Flip Flop - Recap

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The episode begins with Cam showing the Pritchetts and the Dunphys around the house that he and Claire have renovated, so they can sell it for a good price. They all raise a toast to a project successfully completed and Phil is sure people will soon be "clamoring" to buy the house. At a diner, Phil meets Gil Thorpe, a fellow real estate agent, who makes him an offer for the house. Phil turns it down, saying it’s too low. Gil argues that the market is crashing and he might not get the same offer again, but Phil is adamant and is sure he will be able to sell the house for much more.

Two months in the future, and the house still hasn’t sold. Phil is trying his best, but it seems Claire and Cam have lost all hope. At the Pritchett’s, Gloria isn’t happy when she finds out Javier is bringing his girlfriend along to spend the weekend with Manny. Gloria still remembers the time Javier took Manny fishing and he brought his stripper girlfriend along. Phil doesn’t think it’s a big deal and makes a few stripper jokes, which makes Gloria angrier. At the Dunphy’s, Cam, Mitch, and Claire are talking about how they can get rid of the house. Mitch is really tempted to rub Cam’s nose in the fact that he was right, for trying to stop him from doing this project, but he resists the temptation.

Phil reveals that Gil Thorpe has given a fresh offer, but it is $10,000 lower than the last one. Claire urges Phil to convince Gil to give them the previous offer, but Phil says Gil won’t agree. After Claire has used a bit of flattery, saying that Phil is the best salesman she knows, Phil agrees to talk to Gil about the earlier offer. At the Pritchett’s, Javier arrives with the Trish, his new girlfriend, and as usual, Gloria is expecting her to be a stripper or a waitress. She is shocked, and apparently jealous, when she learns that Trish has a PhD and is on the board of an art museum. Manny is already a big fan of hers because they share similar tastes, which irritates Gloria further.

While Phil is talking to Gil over the phone, trying to convince him and is being made fun of for caving in, Luke comes in and says his friend Zack is still looking for a house. Luke reveals that his friend isn’t a kid, but a 40-year-old software guy, who drives a better car than Phil. On hearing this, Phil is really excited and hangs up after telling Gil off. Claire, Mitch, and Cam, who are also there, feel that Phil has made a mistake.

At the Pritchett’s, while Gloria is heading to the baby’s room, Manny suggests that they play Charades. Manny teams up with Trish, while Javier and Jay team up. Gloria decides to join them and asks which team she should play for. She is offended when she realizes neither team wants her. Phil talks to Zack on the phone and the whole gang is relieved to find out that Zack, like Luke said, is actually an adult. Haley even finds out from his Facebook account that Zack has graduated from MIT. At the Pritchett’s, Gloria, after playing for a while, realizes that she is not good at Charades. Angrily, she walks out.

Haley gives the gang every little detail about Zack by researching all the social networking sites he is registered on. Based on all the information they have been given, they scramble to transform the house to Zack’s liking before he arrives. At the Pritchett’s, while Gloria is ranting to Jay in the kitchen about how well Trish and Manny are getting along, Javier comes in and upsets her some more by revealing that he is planning to marry Trish.

While everyone’s hanging out in the living room, Javier proposes to Trish. She turns down the proposal, saying their relationship will never work and walks away. Zack arrives and the gang is all prepared to woo him. At the Pritchett’s, Trish has locked herself in Manny’s bedroom. She had assumed it was the bathroom because it reeked of potpourri. She isn’t willing to let Javier in but, when Gloria volunteers to talk to her, she allows her in. During the course of the conversation, Trish tells Gloria how amazing she looks and how Manny idolizes her. She says that Javier hasn’t gotten over her yet.

Trish says she turned down Javier’s proposal because she feels she won’t be able to compete with someone as amazing as her. Gloria is overjoyed on hearing Trish’s confessions and hugs her, welcoming her into the family. Phil and gang go overboard with trying to impress Zack but, when they mistakenly let it spill that they know every little detail of his life, things go wrong. Zack finds that creepy and walks out. After Zack leaves, a disappointed Claire blames herself for everything, calling herself a failure.

The doorbell rings and it is Gil at the door. He enters and immediately Cam and Mitch pretend that they are prospective buyers. Gil doesn’t know who they really are. He is worried about seeing a gay couple interested in the house because he feels gays mean business. He tells Phil that his client is really interested in the house and is willing to up the offer. On hearing this, Phil realizes that he can now dictate the terms. After Phil and Gil walk out, the rest of the gang rejoices and Cam rubs Mitch’s nose in it, saying he was right all along.

While playing golf with Gil, Phil gets a call from Claire. Before Phil picks up the call, Gil warns him to not tell Claire where he is because she might not like it. Phil lies to Claire that he is in a meeting and, while at it, Gil yells from behind that they are playing golf and that Phil even had a beer for lunch. Phil tries to run away, so Claire won’t hear Gil, but Gil chases after him. The episode ends at this point.