Pictures of You - Recap

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Bonnie visits Jeremy's grave and says a tearful goodbye. While at it, she sees him standing behind her, shouting at her to wake up. She wakes up on her couch surrounded by flames and puts them out with a wave of her hand. At the Salvatores, it has been eight or nine days since Elena killed anyone, so the plan is to either bombard Elena with emotions until one of them sticks or to lock her up. Stefan plans to bail, when she gets her humanity back. Rebekah and Klaus try to convince Elijah why each of them are worthy of the cure and Rebekah argues that Klaus having it means Silas could break down the veil to the other side.

Elijah decides on Rebekah and asks her to prove that she really wants it. Elijah tells her to live a day as a human, no vampire privileges, no strength, and no compulsion and if she succeeds, she can have it. While Elena and Rebekah are shopping for prom dresses, Elena says that she thinks she'll fail. Bonnie tells Caroline about her dream and burning couch. Bonnie, Caroline and Matt are going together for the prom and Caroline walks away, when Elena comes in. In the night, Stefan and Damon pick Elena up for prom in a limo and turns out, she’s stolen Caroline's prom dress. Caroline on learning about this goes to Klaus, complaining about her stolen dress.

At prom, Caroline has made a photo memory book of the senior class, including pictures of Elena with Jeremy. Rather than being moved by them, Elena announces she's going to get a seizure if she keeps staring at the screens. Damon smuggles a flask in and makes repeated references to Elena about being her boyfriend, but she calls him out for trying to stir up her emotions. She coldly tells him he means nothing to her and unleashes similar nastiness on Bonnie and Matt when they check on her. Upon seeing her reaction, Bonnie concludes that the Elena they knew is really gone. Bonnie goes for air outside and sees a photo of her with Jeremy and then she sees Jeremy. She doesn't care if it's real and goes to dance with him.

Inside, Stefan grabs Elena for a dance and she tells him to get lost or she’ll bite, but he insists, so she eventually gives in. Rebekah asks Matt if he thinks she would make a good human. He tells her he’s never seen her do anything remotely good, which is why he feels the answer is no. While dancing Stefan asks Elena if she’s there just to help Rebekah and Elena replies in the affirmative, adding there isn’t any other reason. He holds her close and asks her if she feels nothing in his arms and she insists she doesn’t. He tries a few other things to make her feel something, but she insists she feels nothing and in the end, walks away.

Soon after, Caroline arrives in a spectacular dress and before she can lash out at Elena for her stolen dress, Stefan intervenes, walks her away and calms her down. Rebekah asks April to help her win prom queen; she refuses and tells her that she can’t compel her because she’s on Vervane. Rebekah insists she wasn’t planning to do any such thing, when Elena walks up to them and takes April by the throat, saying she’ll kill her if she doesn’t give Rebekah the crown. Rebekah acts shocked, but Elena counters, saying it was what Rebekah was going to do anyway.

Rebekah insists she wasn’t and Elena reminds her, how she tortured her into telling her about the cure and ruined her relationship with Stefan and then trapped them with a werewolf. She tells Rebekah she’s a bad person and isn’t going to win the cure by being herself, so she tells her to shut up and let her take care of it. Outside, Jeremy and Bonnie are dancing and he asks if she misses him. She tells him she does and he asks if she wants it to be real. He tells her that her magic can bring him back for good. Bonnie recoils, realizing its Silas in Jeremy’s skin. He tells her she needs him so she doesn’t lose control and burn herself up with her magic.

He begs her to let him help her, so she doesn’t hurt herself or anyone else, but she says she doesn’t want to see Jeremy bad enough to help him. At Klaus’, Elijah has the white oak stake that Caroline gave him, but hands it over to Klaus. He tells him that he’ll be able to get past his Silas issue in time. Klaus threatens to take out Katherine if he doesn’t help him. Elijah reasons he should be a caring brother and give her a pass because Elijah loves her. Klaus reminds him he’s his only living brother and that he will spend his life making sure Elijah never knows happiness. Elijah tells Klaus that he leads a hollow little life.

At prom, Rebekah begs Matt for a dance. He finally caves in and takes her to the dance floor. She tells him she knows that being good won’t be easy, but she wants to try. She tells him he’s everything that she wants to be in a human. He tells her he’s just a busboy and isn’t out saving the world, but she counters, saying he’s beautifully human. Caroline finds Damon, who tells her he’s taking a breather on trying to rescue Elena. She tells him prom sucks and this wasn’t how she wanted to remember the night. He hands her his flask and she swigs and tells him she’ll see him at the after party. Bonnie tells Damon and Stefan about Silas, while Elena eavesdrops.

She then tells Rebekah, how horrible it would be if her brother came back to life and bugged her nonstop about turning back on her humanity. The brothers and Matt debate whether Bonnie is safer at the prom or out of there. April announces that the winning prom couple for the night is Bonnie and Matt. Elena tells Rebekah the best way to remove the Silas threat is to kill his witch, but Rebekah says she can’t kill Bonnie because she’s supposed to be human. Elena tells her that’s okay, saying she can take care of it and walks away. Matt tries to revive April as Rebekah comes in and he asks Rebekah to feed her blood to heal her. She tells him she can’t help because Elijah told her she couldn’t use her powers.

After Matt pleads with her to be good and help April, Rebekah is torn. Stefan and Damon find each other and pull out the daggers they were stabbed with and share their discovery of the attacks. Bonnie runs through the parking lot and Silas pursues her. He tells her that her magic is taking over and she needs his help to control it. She is freaking out and all of the car alarms are going off. She screams for him to get out of her head and he’s gone. Suddenly, Elena attacks from behind, grabbing Bonnie and biting deeply into her neck, but the blood seems to be affecting Elena terribly. She as a result collapses and Bonnie uses her magic to take her down and break her limbs.

Stefan runs up and begs her to stop, saying the magic wants her to destroy Elena. As she’s about to die, Elena begs her to stop and Bonnie relents. She takes off and Elena collapses into Damon’s arms. Matt thanks Rebekah for saving April. He promises her that he won’t tell anyone she used her powers and adds that she might make a good human after all. He takes April home, while Klaus comes in and mocks Rebekah’s choice. He tells her, the human facts of life are that you have to watch people die and wonder why and what you could have done to stop it. She asks if he’s going to tell Elijah and he tells her that it really doesn’t matter anymore. Elijah gives Rebekah the cure, except Rebekah is with Klaus.

Rebekah calls Elijah and he realizes he’s been tricked by his brother and Silas. She tells him not to take his eyes off the cure and he tells her it’s too late for that. Tyler and Caroline are dancing, when he tells her he has to go soon. He says he has to be gone before people show up for the after party because no one can see him. She kisses him and thanks him for the best prom ever. He leaves her there and heads out. Klaus is waiting for him on the porch and asks Tyler if it was worth it to give her the night of her dreams. He tells him he can have a five second head start in respect of Caroline’s feelings, he starts counting and Tyler is gone in a flash.

Damon tells Stefan that Elena was scared she was going to die and reminds Stefan, that fear is a human emotion. They agree it’s a good sign and lock her in their dungeon. Klaus finds a letter in his house from Katherine. In the letter, she has mentioned that there’s a witch named Jane in New Orleans who’s plotting against him and what the witch has in store for him will make his troubles with Silas seem like a non-issue. Bonnie goes looking for Silas and finds him in his true form.

She asks why he’s hiding in the shadows and he tells her that his true love cursed him to be so hideous no one else could ever love him. She asks to see his face, so he steps out of the shadows and it is truly awful. She can barely look at him.\