And the Pop-Up Sale - Recap

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Max walks over to Earl’s counter and asks him to break two, $20’s. “The big spenders at table two, wanna split their eleven dollar check, three ways; Even though one of them doubted eating.” She told Earl after leaning in to him. He laughs and tells her, “I was in a three way once…Same thing happened.” He laughs again, when Han comes running over to Max. He wants to remind her that it’s very important to pick up the customer comment cards. She tells Han that she is not a fan of them, he notices Max seems annoyed and asks her to “pump the breaks on the sour waitress routine” and to cheer up. The only way that could happen would require two “double A” batteries and a twenty minute break.

Max, Caroline, Earl, Oleg and Han are meeting in the diner after work for a meeting. Earl sits at a booth and complains, “This aint right man, 2 AM starts Earl Time!” Max pops a bottle of Brandy down on the table in front of him and says “Earl, here’s your Brandy” “OK! We’re good now.” Han wanted to tell the staff that they had gotten a lot of comments. Some good and some bad. Han tells Oleg that the cards say he should wear shirts with sleeves and deodorant. Oleg accuses Han of lying. Telling him what he thinks; while hiding behind “an outdated system of feedback.” Oleg stands up disgusted and tells Han he has to go home, to cut all of the sleeves off of all of his shirts, and then he has to go out and buy more shirts, and cut the sleeves off of them. He tells Han not to tell him what to do he had been working there before Han had been born. Later that night the girls are in their apartment attempting to get their stove lit. With the gas on they try throwing matches at it, Caroline stops and thinks about what they are doing. She then asks Max if throwing matches at a lit stove was a poor people game like “The deadliest bake.”

Caroline tells Max that they have to tell the landlord that they need a new oven. Max explains to Caroline that they can’t because then the landlord would ask them questions, like; “Who are you? Why is your name not on the lease and where is my rent money?” “Ok,” Caroline exclaims, “Then I’ll buy us a new oven” Max laughs at her and reminds her that, they were so poor that “I have a sock that I refer to as my good sock” Caroline tells Max she has rings put aside to sell and they will pawn her rings to get themselves an oven. She reaches up to a cookie jar and pulls it down. She dumps out the contents and asks Max if she had ever heard of “T.A.T.” rings? Max has no idea but it doesn’t matter because it would give her a chance to show Caroline her “Secret stash” she reaches down and pulls out a picture of a purple oven, her dream oven. Caroline just looked at Max, “What? It’s the T.A.T. of ovens!” The girls decide to go to the “Cash for gold store” the next day. For now they had to get back to work, and light the oven to bake their cupcakes. Caroline takes this turn, throwing the match at the oven, the match lands no-where near it. It lands closer to Max’s foot. Caroline winces in fear of exploding, and without looking she asks Max if the oven was lit. Max says no, the stove wasn’t lit, but her foot was. Max takes the matches and tells Caroline “I’ll do it.” She stands over the open oven, gas hissing and throws matches straight down at the ground, directly under the oven. On her third try a “whoosh” and flame explodes from under the oven. The girls turn in fear, when they turn back around they both remove their hands from their eyebrows and in unison tell each other that their eyebrows are still there.

In the “Cash for gold” offices Max and Caroline sit patiently as the woman at her desk talks on the phone. Caroline stands up and excuses herself, she doesn’t mean to be rude but they would like to know how much longer they are going to have to wait. The woman tells her to sit down, shut up and not to be rude. Caroline sits down and starts going over the history of her rings, Max has a bad feeling, she stands up and tells Caroline that they should go. The woman at the desk repeats herself, telling the girls to “Sit down, shut up and don’t be rude.” Caroline asks Max why she thinks it’s a bad idea. “Because, I don’t want you to have to give up your precious rings…Froto” She is worried that if the business doesn’t work out then it’ll be her fault that Caroline will have nothing. Caroline appreciates it but she feels it’s worth it. The woman hangs up the phone and abruptly tells the girls to come over. Caroline begins to tell the woman about the rings but she has no interest, she had never heard of the designer so she would weigh it. She offers the girls a very low price and Caroline gets offended, she feels that she is being taken advantage of because of the economy. She asks to see the woman’s business license and threatens to call the “Better Business Bureau” the woman ponders her threat for a moment before asking if Caroline and Max would like to instead have her talk to her “boys in the back.” She calls to the back and two giant muscle bound men walk out, the girls instantly intimidated grab their possessions and leave.

