Kath Soucie

Mostly Credited As: Kath Soucie
Sometimes Credited As: Kath Souci

Birth Name: Katherine Soucie
Date Of Birth: February 20, 1967 (Age 49)
Country Of Birth: USA
Birth Place: New York City, New York

Kath Soucie

While she had originally attempted to pursue a career in the theatrical arts, Kath Soucie has been a voice actress for over two decades, though throughout her career, she has had a large variety of roles. Many of the characters the she voices are young female characters who are often naïve in their understanding of the world, though she has voiced nearly as many male characters and her wide array of voices has permitted her to stay in the business as long as she has. Although has had many primary roles throughout her career, her work supplying voices to the many supporting characters in animated programs has permitted her to become such an established individual. She currently resides in Los Angeles where she continues to provide voices for new animated programs and video games.

TV Appearances

Main cast 
Miles Across the Sea (2013)As: Grandma Pearl -- [Voice]
The Spectacular Spider-Man (2008)As: Martha Connors -- [Voice]
My Friends Tigger & Pooh (2007)As: Kanga -- [Voice]
Curious George (US) (2006)As: Animal Control Receptionist -- [Voice]
The Replacements (2006)As: Agent K -- [Voice]
The Life and Times of Juniper Lee (2005)As: Ray-Ray Lee -- [Voice]
W.I.T.C.H. (2004)As: Nerissa (S02) -- [Voice]
Danny Phantom (2004)As: Maddie Fenton (Mom) -- [Voice]
Clifford's Puppy Days (2003)As: Daffodil -- [Voice]
Looney Tunes (2003)As: Lola Bunny -- [Voice]
Butt Ugly Martians (2002)As: Angela, Shaboom-Shaboom -- [Voice]
The Cramp Twins (2002)As: Lucien Cramp -- [Voice]
All Grown Up (2001)As: Phil/Lil DeVille -- [Voice]
House of Mouse (2001)As: Perdita, Kanga, Bimbettes, Various -- [Voice]
The Book of Pooh (2001)As: Kanga -- [Voice]
God, the Devil and Bob (2000)As: Andy Allman -- [Voice]
Clifford the Big Red Dog (2000)As: Jetta Handover -- [Voice]
Baby Blues (2000)As: Rodney Bitterman, Megan Bitterman, Sylvia, Becky Quillen -- [Voice]
The Weekenders (2000)As: Tish Katsufrakis, Ruby -- [Voice]
As Told By Ginger (2000)As: Blake Gripling -- [Voice]
Mike, Lu & Og (1999)As: Margery -- [Voice]
Futurama (1999)As: Cubert Farnsworth, Various -- [Voice]
Toonsylvania (1998)As: Various Voices (r) -- [Voice]
Invasion America (1998)As: Rita Carter/Sonia -- [Voice]
Recess (1997)As: Butch -- [Voice]
101 Dalmatians: The Series (1997)As: Cadpig, Rolly, Anita Dearly -- [Voice]
Dexter's Laboratory (1996)As: Mom, Dexter's computer, Agent HoneyDew, Mandark's Mom -- [Voice]
Quack Pack (1996)As: Daisy Duck -- [Voice]
Hey Arnold! (1996)As: Miriam Pataki (Helga's Mother), Marilyn Berman (Harold's Mother) -- [Voice]
Adventures from the Book of Virtues (1996)As: Annie Redfeather, Aurora the Red-Tailed Hawk (S01-S02) -- [Voice]
Casper (1996)As: Kat Harvey -- [Voice]
The Savage Dragon (1995)As: Alex Wild -- [Voice]
Earthworm Jim (1995)As: Princess What's-Her-Name -- [Voice]
Sonic the Hedgehog (1993)As: Princess Sally, Nicole -- [Voice]
The Little Mermaid (1992)As: Adella, Attina -- [Voice]
Shin Chan (1992)As: Shin Chan Nohara -- [Voice]
Little Dracula (1991)As: Mrs. Dracula, Millicent -- [Voice]
Rugrats (1991)As: Phillip “Phil” DeVille | Lillian “Lil” DeVille -- [Voice]
Yo Yogi! (1991)As: Young Cindy Bear -- [Voice]
Tiny Toon Adventures (1990)As: Fifi La Fume, Sneezer -- [Voice]
Widget, the World Watcher (1990)As: Various -- [Voice]
Attack of The Killer Tomatoes (1990)As: Tara Boumdeay -- [Voice]
Captain Planet and the Planeteers (1990)As: Linka -- [Voice]
Pryde of the X-Men (1989)As: Kitty Pride -- [Voice]
Camp Candy (1989)As: Various -- [Voice]
Slimer! And the Real Ghostbusters (1988)As: Janine Melnitz -- [Voice]
The Real Ghostbusters (1986)As: Janine Melnitz (S03-S07) -- [Voice]
Jem (1985)As: Ingrid "Minx" Kruger -- [Voice]
Episode Cast Credits 

