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Dexter Morgan's had the territory staked out for years, but network television is finally getting into the game of serial killers. NBC's got its high-pedigree 'Hannibal' adaptation on its way later..
Posted on: Jan 21st, 2013, 1:25 pm
The final episodes of a series -- particularly a serialized genre show like Fringe -- are important to cementing the legacy of the series as a whole. A missed step in closing the story can damage the..
Posted on: Jan 11th, 2013, 4:43 pm
As the title of the episode might imply, "Elementary" brings in Sherlock Holmes' greatest arch-nemesis this week. For the uninitiated, "M" refers to Moriarty, essentially the evil equivalent of..
Posted on: Jan 11th, 2013, 8:08 am
Following the holiday break, NBC's The Office returned this week with another subpar episode. The main thrust of the storyline was that Pam had been left alone to look after the kids and the..
Posted on: Jan 11th, 2013, 12:07 am
1600 Penn Season 1, Episode 2 "The Skiplantic Ocean" I really want to like this show, but I do not think I am going to. We dive right in to Becca's pregnancy, as she begrudgingly tells her father,..
Posted on: Jan 10th, 2013, 7:58 pm
Last week's "Top Chef" was a bit of a shocker, as John Tesar and his hipster glasses got the boot to Second Chance Kitchen purgatory. Needless to say, the other chefs don't seem to miss him or his..
Posted on: Jan 10th, 2013, 9:36 am
“Nashville” returned Wednesday night with lots of goings- on continued from last year. The show opens with Rayna (Connie Britton) waiting at the recording studio for Juliette (Hayden..
Posted on: Jan 9th, 2013, 9:13 pm
Justified's procedural elements might often keep it out of the conversation, but FX's Kentucky-set lawman series has consistently proven itself to be one of the best on television. Its past three..
Posted on: Jan 9th, 2013, 1:25 pm