HBO Signs Exclusive Licensing Deal With Amazon



HBO has signed an exclusive licensing agreement with Amazon that will make its Prime Instant Video service the only place where HBO fans can stream HBO content. In other words: Netflix, you better watch yourself. 

Beginning May 21, the multi-year agreement will allow Amazon Prime subscribers unlimited streaming access to HBO faves, including 'The Sopranos,' 'Six Feet Under,' 'The Wire,' 'Big Love,' 'Deadwood,' 'Eastbound & Down,' 'Family Tree,' 'Enlightened,' 'Treme,' early seasons of 'Boardwalk Empire' and 'True Blood,' and the miniseries 'Band of Brothers,' 'John Adams,' among others. And don't worry fans of 'Girls,' 'Veep,' and 'The Newsroom' -- seasons of those hits will become available at some point. 

In addition, by the end of the year, Amazon will offer HBO GO on Amazon's streaming TV service, Fire TV. 

Of course the shows will still be available on all of the premium pay TV channel's platforms, but this deal marks the first time that HBO shows have been licensed to an online streaming service. It's a pretty big deal. 

“HBO has produced some of the most groundbreaking, beloved and award-winning shows in television history, with more than 115 Emmys amongst the assortment of shows coming to Prime members next month,” said Brad Beale, director of content acquisition for Amazon. “HBO original content is some of the most-popular across Amazon Instant Video — our customers love watching these shows. Now Prime members can enjoy a collection of great HBO shows on an unlimited basis, at no additional cost to their Prime membership.”

Guess who's signing up for a Prime subscription right


Message Posted On Apr 23rd, 2014, 9:18 pm
Nice way to rope people to keep a amazon prime account,now for only 99 year. I don't understand why hbo don't want give netflix there shows showtime already has.

Message Posted On Apr 23rd, 2014, 3:02 pm
HBO still behind the times i see. They've written in that Prime can only show new content 3 years after it's aired on HBO...

Message Posted On Apr 23rd, 2014, 10:24 am
Exclusive deals don't rope in customers in the long run. Who can afford to subscribe to everything? The weak minded will join because of this but in the end piracy will rise. Content should be available everywhere. Providers should compete on quality of service and price, not content.


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Message Posted On Apr 23rd, 2014, 9:52 am

This doesn't really effect me, as I'm already an HBO subscriber, and HBOGo is pretty great. That said, non-subscribers who use Amazon Prime are about to get access to a treasure trove of content.