Star Wars Rebels (2014) 
  Gathering Forces 01x08: (Nov/24/2014) Voiced  Mira Bridger 
  Empire Day 01x07: (Nov/17/2014) Voiced  Minister Maketh Tua | Mira Bridger 
  Droids in Distress 01x02: (Oct/13/2014) Voiced  Minister Maketh Tua 

Scooby-Doo - Mystery, Inc. (2010) 
  Come Undone 02x26: (Apr/05/2013) Voiced  Nan Blake, [Featuring]
  Stand and Deliver 02x20: (Mar/28/2013) Voiced  Nan Blake, [Featuring]
  Aliens Among Us 02x16: (Mar/25/2013) Voiced  Nan Blake, [Featuring]
  All Fear the Freak 01x26: (Jul/26/2011) Voiced  Nan Blake, [Featuring]

Futurama (1999) 
  Reincarnation 06x26: (Sep/08/2011) Voiced  Cubert Farnsworth 
  Yo Leela Leela 06x19: (Jul/21/2011) Voiced  Various 
  The Late Philip J. Fry 06x07: (Jul/29/2010) Voiced  Cubert Farnsworth 
  Space Pilot 3000 01x01: (Mar/28/1999) Voiced  Michelle 

Generator Rex (2010) 
  Alliance 02x04: (Mar/04/2011) Voiced  Mouse / Female Party Goer 

Young Justice (2010) 
  Downtime 01x08: (Mar/04/2011) Voiced  Mera / Joan Garrick 

All Grown Up (2001) 
  R.V. Having Fun Yet? (2) 04x02: (Oct/10/2005) Voiced  Betty 
  Dude, Where's My Horse? (2) 03x10: (Jul/16/2005) Voiced  Betty 
  Brothers Grimm 05x09: (Aug/10/2008) Voiced  Betty 
  Separate But Equal 04x04: (Nov/12/2007) Voiced  Betty 

The Spectacular Spider-Man (2008) 
  Intervention 01x12: (Jun/07/2008) Voiced  Martha Connors 
  Group Therapy 01x11: (May/31/2008) Voiced  Anna Watson 
  Natural Selection 01x03: (Mar/15/2008) Voiced  Martha Connors 

My Gym Partner's a Monkey (2006) 
  Supplies Party / She's Koala That 01x10: (Apr/21/2006) Voiced  Deidre 

The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius (2002) 
  One of Us/Vanishing Act 03x10: (Jan/24/2006) Voiced  Betty Quinlan 
  Operation: Rescue Jet Fusion 02x03: (Oct/13/2003) Voiced  Betty Quinlan 
  Party at Neutron's/Ultra Sheen 01x13: (Feb/17/2003) Voiced  Betty Quinlan 

Stroker & Hoop (2005) 
  Three Cheats to the Wind (a.k.a. Putting the Ass in Assassin) 01x13: (Dec/25/2005) Voiced  Ashley-Brittany, Brittany-Ashley 
  Tinfoiled Again (a.k.a. Star Crossed Livers) 01x03: (Sep/12/2005) Voiced  Ashley-Brittany, Brittany-Ashley, Doctor 

Danny Phantom (2004) 
  Secret Weapons 02x09: (Dec/09/2005) Voiced  Lunch lady Ghost 
  Public Enemies 01x15: (Feb/04/2005) Voiced  Esperanto Geek 
  Shades of Gray 01x10: (Sep/24/2004) Voiced  Lunch Lady 
  Prisoners of Love 01x08: (May/14/2004) Voiced  Lunch Lady Ghost, Flight Attendant 

The Life and Times of Juniper Lee (2005) 
  Take My Life, Please 01x11: (Aug/07/2005) Voiced  Ashley 
  I'll Get By with a Little Help from My Elf 01x08: (Jul/17/2005) Voiced  Speed Demon 
  Not in My Backyard 01x05: (Jun/26/2005) Voiced  Fix-It Elf #2 
  It's Your Party and I'll Whine if I Want To 01x01: (May/30/2005) Voiced  Girl #1 

The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy (2001) 
  Happy Huggy Stuffy Bears/Secret Decoder Ring 04x12: (Apr/15/2005) Voiced  Happy Huggy Stuffy Bear 

Kim Possible (2002) 
  Dimension Twist 03x06: (Apr/01/2005) Voiced  Unknown 
  Sick Day / The Truth Hurts 02x28: (Apr/23/2004) Voiced  Interviewer 
  A Sitch in Time: Past (2) 02x17: (Nov/28/2003) Voiced  Teacher, Cheerleader, Mrs. Mahoney 
  Monkey Ninjas in Space 01x19: (Mar/07/2003) Voiced  Rocket Booster #1 

