We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together - Recap

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Owen is trying to convince Cristina to go speak at a conference in Zurich as a way to help her get over not winning the Harper Avery. But she doesn't want to feel like she’s running away.

Owen and Cristina head into the conference room for a board meeting where Richard announces that Cristina’s boss, Dr. Russell, has decided to leave the hospital. He believes it’s because everyone now knows that no one working there can receive a Harper Avery. He asks Cristina to considering making an appeal since they could start losing grants because of this. She storms out without answering.

April and Avery attend a checkup for the baby, but neither one of them seems very excited about it. Sensing this, the doctor asks if they would like to terminate the pregnancy. They both immediately say no, but April remains worried throughout the day about why she isn’t happier about this.

Derek and his sister Amy introduce the residents to their new patient… or rather patients. They are two conjoined twins who share brain matter. And since one twin’s heart is working much harder than the other ones, it’s now necessary to separate them.

Braden’s doing extremely well after Bailey secretly injected him with the HIV gene against his parents’ request. However, they just think they were right about not moving forward with Bailey’s idea and think that she’s simply avoiding them because of it. Bailey asks Jo to monitor his progress.

Due to most of the staff prepping for the conjoined twins surgery, Jo is feeling extremely overwhelmed with responsibility, having to take on too many things at once. This leads to her getting yelled at by Arizona and screwing up on a surgery that Owen has to swoop in on. She hands Braden’s charts over to Stephanie to look after.

Cristina decides to accept the invitation to Zurich to speak about her research, which is where she runs into her ex-fiancé, Dr. Preston Burke. It turns out that he owns the hospital and invited her there in the first place. After the conference, he asks her to scrub into a surgery with him so he can show her something. She hesitantly accepts. Burke and Cristina talk during the surgery, where he explains how he came to be at the hospital, which needs no governmental funding. It has all the money it needs, including the ability to make a heart hologram, so doctors will never have to go in blind. It’s what he’s working on publishing next. Cristina admits that it was worth sticking around for.

During the conjoined-twins surgery, an unexpected clot develops, causing Amy to take one of the girls while Derek takes the other, after being properly separated. Unfortunately, Derek’s twin doesn’t make it, but Amy’s ends up pulling through.

Back in Zurich, Cristina admits to Burke that she knows what she wants next in her career. However, she’s afraid she can’t raise the support after losing the Harper Avery. She wants to print a functional, beating, human heart. Burke tells her she can do it there.

Richard blames Avery for the whole Harper Avery situation and yells at him in front of several other surgeons. April intervenes and reminds Richard that it was his relationship with Catherine that brought her to the hospital in the first place. Avery repays April’s show of support by agreeing to attend church with her and their child every Sunday as long as they can get waffles afterwards.

Cristina asks Burke if this job offer is just a ploy to get her back in his life. He assures her that he has no intention of having them work together. Burke is happily married with children now and seeing her everyday could potentially ruin all that. He actually wants her to take his place since he plans on leaving.

Having worked on Braden’s case before, Stephanie can tell by looking at his chart that Bailey went ahead with the procedure anyway. She’s impressed, but Bailey acts coy and pretends not to know what she’s talking about.

Impressed with her work that day in the OR, Derek suggests that Amy take his place working with Callie, who no longer needs his sensors for their brain-mapping research. Amy reminds Derek that she doesn’t live in Seattle. He suggests that she should move there.

Meredith meets Cristina at the airport and knows right away that Cristina plans on leaving. They stand there looking at each other.