And the Reality Check - Recap

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Done for the night, Caroline meets Max at the register to cash out, she tells that the last table they had; had “stiffed them,” but had left their camera behind. Max takes the camera and puts it in her pocket. “I’ll give it to Oleg and let him take one of his “special” pictures, than everyone will get stiffed.” Just then Earl announces that he is leaving; he wants to get home before the storm comes. Caroline comments about the 50 degree temperature outside but Earl insists. He could not tell that his first wife was going to leave him but he sure is positive when there is a storm coming. He walks out the door and Max turns to talk to Caroline again. “So what’s the plan? What are we going to do if it does snow? You’re so white I’m afraid I’m going to lose you.” Caroline loves the snow, but she’s used to enjoying the snow when she’s rich and since she’s not she has an illegal horse living with her that needs to be kept warm and sheltered. Caroline is convinced that it is not going to snow for weeks and that Chestnut will be “fine,” but Max is worried. Max makes fun of Caroline’s knowledge of weather patterns and her explanations of why there was a “soon to be” horse’s ghost haunting their apartment. She walks into the kitchen, throws Oleg the camera and tells him to take a picture of his “junk.” He instantly catches the camera and responds, “done.” Max continues to walk into the walk-in refrigerator. She stops and turns back around to look at him. He is undoing his pants to take the picture. “You’re not going to even ask why?” She questions him. “No need.” He replies as he fumbles with his pant string. Max smiles, opens the door to the fridge and walks in.

The door shuts behind her, no sooner does the door shut but there is a scream heard from the kitchen. By the time Max turns around, she sees Caroline open the walk-in door and run in. Caroline begins to explain that she had just seen Oleg’s…Max stops her and apologizes. “That may have been my fault” she says with a chuckle. Caroline wants to talk to Max; she does not like Max implying that Caroline doesn’t care about Chestnut. Max tells her there is not “Implying,” she was out right telling Caroline that it is winter and they have to take care of Caroline’s horse. Caroline has done some research and has decided that Chestnut belongs in a special home. She had found a retreat in The Grand Tetons; where divorced women go to hug horses. “Girl, the only Grand Tetons, that Chestnut trusts…Are mine.” Max needs Caroline to do a “reality check real quick, because Earl thinks it’s gonna snow.” “Earl also thinks that the theme from Shaft was stolen from a cassette tape he sent out in 1975.” Caroline replies. “Shut yo, mouth! That happened.” Max says back to her. Caroline continues to plead with Max telling her it will be ok and she’s confident it’s not going to snow.

The girls walk out of the refrigerator together to see Oleg dressed in a fur coat and hat. His pants were also cuffed with fur. He was ready for the storm. He sees the girls come out and towards him and tells them he is ready for the snow. Max turns and tells Caroline; “I think you need to have a conversation with Sn-Oleg (Snow-leg) over here.” He opens his jacket to get the camera for Max revealing another fur coat he is wearing underneath. He reaches into his back pocket and hands it to her. “I think you’ll be very pleased, I made video as well.” Caroline asks him why he is wearing two coats, and his reply; “Same reason I always wear 2 condoms, in case one breaks.”

Later that evening Max walks into the living room from her bedroom. She sees something from the corner of her eye outside, she looks through the window, “What the…?” She says as she walks out the back door. Caroline and Chestnut are there, Caroline is frantically sweeping snow away from Chestnut. In an attempt to keep Chestnut warm she had thrown a small parka over his head, a blanket over his back and she had taped fabric to his legs. “Well good morning to the world’s worst weather girl.” Max exclaims as she opens the back door to poke fun at Caroline. “You know what that means…Earl wrote Shaft.” Caroline had been out there sweeping since 4 am, she then yells at the snow. Confessing her love and hatred for the white frozen rain. “Why don’t you just call your old doorman ‘insert generic Irish name to come here and help.” Max asks Caroline. Her reply; “I know their names, Day James, Night James and Black James.” Caroline continues to sweep the snow away. Wearing only a garbage bag over her clothes to protect herself from the snow. She grabs a chair and pulls it over and places it under the tarp she had put up to protect Chestnut. She had to clear the snow off of it. Max, worried that she is going to fall runs over to help her. Caroline grabs the tarp and attempts to get the snow off of it when the snow shifts and becomes too heavy. It falls and covers both of the girls.

