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Halloween night saw FOX win the demos, while CBS (as usual) drew more total viewers. The first live performance episode of The X-Factor dropped big in the demos from its last Wednesday episode,..
Posted on: Nov 1st, 2012, 6:03 pm
After the devastation caused by Hurricane Sandy sent Monday's TV landscape spiraling into confusion, some sense of normalcy was restored last night. As usual, NBC won the demos, while CBS's lineup..
Posted on: Oct 31st, 2012, 11:24 am
Due to a myriad of power outages, pre-emptions, and last minute cancelations due to Hurricane Sandy battering the east coast Monday night, the ratings listed should not be considered "normal" for..
Posted on: Oct 30th, 2012, 9:43 pm
Is baseball a dying sport? To make such a claim might be a little extreme, but there seems to be a real dwindling of the passion Americans have for their pastime. More than any other sport, baseball..
Posted on: Oct 30th, 2012, 10:38 am
Saturday night saw baseball and football battle for dominance, with a college football game just barely squeaking by game 3 of the world series in the 18-49 demo battle, but the fall classic..
Posted on: Oct 29th, 2012, 3:44 pm
This past Friday saw NBC win the demos, while CBS had more total viewers. Shark Tank dropped from last week's series high, but still did well. A Katie Couric hosted special looking inside the world..
Posted on: Oct 27th, 2012, 10:24 pm
Ratings Report for the Week of October 15-19, 2012 It was a great week for General Hospital with the show up over 110,000 viewers on last week and nearly half a million up on last year. (Compared to..
Posted on: Oct 26th, 2012, 11:34 pm
As usual for Thursday, CBS won in both the 18-49 demo and total viewer races. The Big Bang Theory went up a bit from last week, and of course continued to crush everything else. Lead out Two and a..
Posted on: Oct 26th, 2012, 11:24 pm