The Batman (2004) 
  Bird of Prey 01x11: (Feb/12/2005) Voiced  Mel (Melanie Bramwell) 
  Q & A 01x08: (Nov/20/2004) Voiced  Yelena Klimanov / Young Artie 

Justice League Unlimited (2001) 
  The Greatest Story Never Told 03x07: (Sep/11/2004) Voiced  Young Boy 

Static Shock (2000) 
  Hoop Squad 04x07: (Feb/28/2004) Voiced  El Gata 

Duck Dodgers (2003) 
  Quarterback Quack/To Love a Duck 01x10: (Oct/25/2003) Voiced  Handmaiden 

Lilo & Stitch: The Series (2003) 
  Spooky 01x06: (Oct/12/2003) Voiced  Trick-or-treater 
  Lilo & Stitch (Jun/21/2002) Voiced  Various 

The Wonderful World of Disney (1997) (1997) 
  Lilo & Stitch 06x02: (Oct/04/2003) Voiced  Various 

Rugrats (1991) 
  Club Fred 09x15: (Sep/09/2003) Voiced  Betty DeVille, [Featuring]
  The Bravliest Baby / Gimme An "A" 09x16: (Jun/08/2003) Voiced  Betty DeVille, [Featuring]
  Baby Sale / Steve 09x14: (Feb/26/2003) Voiced  Betty DeVille, [Featuring]
  Murmur On The Ornery Express (Feb/15/2003) Voiced  Betty DeVille, [Featuring]

Ozzy & Drix (2002) 
  Lights Out! 02x03: (Sep/06/2003) Voiced  Mrs. Katz 

Totally Spies! (2001) 
  Zooney World 02x11: (Aug/26/2003) Voiced  Stella (Clover's Mother), Jason Hightower 
  Mommies Dearest 02x10: (Aug/25/2003) Voiced  Stella (Clover's Mother) 
  Evil Hair Salon 02x03: (Aug/14/2003) Voiced  Teenage Redhead, [Co-Guest Stars]
  Passion Patties 01x21: (May/11/2002) Voiced  Shirley Rogers, Toll 

Samurai Jack (2001) 
  XXVIII: Jack And The Rave 03x02: (Nov/01/2002) Voiced  Olivia 
  XXVI: Jack's Sandals 02x13: (Oct/11/2002) Voiced  Kid A / Daughter 1 / Daughter 2 / Mother 

What's New Scooby-Doo? (2002) 
  It's Mean, It's Green, It's the Mystery Machine 01x05: (Oct/26/2002) Voiced  Susan Dimwittie 

The Legend of Tarzan (2001) 
  Tarzan and Tublat's Revenge 01x36: (Nov/23/2001) Voiced  Various 
  Tarzan and the Enemy Within 01x09: (Sep/12/2001) Voiced  Mamka 

Johnny Bravo (1997) 
  Auteur, Auter / Runaway Train / A Reject Runs Through It 03x15: (May/11/2001) Voiced  Train Company Executive 
  Johnny On Ice / Robo-Mama / 20,000 Leagues over my Head 03x09: (Nov/17/2000) Voiced  Debbie Nemo 
  Luke Perry's Guide To Love / In The Line Of Johnny / Fugitive Johnny 03x01: (Aug/11/2000) Voiced  Inspector Janine Gerard 
  Yukon Yutz / Prep School Johnny/Send in the Clones 02x20: (Jan/14/2000) Voiced  Mountie 

House of Mouse (2001) 
  Rent Day 01x09: (Mar/17/2001) Voiced  Pepper Ann's mom 

Recess (1997) 
  Recess: School's Out (Feb/16/2001) Voiced  Counselor 

The Weekenders (2000) 
  To Tish 02x12: (Jan/13/2001) Voiced  Announcer 

Buzz Lightyear of Star Command (2000) 
  Large Target 01x49: (Nov/27/2000) Voiced  Galaxy (Keno's moll) 
  Planet of the Lost 01x41: (Nov/16/2000) Voiced  Villager #2, Villager #6 
  Stranger Invasion 01x37: (Nov/12/2000) Voiced  PA Voice, School Teacher 
  Mindwarp 01x15: (Oct/17/2000) Voiced  Miss Harper 

Clerks (2000) 
  The Clipshow Wherein Dante And Randal Are Locked In The Freezer And Remember Some Of The Great Moments Of Their Lives. 01x02: (Jun/07/2000) Voiced  Various 

