Paula Lane talks about the future holds for Kylie

Paula Lane talks about the future holds for Kylie. Coronation Street can be seen on Monday, Wednesday and Friday evenings on ITV.

How does Kylie feel about Gemma being in the salon?

She’s quite shocked to see her. The last time they were in the same room together Kylie was trying to cover up the fact she had Callum’s phone and there was a lot of conspiracy going on. It’s not welcome at all, and Kylie gets shut of her quickly.

How does Gemma react when she’s sacked?

She’s really upset. She’s just been given this placement at the salon and now she’s lost it. Kylie’s quite happy though.

Does she realise Kylie’s behind it? If so, how does she react?

I’m pretty sure David tells her, to get out of it himself, that it was my idea. So Kylie thinks, crikey, she’s not going to be happy with me now!

How much is she still struggling with Callum’s death?

It’s always there bubbling under the surface but life moves on and with each day that goes by it gets a bit easier. Gail’s in the annexe now, the family’s kind of moved on, there’s the new baby to think about as well and in her head it’s a kind of new life. If she can make it work helping with Sarah’s baby perhaps that’s a way of easing her guilt.

What does she make of Freddie? A welcome distraction?

She doesn’t have any history with him, she’s always dealt with his late wife Sadie, but she sees someone who’s really struggling with their grief and because she’s struggled with her grief but in a different way she wants to try and help him. In return he then unknowingly helps her. They have these lovely moments between them when they kind of take comfort in each other’s presence. It’s an unlikely friendship given the age gap but there’s absolutely nothing untoward about it. There’s something quite magical between them and I loved those scenes.

How would Kylie feel to know Gemma gets a job at the kebab shop?

She wouldn’t be happy that she’s going to be a familiar face on the street, she wouldn’t want that reminder lingering around. Because there’s been quite a lot going on with the whole Callum situation, there’s been a lot of trust lost between them as friends so as far as Kylie’s concerned the waters have been muddied too much.

Will she try to get her sacked again?

It depends how much of a menace she becomes!

What happens when she gets to Freddie’s?

Well, Kylie’s not aware that Sadie’s died as there’s been this other other temp in the salon who was a bit useless and quite lax in his bookings so there’s this mix-up in appointments and Kylie turns up at the house expecting to do Sadie’s nails and she’s dead in the coffin which is a massive shock for Kylie. Quite strange.

How do they end up bonding?

They bond because it takes Kylie out of that routine with the kids and work and she finds somebody that she can help. It gives her a purpose again.

Is Kylie surprised by how much they do bond?

I think so, yes. It just kind of develops but not in an annoying way. He just turns up at the salon and they go for a drink. I’ve had some great scenes with Sue Nicholls and Bill Roache (Audrey and Ken), again an unlikely kind of crowd for Kylie to be around but it worked really well.

How important is their friendship going to be in the coming weeks?

I guess any sort of true type of friendship she’s got will be vital really, helping her through. I’m not sure she’d get to the point of revealing the whole truth to Freddie but if she was in utter dire straits she might, so that could be another avenue that they explore.

Will viewers be surprised?

I think they’ll be surprised by the unlikely friendship.

What’s it like working with Derek Griffiths?

I think in my whole time here, working with Derek has been one of the best things. I didn’t remember him from my childhood like many people do as I’m a different generation, which was great for me because I didn’t have any preconceptions about him. But I was watching him in awe a lot. I can’t put my finger on what it was but I think it’s when two unlikely characters come together something just sparks.

Now news of your departure is out how has the reaction been and will Kylie leave in the way people might be expecting?

It’s been great and who knows? Kylie’s always full of surprises!

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Written by: Ben Drummond
Mar 8th, 2016, 3:18 am

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