Go It Alone - Recap

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Owen asks Cristina if she’s written her acceptance speech yet for the Harper Avery award since they both strongly believe that she’s going to win. She admits that she hasn’t yet, but plans on brainstorming with Meredith that night. He offers to go with her to Boston for support, but she declines, assuring him that she won’t be gone long.

Avery and April treat a young deaf girl, Jill, who was bitten by her dog. While stitching her up, Avery mentions to the parents that she’d be the perfect candidate for a hearing implant. However, the mother gets offended and strongly declines the offer.

Richard and Meredith treat a man who recently had a gastric bypass that went badly wrong, causing most of the process to be reversed. They were able to restore the issue, but he needs to be monitored overnight, which Richard guilts Meredith into doing. She has someone inform Derek that he’ll have to be the one to pick up the kids from daycare that night.

Owen reprimands Derek for neglecting his surgeries and lectures because he’s so wrapped up in his study. So Derek takes it upon himself to steal the residents for the evening and allow them to observe multiple procedures that he performs. Ben is exhausted after working a 32-hour shift, but agrees to stick it out with the rest of them.

Bailey moves forward with her idea of performing gene therapy on Braden, who’s still stuck living in a bubble. If it works, he should be able to live normally again, but for now they have to wait.

Just as Cristina is about to leave for the night, she stops by to see the McNeill family and overhears the parents, Sabine and John, fighting heavily. She tells them to leave for the kids’ sake and rehearses her speech for them. However, Ivy starts developing a fever and shortness of breath. When Sabine returns, Cristina tells her to track down John because it looks like she’s rejecting her new heart.

Avery tells April later on that if it had been their kid, he would’ve had the procedure done a long time ago. April doesn’t agree with his line of thinking and it quickly escalates into a fight. April worries that just because Avery doesn’t believe in something means that he thinks it’s ridiculous—like the topic of religion. He admits that he finds the whole concept of God to be absurd. April tells him that she pities him.

Meredith’s patient needs immediate surgery during the night. Before she goes in, she discovers that Derek is also working, which means that she has no idea who’s looking after their kids. She’s eventually able to track him down and discovers that Callie and Arizona are babysitting, but she’s angry at him for keeping her in the dark for so long.

While babysitting, Callie and Arizona start talking about having another baby. Callie mentions that she’ll be the one carrying the baby, but Arizona admits she may want to be the one who gets pregnant this time. But when they decide to flip a coin over the issue, Arizona realizes that she’d prefer if Callie were the one to do it. The next morning they get a knock at the door. It’s April, asking if she can move in for a while.

Sabine keeps trying to call John, but he’s not picking up his phone. She’s also having a hard time locating Frankie, who went off to roam the hospital. Alex asks Braden to track her down with the camera on his remote control car. They find her, but she’s passed out, having gone into heart failure. Now all three kids are back on the transplant list.

Sabine worries that John’s decided to leave her since she’s read stuff like this can tear families apart. But he returns the next morning, explaining that he’d simply fallen asleep in the car and apologizes for making her go through all that alone.

During one of Derek’s surgeries, Leah accidentally messes up, which could’ve caused serious brain damage to the patient. But when the patient wakes up, everything appears to be okay. Leah is relieved, but Derek tells her to remember the fear she just experienced. It will keep her from making that mistake again. Meanwhile, Ben accidentally fell asleep and missed the entire thing.

Cristina heads out by herself to the Harper Avery event. Upon getting there, she immediately regrets not letting Meredith and Owen accompany her. She calls Meredith in a panic, wishing she was there with her, but when she gets to her table she sees both of them waiting for her. She’s thrilled to see them.

When the Harper Avery award winner is finally announced, the name that is called is not Cristina’s. She tries not to show it, but she’s clearly devastated.