The Powerpuff Girls (1998) 
  The Powerpuff Girls' Best Rainy Day Adventure Ever / Just Desserts 02x10: (Apr/28/2000) Voiced  Maryanne Smith/Julie Smith 
  Collect Her / Supper Villain 02x02: (Aug/06/1999) Voiced  Maryanne Smith, Julie Smith 
  Crime 101 (Jan/26/1996) Voiced  Bubbles 
  Meat Fuzzy Lumpkins (Feb/20/1995) Voiced  Bubbles / Mrs. Keane 

Courage the Cowardly Dog (1999) 
  Little Muriel/The Great Fusilli 01x13: (Mar/30/2000) Voiced  Little Muriel 

Hey Arnold! (1996) 
  Weird Cousin/Baby Oskar 04x11: (Oct/09/1999) Voiced  Baby Oskar / Susire's Cousin Nancy 
  Operation Ruthless/The Vacant Lot 01x07: (Nov/18/1996) Voiced  Mrs. Vitello 

Spawn (1997) 
  Prophecy 03x06: (May/28/1999) Voiced  Cyan 

Home Improvement (1991) 
  Ploys For Tots 08x12: (Dec/15/1998) Voiced  Claire (offscreen) 

Cow and Chicken (1997) 
  Night of the Ed/Cow's Pie 03x12: (Nov/01/1998) Voiced  Timmy's Mom, Squirrel 

Jungle Cubs (1996) 
  Nice Tiger / Sleepless In The Jungle 02x08: (Jan/10/1998) Voiced  Mother mouse 
  A Tale Of Two Tails / Hair Ball 02x06: (Nov/15/1997) Voiced  Ostrich 
  The Coming Of The Wolves 01x12: (Dec/21/1996) Voiced  Leah 
  Splendor In The Mud 01x10: (Dec/07/1996) Voiced  Winifred the Elephant 

Gargoyles (1994) 
  The Dying Of The Light 03x06: (Oct/26/1996) Voiced  Dr. Cornelia Stallman 
  The Gathering (1) 02x44: (Apr/29/1996) Voiced  Weird Sisters / Princess Katherine 
  Ill Met By Moonlight 02x42: (Feb/22/1996) Voiced  Princess Katherine / Weird Sisters / Ophelia 
  Kingdom 02x31: (Feb/05/1996) Voiced  Maggie The Cat 

Duckman (1994) 
  Sperms of Endearment 03x05: (Feb/10/1996) Voiced  Suzie 

Captain Planet and the Planeteers (1990) 
  Twelve Angry Animals 06x10: (Feb/03/1996) Voiced  Harp Seal, [Featuring]
  Hollywaste 05x02: (Sep/17/1994) Voiced  Bambi Blight, [Featuring]
  Hog Tide 03x10: (Nov/14/1992) Voiced  Lydia, [Featuring]

Aladdin (1994) 
  The Ethereal 03x06: (Nov/04/1995) Voiced  The Ethereal 

Street Sharks (1994) 
  Family Reunion 02x11: (Mar/19/1995) Voiced  Ripster's Mom 

Swat Kats: The Radical Squadron (1993) 
  Cry Turmoil / Swat Kats Unplugged 02x05: (Nov/05/1994) Voiced  Turmoil 

Phantom 2040 (1994) 
  Generation Unto Generation (1) 01x01: (Sep/18/1994) Voiced  Food Machine 

Darkwing Duck (1991) 
  Malice's Restaurant 03x12: (Nov/28/1992) Voiced  Morgana 
  Hot Spells 03x08: (Oct/31/1992) Voiced  Morgana 
  Monsters R Us 03x01: (Sep/12/1992) Voiced  Morgana 
  Dead Duck 01x47: (Nov/12/1991) Voiced  Morgana 

TaleSpin (1990) 
  The Road to Macadamia 01x60: (Feb/21/1991) Voiced  Princess Lotta L'Amour 
  Citizen Khan 01x41: (Dec/03/1990) Voiced  Clementine 

The Runaways (1978) 
  48 Hours to Live 02x13: (Aug/28/1979) As Linda Page 
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While she has voiced many characters throughout her career, she is most remember for the voices she provided for Phil and Lil in the animated program Rugrats, as well as its spin-off series, All Grown Up.

Kath Soucie’s work as a television voice actress has permitted her to gain many roles in various video games. One of her most well known roles was in the video game Baldur’s Gate II, in which she provided the voice of Aerie.

Kath Soucie has provided her voice for several commercials from prestigious companies throughout the course of her career.

While Kath Soucie is capable of providing many different voices, she has actually managed to use her normal speaking voice for a few of her roles, such as her voice for Princess Sally in Sonic the Hedgehog.

Despite the fact that she was going up against many well-known and experienced voice actresses, Kath Soucie was the one selected to provide the voice of Lola Bunny in the movie Space Jam.

Voiced the character Amanda Evert in the Eidos Interactive video game Tomb Raider: Legend.

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