friend so she’s perfectly happy to.

How does she feel when Phelan tells her about an affair with Anna?

His version of events makes perfect sense to her. He’s very plausible so she believes him.

Why doesn’t she believe Anna’s version of events?

Well, one minute she says Phelan raped her, the next minute she says she slept with him so that he wouldn’t tell on her. So Eileen thinks, make up your mind, and she doesn’t believe her at all.

Does she begin to doubt Phelan when Izzy tries to warn her off?

Izzy’s bound to come and warn her off because of her relationship with Anna so Eileen’s just not buying it.

How does Jason react when he realises Phelan has stayed the night?

I think he is quite surprised at his mother’s swift handiwork! She asks him if he’s all right with it and Jason says he will be as long as she tells Michael. There’s a tiny bit of an overlap and that’s not something Eileen would normally do.

Were you sad to hear that it would be the end for Eileen and Michael?

Yes because I love working with Les but it’ll be interesting to see where it goes with Phelan.

Are you glad that Phelan is back and are you enjoying working with Connor (McIntyre)?

Phelan’s a great villain! I love working with Connor as well as Les so I was hoping the writers would come up with something so I could do more with both of them!

How has working with Les Dennis been and how much will you miss him?

I have loved working with Les, we have a real laugh together. I’ll really miss him while he’s away working on his play.

How do you think Eileen will react if she finds out that Phelan’s been lying?

She’ll be devastated, mortified, because Eileen’s always been a pretty good judge of character. She’s always known if something’s not right but this time she’s been completely taken in.


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Written by: Ben Drummond
Mar 8th, 2016, 2:54 am

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