Max walks into Peach’s studio “Hey Peach,” she says. “Max! I have the most incredible news… “ “Lawyer finally found a hole in your pre-nup?” Max asks. “I wish…No, I just got an E-mail and I have made it to the final round of castings for Real Housewives of Tribeca. She wants everything to be perfect when the producers come over to see Brad and Angelina. It’s Peach vs. her best friend as the finalists. Peach needs a crazy or damaged animal to stay competitive and Max just happens to have the animal she’s looking for. Caroline’s horse, Chestnut. Peach thinks it’s a great idea. “What…An…Amazing…Idea, Misty…Is…Literally…Going…To…Die.” Then she takes Max’s hands and tells her how thrilled she is that Max “has a drinking problem.” In their apartment the girls are both lying in Caroline’s bed. Max asks her why she had to put Chestnut into her room. Caroline’s reason; “Your room was the easiest to horse proof” she has nothing of any worth. Caroline on her computer is looking up places to send Chestnut. Max tells her she can stop because she had the perfect place to send him…Caroline refuses. She will not give her horse to Peach. “Chestnut needs a home with attention, and she won’t even hug her children…She pays you to do it.” Max believes that is why it is perfect. Peach will pay for the stable and she and Max could go and pet Chestnut whenever they want. Caroline still refuses to meet Peach on Saturday. She draws Max’s attention to show her a stable that is only 5 miles away from them. Max looks into Caroline’s eyes and asks “Are you high?” after a small hesitation Caroline replies; “A little.” Max then tells her to stop looking and go to sleep. Caroline brings up Max’s browsing history and makes fun of her obsession with kittens. After telling Caroline she did not like pets she sure has a lot of kittens in her browsing history…”Kitten rings doorbell” “It’s a kitten and it’s ringing a DOORBELL…It’s trying to get in…LIKE PEOPLE!” Max exclaims trying to defend her-self. Caroline assures Max that they will do well at the stables the next day but Max isn’t paying attention, she is busy watching A kitten, ring a doorbell.

Max walks into the stable wearing a Tan fur coat and fur hat, she is holding stirrups as she walks in leading Chestnut with her. On Chestnut’s back sits Caroline wearing a white fur coat and fur hood. They want to impress the owner of the stables so he will take Chestnut in. They borrowed Oleg’s fur coats to do so. Tony comes walking down the steps, Caroline introduces her-self and Chestnut. She proudly tells Tony of all of Chestnuts accomplishments. He asks her when the last time Chestnut was active and Caroline gets defensive asking Tony the last time he had worked out. Tony respectfully tells Caroline and Max that even though the horse is free, he still has to feed it bath it and take care of it. If somebody wanted a horse for a film they would take the “Black Beauty” over Chestnut. Caroline realizes that Tony is not trying to be rude. “Oh.” She says as he explains the hardships. The girls turn to leave. Tony was not interested so the girls have to go and see Peach. They approach Peach’s front door. Max suggests that Caroline take her garbage bag jacket off. Caroline says “No.” and Max turns to open Peach’s door. She opens it and takes a step in. Peach’s studio is packed with “Peach clones” and Reality Tv. Caroline assumes that Peach is using Caroline’s “freak show” to get onto another freak show. She rips her bag and boots off and pulls her heels out of her bag. “You always have those with you?” Max asks. “Yes, I’m from Manhattan.” Caroline says as she grabs Max’s hand to help her stand in her shoes. “Don’t freak out.. I’m about to get my rich on.” Max opens the door and Caroline walks right in and up to Peach. “Thank you for inviting me to your beautiful home.” Peach smiles and turns to the camera to introduce her “Very very very good friend” Caroline. She thanked Caroline for allowing her to adopt her damaged horse and she thanked her “alcoholic servant” Max for introducing them. Max spits her drink slowly back into her cup.

In Peach’s stable the girls are petting Chestnut before they say good-bye to him. Caroline gives Max a moment with Chestnut. She tells Chestnut that she is really attached and that she’s upset and will miss him. “When everything sucked, you were the best thing we had going…and your fuzzy. Thank you for everything you did for us, especially being fuzzy.” Caroline walks up to Max as she closes Chestnut’s stable door. “Are you crying?” She asks. Don’t worry we’ll find a way to get Chestnut home for the spring” Caroline then offers Max her pocket full of dimes. They could go and get something to eat and have some fun. Max smiles and the girls exit the stables. They have a total of $ 621.25 saved for their cupcake business.