At the diner Caroline comes running out of the bathroom to tell Max about an idea she had just had. She wanted to take the rings back to a store where they are sold. She hadn’t thought about it before because she had bought the rings at another store, in another country…3 years ago, but it was worth a shot. Han goes rushing by the girls, running up to Oleg’s kitchen window. He rings the bell, Oleg puts his hand over it to mute it, Han tells Oleg; “The customer wanted crust OFF of turkey club.” Oleg replies “did they say that? Or is this something that you say that they said?” Han and Oleg begin to argue. They begin to make fun of both of their accents, mocking each other in broken English. Oleg tells the entire dining room he is on break until “Little man apologizes.” Han is the boss, so Max goes into the kitchen to try and get Oleg to say he was sorry. He tells Max he will go back to work if she gives him a hug, she reluctantly agrees and hugs Oleg. Caroline walks in and Max turns to talk to her, her shirt unzipped she looks down and notices and screams; “WOAH! How did you do that? Your hands never left my back.” Oleg replied “I am like David Blane of zippers.” Max quickly zipped her shirt back up and Oleg walking away tells her she did make him feel better.

In the store Caroline attempts to return one of her rings. The woman apologizes but she cannot return them without a receipt. Caroline tells the woman that she can’t keep the ring because it’s from a man who she is no longer seeing. The counter girl apologizes again but without a receipt…Max interrupts her and tells her “the thing is, he used to hit her!” Caroline turns to Max “HE DID NOT!” Max calms Caroline down and tells her “It’s not your fault.” The girl at the counter looks at the ring and then back up at the girls. “That’s awful I can see why you wouldn’t want this ring. I’m sure there is something I can do, it’s not our fault... I mean it’s not your fault.” The woman walks away and somebody calls “Caroline” The man comes up and smiles in Caroline’s face. Caroline apologizes for getting the man fired from his last job and in turn ruining his life; causing him to spend “Gay pride day” all by himself. The counter girl comes back and tells Caroline she is ready. The man walks over and looks at the ring, he asks for a receipt. He snidely tells the girls that he couldn’t possibly return a ring that she had gotten at least…He looks down and examines the ring, 3 years ago. Without a receipt. “As manager of the jewelry department, you wouldn’t want me to lose my job, again, would you?” He again smiles in Caroline’s face. He apologizes and tells Caroline its karma, “your where you are, and look at me, I’m back on top.” Max looks at him and says; “I know we’ve just met but there’s no way you’re a top.” Caroline laughs and the girls walk over to the elevator. It occurs to the girls that the only way to get rid of the rings was to sell them to people that would want them, and the people that would want them were already there in the store. Caroline wants to have a pop up sale. Max has no idea what that is so Caroline explains.

“It’s the new trend, mini stores pop up and sell stuff then their gone.” Max corrects her; “it’s not a new trend drug dealers have been doing that the whole time.” Caroline announces to the elevator full of people that there is a pop up sale in the ladies room. The women get excited, and Max and Caroline take them to the ladies room. With people going to the bathroom they begin to setup. As they set up some old friends of Caroline’s come in the bathroom and Caroline bails on Max leaving her to sell the rings by herself. At the diner Caroline comes in and apologizes to Max, she asks her how the sale went. Max asks Caroline if she knows her at all, because if she knew her then she would have never left her. Max then gives Caroline back her rings and tells her she couldn’t sell them because she didn’t believe Caroline when she told her she was in it for the long haul. Max is very upset at Caroline she left her when they were desperate enough to be putting themselves on the line. Max has no reason to talk to Caroline and she walks into the dining room.

At the apartment Max walks in and smells something cooking. She asks Caroline if she had lit the pilot light, Caroline didn’t have to because as she shows Max she bought the “Oven of Max’s dreams.” The blue star oven, in purple. Max gets very excited and asks Caroline how she could afford it. Caroline had gone to every “Cash for gold” place and leveraged their prices against each other until she was able to afford the oven, next day delivery and installation. Their future means a lot to Caroline and she’s in it for the long haul. The girls have $621.25 saved for their cupcake business.