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    Time travel is the new vampire. Two weeks after NBC announced they were going to develop a pair of time travel dramas, ABC has announced that they will go down a similar path. It wouldn’t be..
Posted on: Oct 25th, 2013, 7:43 am
  With fall TV now fully underway, it's time for networks to start thinking about what's next for their midseason agendas. Luckily, FOX seems to be way ahead of the curve and has just revealed its..
Posted on: Oct 25th, 2013, 6:03 am
    Looks like FOX is quickly becoming the go-to network for female TV writers. Already home to Mindy Kaling's 'The Mindy Project' and Elizabeth Meriwether's 'New Girl' (and soon Diablo Cody's..
Posted on: Oct 25th, 2013, 5:49 am
    Who would have thought you could describe the PBS Masterpiece Theater hit series ‘Downton Abbey’ by using the word “scandal”? Yes, the Crawley household is no stranger when it comes to..
Posted on: Oct 25th, 2013, 5:47 am
    Are the Halliwell sisters and the Power of Three returning to the small screen? According to Vulture, they will be if CBS has anything to say about it. It looks like CBS is currently..
Posted on: Oct 25th, 2013, 5:15 am
    Get pumped, folks, because Jane Seymour is returning to television. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the former 'Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman' star (hey, remember that show!) will be..
Posted on: Oct 25th, 2013, 4:38 am
Halloween is just around the corner, which means binge eating on junk food, carving pumpkins, and watching 'Hocus Pocus' on repeat (at least that's how it goes down at my house). But it's also the..
Posted on: Oct 25th, 2013, 2:47 am
    The new winter promo for ‘Pretty Little Liars’ second half of Season 4 is here! Rejoice, because the promo features all kinds of thrilling goodies. Warning: if you have to view the special..
Posted on: Oct 25th, 2013, 1:40 am