She's Come Undone - Recap

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Elena arrives at school, where Caroline is excited about graduating. Elena realizes something is off, they're in her head. They kept her weak to bring her to high school fantasy land. Elena says it won't work. Back in the cellar, Damon lets Elena out of the cell just long enough for her to tell him off. He shoves her back in. Damon and Stefan aren't stopping until she turns her humanity switch on. Before leaving, Damon tells her that they will come back for her in a couple hours, or a couple years, because all they have is time.

Caroline comes to the house. Stefan explains they're just trying to provoke any emotion at all in her. Caroline tries talking to her. When Stefan leaves her alone, Caroline gives Elena a little blood. She doesn't agree with the boys' approach. Elena taunts Caroline, saying she is annoying and clingy, which is why both her boyfriends skipped town. Elena doesn’t stop there and instead plies on, mocking her enthusiasm for graduation and calling her vicious names. Caroline can take it no more and snaps Elena’s neck. Caroline then tells Stefan to do whatever he needs to fix her. At the bar, Matt talks to Rebekah, who’s drowning her sorrows for losing the cure and breaking ties with Klaus and Elijah. She likes Elena the way she is. Matt suggests she leave town if she's so miserable, he's failing his classes and doesn't have much choice.

Caroline tries to get Bonnie to come to the Salvatore house, but Bonnie isn't ready to forgive and forget after Elena tried to kill her. Bonnie meets secretly with Katherine, saying she has an offer Katherine can't refuse. Back at the Salvatore house, the boys put Elena in front of a curtain and take off her daylight ring. Damon is armed with a fire extinguisher. Elena tells the boys that even if she does get her emotions back, she will remember all this and hate them both for it. Damon thinks it's worth the risk. They open the curtains and let the sun burn her. Elena is unmoved, so they go for round two.

Caroline and Matt hang out outside. Rebekah drops by with food for Matt. She mentions that Matt is failing some classes, which is news to Caroline. She goes home to get her flashcard, but runs into Klaus outside. Bonnie asks Katherine for Silas' tombstone to drop the veil in two days on the full moon. Bonnie says she’d promised she would help him and has been hiding from him ever since, buying time. She won't explain since Silas can read minds. Bonnie's the only one who can see his true face. Back at the house, Elena heals from her burns. Elena turns on Damon, saying being sired to him was awful and her love for him was fake. Her ropes burn off and Elena runs to the curtain and tears it down.

She bursts into flames and they douse her with the extinguisher. Elena retorts that she is the girl he loves and he wouldn’t do anything to actually hurt her, which has just been proven. She says that she therefore has nothing to worry about. Damon and Stefan are frustrated they're not getting anywhere. Stefan suggests they get someone, who really will hurt Elena; Katherine. She was just abandoned by Elijah and they think she'll enjoy the chance to torture Elena. Caroline talks to Klaus just long enough to realize he's Silas. He grabs her by the neck and demands to know where Bonnie is. He stakes her, as a message to Bonnie.

Inside, Rebekah offers to compel Matt so that he gets good grades and a scholarship. She's grateful he convinced her to save April's life at prom. Katherine interrupts their moment. Matt leaves to call Caroline to let her know. Caroline wakes up in the woods; the stake is gone. She races back to the house and runs into Matt. He threatens to kill her mother unless she finds Bonnie. Caroline runs for the house, but Klaus as Silas stops her and throws her down the stairs. Caroline gets in her car and calls her mom, telling her to get inside and lock all the doors. Downstairs, Katherine starts things off with Elena by digging her hand in her chest and squeezing her heart. Elena calls her a horrible person mocks her for Elijah leaving her.

Katherine throws her back in the cell, but doesn't lock it. Back upstairs, they discover Elena is missing. Damon takes Matt and goes to look for her. Caroline goes home to her mom, calling her cell phone as she stands in front of her to verify it's her. Elena wanders weakly through the woods. She flags down an SUV, Matt gets out. She vamps and is about to attack. He tries talking to her, saying she's his oldest friend and he's the girl he's loved longer than he can remember. She concedes deep down that probably does mean something, but adds that at the moment she is really hungry. While saying this, she bites down on his neck. Caroline waits for Bonnie's call.

Bonnie shows up on her doorstep, but Caroline won't let her in. When Sheriff Forbes walks up behind Caroline, Bonnie sees that it's not really her. Bonnie breaks down the door and Caroline runs to check on her mom in the other room. She's lying on the floor, so Caroline feeds her mom her blood. Bonnie promises Silas she'll help him as long as he doesn't hurt any of her friends. He warns her that her promise is binding. In the woods, as Elena goes for seconds on Matt, Stefan pulls her off. Damon holds up a weak Matt and tells her he's done playing games; either she turns her emotions back on or he'll kill Matt right in front of her.

Stefan cautions Damon to stop. Elena thinks he's bluffing, but Damon snaps Matt's neck. Damon then taunts her, asking if she feels sad or anything at all. Luckily for Matt, he is wearing Jeremy's protection ring and is therefore not dead. Damon asks her if she can feel the weight lifting, its relief, her emotions coming back. Elena's emotions come flooding back all at once and she's overwhelmed with guilt for killing the waitress. Stefan guides her to find the one thing inside that gives her hope and hold onto it. She says she isn’t fine at the moment, but will eventually get better. Back home with her mom, Caroline draws her blood and injects it into her mom's heart, trying to bring her back.

She cries over her mom's body. Matt comes back to life with a sore neck. Rebekah tells him it worked. He wanted to pay her back for saving him at the bottom of the river. Rebekah apologizes for the part she played in that and Elena becoming a vampire. She promises to spend every day until graduation trying to pay him back. Katherine meets with Bonnie again, guessing that with Quetsia's blood in the tombstone; maybe she doesn't need the full moon to drop the veil. Once she does, Bonnie says she can use Quetsia's spell to make Katherine truly immortal.

Katherine agrees to give her the tombstone. Back at the house, Elena recovers from her emotional roller coaster and then she gets angry. The one thing she is focused on, is hating Katherine, the cause of all their problems and the one who killed Jeremy. Elena wants to kill her.