Season 7

145 :07x01 - Summer Lovin'

Haley gets back together with Dylan. Alex and Sanjay plan their breakup since they are both going off to college. Mitchell avoids finding a new job and takes up art. Jay and Gloria try to find a good preschool for Joe.
Guest Stars: Adam DeVine as Andy | Justin Kirk as Charlie Bingham | Reid Ewing as Dylan | Vicki Lewis as Erica | Suraj Partha as Sanjay | Susan Egan as Miss Ford | Laura Ashley Samuels as Beth

146 :07x02 - The Day Alex Left for College

Phil and Claire are hurt when Alex lies about her college move-in date and Luke doesn't want to spend the day at Phil's open house; being landlords stresses out Mitch and Cam.

Source: ABC
Guest Stars: Chloe Csengery as Maisie | Brittani Ebert as Debbie | Kendall Ryan Sanders as Will
Writer: Danny Zuker

147 :07x03 - The Closet Case

Mitchell takes a job with a rival of Jay's; Luke and Manny visit Alex but use the opportunity to meet girls; Gloria is upset when a cheerleader doesn't decorate Manny's locker; Phil and Claire try to play chicken when Dylan moves in.
Guest Stars: Reid Ewing as Dylan | Jon Polito as Earl Chambers | Irene White as Helen

148 :07x04 - She Crazy

Phil convinces Lily to help with hatch the ducks he made a habitat for; Claire wants to impress her father with some ideas she has for the business; Cam spends time bonding with the frat guys.
Guest Stars: Reid Ewing as Dylan | Lucila Sola as Mariela Morales | Joe Mande as Ben | Kasey Mahaffy as Dom | Donald Sage MacKay as George Ross | Phillip Fallon as Munch | Christian Gehring as Jace

149 :07x05 - The Verdict

Gloria is excited at the possibility for being selected for jury duty; Claire brings Alex and Haley to work and hopes to impress them; Phil takes Manny and Luke's class to community service day.
Guest Stars: Vicki Lewis as Erica | Kevin Chamberlin as Monty | Philip Anthony-Rodriguez as Tim | Kasey Mahaffy as Dom | Kevin Berntson as Raymond | Christopher Darga as Lou

150 :07x06 - The More You Ignore Me

Phil is surprised by Claire's reaction to Luke's arrest; Mitchell helps Gloria figure out the secret to her family sauce recipe.
Guest Stars: Adam DeVine as Andy | Reid Ewing as Dylan | Laura Ashley Samuels as Beth | Jeremy Scott Johnson as Andrew | Matt McGrath as Simon | Spenser McNeil as Reuben | Brooke Sorenson as Tammy | Marissa Caprielian as Customer | Michele Panu as Sarah | Jill Remez as Hostess

151 :07x07 - Phil's Sexy, Sexy House

Phil is selling an upscale home where various members of the family sneak off for alone time.
Guest Stars: Adam DeVine as Andy | Spenser McNeil as Reuben

152 :07x08 - Clean Out Your Junk Drawer

Gloria wins a silent auction to have a therapist come for an afternoon with the adults; Haley and Alex consider dumping their boyfriends.
Guest Stars: Catherine O'Hara as Dr. Debra Radcliffe | Adam DeVine as Andy | Spenser McNeil as Reuben

153 :07x09 - White Christmas

Gloria's plans for a White Christmas don't go as planned.
Guest Stars: Adam DeVine as Andy | Andrea Martin as Fig | Laura Ashley Samuels as Beth

154 :07x10 - Playdates

Haley, Alex and Luke scramble to fulfill their promise of a special day for Cameron; Gloria arranges a playdate with a couple at Joe's school.
Guest Stars: Barbra Streisand as Herself | Ray Liotta as Himself | Keegan-Michael Key as Tom Delaney | Orson Bean as Marty | Christine Lakin as Lisa Delaney | Mia Barron as Vicky

155 :07x11 - Spread Your Wings

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156 :07x12 - Clean for a Day

Claire decides to get rid of all of the clutter out of the house before taking over Jay's business. Jay's new hobby causes concern for Cameron.
Guest Stars: Suraj Partha as Sanjay | Josh Casaubon as Gus

157 :07x13 - Thunk in the Trunk

Phil feels unappreciated as Claire is busy running the closet business. A life-size standee of Gloria for her hot sauce display receives some unsavory attention. Cam and Mitch feel suspicious of their new renters.
Guest Stars: David Bottrell as Mr. Wilkerson | Heather Goldenhersh as Mrs. Wilkerson | Steve Agee as Tommy | Allison Dunbar as Abigail | Jennifer O'Dell as Brenda |
Co-Guest Stars: Tina Arning as Tanya | Scott Christopher as Victor | Michael Fitzgerald (2) as Parker | Seth Menachem as Smart-ass
Director: Phil Traill
Writer: Elaine Ko

158 :07x14 - The Storm

A power outage during a thunderstorm sees the whole family going to Jay and Gloria's. Jay attempts to make it to a reunion with some friends from the Navy. Phil hopes to redeem himself following a panic attack.
Special Guest Stars: Adam DeVine as Andy |
Guest Stars: Chloe Csengery as Maisie |
Co-Guest Stars: Rigel Blue as Lily's Friend | Juliette Jeffers as Mom | Violet Lux as Ashley | Raegan Revord as Megan
Director: James Bagdonas
Writer: Danny Zuker

159 :07x15 - I Don't Know How She Does It

Clueless that Claire has a new personal assistant, Phil is unable to work out how she is getting everything done. Jay and Gloria are suffering with a lack of sleep after Joe goes through a fussy phase.
Special Guest Stars: Nathan Lane as Pepper Saltzman |
Guest Stars: Kevin Daniels as Longinus | Matthew Tyler Risch as Jotham (as Matthew Risch) | Erica Rhodes as Marianne | Bryan Safi as Matt |
Co-Guest Stars: Rob Zazzali as Will | Kelsey Formost as Tess | Raymond Lee as Alan | Luke Cook as Cliff | Patrick Hume as Kyle
Director: Ryan Case

160 :07x16 - The Cover-Up

Phil lies to Claire in an effort to stop her from finding out about his attractive new client. Gloria wants Claire's help in dealing with a yoga instructor she believes is attracted to her.
Guest Stars: Mekia Cox as Angie | Jon Polito as Earl Chambers |
Co-Guest Stars: Aubree Young as Sydney | Juan Antonio as Kenny | Charles Justo as Ra
Director: Jim Hensz
Writer: Chuck Tatham

161 :07x17 - Express Yourself

Phil decides to take a spontaneous trip to Paris with Claire, but they are both feeling tired.
Special Guest Stars: Adam DeVine as Andy |
Guest Stars: Dana Powell as Pameron | Ellen Ratner as Waitress |
Co-Guest Stars: Brigitte Valdez as Bianca | Christopher Chen as Karaoke Host | Michael E. Sanders as Croupier | Michael Tauzin as Clint | Jeff Adler as Tom
Director: Alisa Statman

162 :07x18 - The Party

Manny and Luke baby-sit Lily so the adults can have a day alone but things go awry. Claire is convinced the boys are throwing a party.

163 :07x19 - Man Shouldn’t Lie

Claire and the children attempt to hide a stray dog from Phil. Gloria invites a new couple over.
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Comedy
Status: Returning Series
Network: ABC ( USA)
Airs: Wednesdays at 09:00 pm
Runtime: 30 Minutes
Premiere: September 23, 2009
Episode Order: 24
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