The Originals - Recap

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Stefan and Damon leave Elena to slowly desiccate in the dungeon, waiting for her to get desperate enough to beg for blood, or showing feelings. Katherine arrives with news that Hayley lured Klaus to New Orleans. She thinks he's out of their lives for good. In New Orleans, Hayley hangs out in a bar where Jane Anne tends bar. She knows Hayley is a werewolf and shows her where to look for her family. She also snags some of Hayley's hair. Jane Anne and her sister Sophie head to a graveyard with Hayley's hair to perform a spell to get Klaus. Sophie heads off for her part of the task.

Late at night, Hayley pulls up to the place where Jane Anne told her to go. As Jane Anne begins the spell in the graveyard, Hayley's map bursts into flames. Her car stalls. She calls for a tow service, but gets a splitting headache instead and is quickly surrounded by Sophie and witches in the woods. Hayley passes out. In New Orleans, Klaus shows up. Back in Mystic Falls, Rebekah hopes the witches can find a way to kill him. Elijah heads down, not sure if he'll help the witches kill Klaus or stop them. Klaus sits down with a fortune teller in the French quarter, recognizing her as a true witch. She knows he's a hybrid, but she's not talking because that would mean breaking Marcelle's rules. Klaus finds Marcelle singing karaoke in a nightclub.

Marcelle remembers Klaus' father running Klaus out of town 100 years ago, leaving a trail of dead vampires in his wake. They stare each other down like enemies, but it's a front. It turns out, they're old pals and that Klaus sired Marcelle. Marcelle says he has the witches in New Orleans wrapped around his finger and leads him to Jane Anne, through a parade of vampires gallivanting around the Quarter. A vampire brings Jane Anne to Marcelle, bound. He accuses her of violating his rules for witchcraft, surrounded by a circle of vampires. She denies doing anything and calls him a monster. He slits her throat to the cheers of the gathered vampires. Klaus is angry because he wanted to talk to her. Marcelle promises to find out what she was up to. Klaus asks Thierry if there are other Deveraux witches and then visits Sophie in her restaurant, wanting to know what's going on.

Marcelle's vampires follow Klaus. Sophie refuses to talk to Klaus in front of them. Klaus tells them to quit following him. Sophie goes outside to a shrine to her sister. Marcelle's vampires follow her and interrogate her, wanting to know what Sophie was up to. As she's talking to them, one disappears and only his heart is left behind. Someone swiftly stakes the other. It's Elijah. Klaus wanders into a nightclub in the French Quarter and is surprised to see vampires feeding openly. He accosts a vampire, shouting for Marcelle. Marcelle tells him hurting his vampires is against his rules. Marcelle explains what he's been up to. He says he's taught the humans to look the other way and has a way to know when witches are practicing magic. He takes vervane to build up his immunity.

They see a bartender walking alone, Marcelle swoops down to eat her. Elijah shows up and takes Klaus to the cemetery where Jane Anne was casting her spell. Sophie is waiting. She tells Klaus that Marcelle is out of control and she's going to stop him. She asks him to help her in this task. He's not inclined to listen until they bring Hayley out. Sophie informs him Hayley is pregnant. It's impossible for vampires, but since he was born a werewolf, it's one of nature's loopholes. Jane Anne sacrificed herself to perform the spell to confirm the baby is his. They now control Hayley. Unless he goes along with them, they threaten to kill her. They don't want to kill Marcelle outright because they have a plan for stopping him. Before storming off, Klaus tells them they can kill Haley and the baby because he doesn’t care.

Elijah follows and tells him it's their chance to be a family again. He asks Klaus to stay and save his child, but Klaus refuses. Elijah calls Rebekah, who doesn't think Klaus will come around. Katherine lurks and tells Rebekah that he will come around because he won't want to be alone. Klaus goes back to Marcelle for answers, but he refuses. Marcelle's vampires stop and watch as Marcelle puts Klaus in his place, taking credit for making New Orleans what it is today and saying he runs things. He reminds Klaus that anyone who breaks the rules dies and he demands respect. Klaus responds by attacking Thierry. He points out the vampire will be dead in the morning, meaning Klaus should be killed as punishment. He points out that he's immortal and that is impossible.

Klaus sees Cami, the bartender Marcelle went after, standing in the French Quarter watching a street artist paint. She says the artist is lost, alone and wishes he could control his demons instead of having his demons control him. What she says hits home for Klaus and he goes off alone. Elijah finds him. Klaus is angry that Marcelle has power, loyalty and family, all the things Klaus always wanted. He says he wants what Marcelle has and wants to be the king. After Elijah asks him what he plans to do about Haley and the baby, Klaus retorts by saying that every king needs an heir. Sophie lays out the plan to Elijah. Klaus has to cement his place in Marcelle's inner circle of daywalkers. Klaus shows up at Marcelle's, saying he's not his enemy.

He gives Thierry his blood to heal him and tells Marcelle he'd like to stay. Klaus calls Caroline and leaves her a message, telling her he'd like to share New Orleans with her. Elijah goes back to Mystic Falls to convince Rebekah to move to New Orleans, presenting Klaus' baby as a chance to have the family she always wanted. Rebekah tells him she doesn't owe Klaus anything and wants to stay put. Katherine then tries to convince Elijah to abandon Klaus and go with her. Instead, he kisses her goodbye.

Damon comes into see Elena and he tells her she looks horrible. Elena tells Damon that she is hungry. He gives her a bag of blood, she grabs it and drinks it and then starts spitting it up. It is laced with vervain. She gets mad and challenges them, saying they can keep playing all they want, but in the end they will break before she does.