My Hero - Recap

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The scene opens with Cam and Mitchell returning from shopping. They run into Mitchell’s old boyfriend, Teddy. He invites them to a fundraiser that he is holding and they say that it would be fun. Cam tells Mitchell that they should go and Mitchell is shocked that he is alright with him hanging out with his old boyfriend. Claire is babysitting Joe. Manny comes downstairs and Claire asks why Manny has their names on a list. He says that he is still trying to see who he is going to write an essay about.

Jay and Gloria get back from their date and Gloria says that she lied to get a free meal after finding a hair in her food. Manny scratches her name off his list. Jay says that Claire should come and work for him because there is an opening. She says that she is going to have to think about it. Jay tells Gloria not to have flowers on Joe’s blanket because he might turn into Manny. Insulted, Manny writes Jay’s name down, only to scratch it out. Haley gets another brochure from Community College and tells Alex not to say anything. Claire comes in and says that Jay offered her a job. Phil says that she should take it. Claire says that Jay is a horrible boss. She says that she did 4 things that disappointed Jay, but she only names 3 out of the 4.

Cam and Mitchell arrive at the roller rink where the fundraiser is being held. Teddy comes up and Lily decides that she wants Teddy to help with her skates and not Cam. Mitchell asks Cam if he is alright and he says that he is. He sees that the Dumphys and the Pritchetts are there too and Mitchell says that he is sure that Teddy just invited everyone on his contact list. Phil goes up to Gloria and tells her to put on skates. She says that she doesn’t know how to skate and Phil offers to teach her. Haley and Alex sit with Manny, but two boys come up and Haley and Alex kick Manny out of his seat. Manny scratches Alex’s and Haley’s names off his list. Cam talks to Teddy and Claire and Jay tells Claire that she owes him a phone call and Teddy owes him $50 for the golf game. Cam is clearly jealous and smiles when Teddy says that Gloria doesn’t seem to like him.

Alex and Haley talk to the boys and Alex shows that she is smart. Haley asks Alex what she is doing and tells her not to decrease the boy’s value. She says that they need to work on being nice. Manny sits next to Luke, who is binge eating. He says that Teddy seems terrific. Phil is continuing to teach Gloria to skate. She starts to fall, but Teddy catches her. Cam is upset and hits the punching bag game. Mitchell says that it is clear that Cam needs to talk. Cam says that Mitchell’s family is cheating on him with his ex-boyfriend. Cam says that he would never ask the family to break up with Teddy and tells him that it should come from Mitchell. An employee comes up to Cam and says that he broke the rink record on the game. She gives him a pink stuffed bear.

Jay goes up to Claire, but Mitchell interrupts and tells the family to stop seeing Teddy. They realize that this is coming from Cam. Manny doesn’t like how Mitchell sold Cam out and scratches Mitchell’s name off his list. However, when the announcement of a fire is heard, the family leave with Teddy because it is closer. Phil and Gloria continue to try to roller skate outside and Phil gets hurt a little. Jeff, Claire’s old boss, comes up to her and asks her to take over like old times. She does and Luke comes up and says that he threw up. He says that he wrote his hero’s essay about Claire and Phil thinks that it is about him. Jay comes up to Claire and tells her that he wants to know why she doesn’t want the job. Claire says that it was tense and he talked down to her. She gives him the ice for Cam and Jay leaves disappointed.

Haley and Alex beat the boys at Air Hockey and Haley tells them that they need to leave. Haley says that this was training for Alex and that she will meet better guys. Alex says that Haley is smart. Jeff comes back and Claire says that things are bad because she has changed, but it is clear that she is good at what she does. She wants to give a piece of her mind to Jay. She leaves, grabbing the tips as she leaves. Teddy inspects Cam and says that he will be alright.

Jay comes and sits next to Cam. He says that Cam is a better catch for Mitchell. Claire hears this and has a change of heart. Cam asks Jay to skate with him, but he declines. He accepts Claire’s offer. Claire asks for the job. Gloria tries to skate and succeeds. She pulls Phil’s pants down in the process. Later that night, Haley picks the college brochure out of the trash. At the roller rink, Cam shows his picture of him beating the record, but Teddy beats the record. Cam tells Mitchell that he is no longer allowed to see Teddy. The episode ends.