Goodnight, Gracie - Recap

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The scene opens with Clarie saying Phil’s mom died. Alex says she was just like her. Phil comes out and hugs Phil. Cam says Phil’s mom was nice and Phil thanks Cam and Mitchell for being there. Mitchell says it is great timing. Gloria is dressed in black and says she is a wanted woman in Florida for a brothel being run under her name. Jay asks Mitchell to go to court with Gloria and he tries to say no, but decides it is for the best when they see she could be viewed as possibly running things at a brothel. Phil’s dad, Frank, comes out and welcomes everyone to Florida. Jay thinks he recognizes Frank’s neighbor. Shelly, the security officer of Leisure Park comes up and says everything is set up for Frank. She looks at Phil and tells him that there is no feeding the ducks. He pulls out bread pieces from his pockets.

Manny and Cam walk around and Manny says he loves it in Florida. Cam sees a Book Club and gets along well with the ladies. In Court, Mitchell feels it is going to go smoothly, but sees the judge is tough. A woman asks Mitchell to be her lawyer and Gloria says it will go quicker if he does. He attempts to say the woman is not guilty, but when he is asked why, he says he is going to need a minute.

At the house, Phil shows Claire a box with things for the kids. There is a note that Claire reads saying Phil needs to fix Frank up with Annie, a woman a few streets over. He says it is crazy and says Frank will not follow anything with a casserole. Haley comes up to Phil and Claire and says she made cookies. Phil is grateful it wasn’t one of the neighbors. Phil gives the kids what his mom left them. Haley gets jewelry, Luke gets a watch and Alex gets a lighter. Clarie says Phil needs to fulfill his mom’s wish, but he is not willing. Back in Court, Mitchell wins the case for the woman and is asked to plead other’s cases as well.

Back at the club, Alex is confused why she got a lighter. Haley says that Phil’s mom took a lot of medications before she died. Shelly comes up and tells Haley and Alex the pool is for residents only. Haley says she doesn’t scare her. Alex runs away. During a game of Mazong, Cam sees one of the ladies cheating. He tells one of the other ladies, but she steals cookies from the table. Another lady of the Book Club comes up asking where the cookies went. Cam tells her what happened. Jay goes up to the neighbor he recognized and realizes she is the woman how took his virginity when he was in basic training for the Navy. Alex and Frank look at a photo album and he reminisces about the fun times. Alex asks Frank about the lighter. He says the card opens and she smiles when she read what is inside. Clair and Phil walk around and Claire secretly takes Phil to Annie’s house. However, when the door is opened, a man is with Annie. Claire says she made a mistake. At the Book Club, the lady who cheated at Majong wins again. Cam tries to calm the ladies down when they start to argue.

Jay talks to the neighbor and she remembers him. She says he left her something. However, when she gets back with the box, it is full of other men’s things. Jay sees that she sent off a lot of men to war. Phil teases Claire and they get into the house to find Frank getting swarmed by women. Cam tells Claire that Marv, the man with Annie, is her brother. In Court, Gloria’s case comes up and Mitchell, because the judge is tired of hearing him, gets the case dismissed. Phil goes up to Annie and tells her about his mother’s last wish. She says she doesn’t know what to say. She hugs Phil and says he is a good son.

At the memorial, Cam is emotional and Mitchell says he wants to quit his job and get back to the courtroom. Alex gives a speech and fulfills her grandmother’s wish. She lights some fireworks. The families are ready to go back to California and Luke and Manny relax on rocking chairs on the porch. The episode ends.